Leadership Circle Award

of The Electrochemical Society

Award Rules

Time of the Award
The award shall be granted in the anniversary year a corporate member reaches a milestone level.

Qualifications of the Recipient
A corporate member in good standing shall be recognized for its loyal support at the following membership milestones: 75 years (Lifetime), 70 years (Legacy), 65 years (Medallion), 50 years (Diamond), 25 years (Gold), 10 years (Silver), and 5 years (Bronze).

Content of Award
The award shall consist of a wooden wall plaque with the corporate name, milestone level, and years of membership. Corporations celebrating milestones will be recognized on the ECS website and in the Society publication, Interface. Photos will be provided to the corporation for their publicity purposes, such as a company newsletter or website.

Acceptance of the Award
The award will be presented by the ECS President or appointed ECS representative to a distinguished representative of the corporation at an ECS biannual meeting or a mutually acceptable facility of the recipient's choosing. The representative of the organization shall assume all expenses associated with the acceptance of the award. Those recipients who do not wish to have the award personally presented may receive it through the mail.

Exceptions to any of the requirements shall require the approval of the Board of Directors through a request by the President of the Society.

Revision approved by the Board of Directors   May 28, 2009


For further information on any of the awards, please contact ECS by telephone at 609.737.1902; or via e-mail: awards@electrochem.org.