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Posted - 02/27/2012 :  12:31:49
Aleksandr Pikelny, PhD
United States Citizen
1308 N. Poinsettia Place, #7, Los Angeles, California 90046
(323) 845-0270 •


Seeking a position specializing in material science, electrochemical engineering research and development.

Qualifications Summary

Vast experience in research and development in electrochemical and chemical engineering, MEMS and nanotechnology. Extensive expertise in identifying critical problems, designing their solutions and executing the necessary tasks to solve the problem. Developing new products and processes, to increase company profitability and creating new market opportunities from R&D phase to successful product launch. Strong communication and written skills.
Areas of Expertise

Galvanotechnology of metals and their alloys (Cu, Ag, Au, Pt, Ir, Ni, Co, Fe, Zn, Cr, Ti) plating and electroforming.
Noble metals and corrosion resistance alloys (Nitinol, Elgiloy, stainless steel), chemical and electrochemical etching and polishing. Photochemical machining and processing. MEMS and nanotechnology design and fabrication.
Metals and alloys special treatments and tool design for EDM, WJ, ECM, laser cutting.
Medical devices (stents, sensors, catheters, microstimulators, pacemakers) design, fabrication and improvement.
Experiments, processes, and products design and production control (DOE, SPC, and Six Sigma).
Hands-on experience in pilot-plant equipment design, production and maintenance. Basic and special laboratory equipment operation and maintenance.
Quality tests, verification and attestation. Mathematical modeling and results evaluation, optimization and yield improving.
Fatigue, tensile, bond tests. SEM, EDX, TEM, HPLC, MS, XRD, AFM, ICP, DTC, Electrochemical and wet analytical chemistry processing and evaluation. GLP and GMP. Failure analysis. Accelerating and life testing. Post mortem analysis.
Corrosion investigation and monitoring, Corrosion sensors and sensor’s systems. Cathodic and anodic corrosion protection. Inhibitors.
Engineering leadership, technicians and engineers supervising, staff training.

Professional Experience

Manufacturing Companies, California 2002 to present Consultant
Development and implementation in mass production processes, tests, experiments for electrochemical plating, etching, special treatment, electrofabrication and electroforming. MEMS and nanotechnology devices and processes execution. Design and development parts, units, and products from corrosion - resistance alloys such as, stainless steel, nitinol, titanium etc. Hands on experience in prototypes and products building, testing, and improvement. Chemical and engineering processes design and mass production implementation. Existing electrochemical and engineering processes modeling and optimization, yield improving. Patents applications. Staff training.

Alfred E. Mann Foundation, Valencia, California 1999 to 2002 Senior Electrochemist
Responsible for the investigation of design and improvement implantable electrodes. Developed corrosion and accelerated life tests of implantable medical devices. Directed failure analysis process.
• Created a laboratory for electrochemical and corrosion research according to GMP and GLP compliance.
• Designed a technique for the investigation of corrosion performance of battery electrodes and determined corrosion rate.
• Investigated battery system performance for implantable devices.
• Designed experiment for accelerated life test and developed this into a commercial process.
• Invented and introduced a technique for platinum plating on titanium and Nitinol.
• Designed a technique and equipment for the investigation of corrosion performance of implantable electrodes and determined corrosion rate
• Presented results at scientific meetings and consulted other Mann companies on their electrochemistry and corrosion problems.

VACCO Industries, South El Monte, California 1996 to 1999
Process Engineer
Designed processes and equipment for electrochemical and chemical etching of corrosion resistant alloys. Company is ISO 9001:2000 registered.
• Developed of Elgiloy electrochemical etching, nickel electroforming, Nitinol heat treatment,. electropolishing and electrofabrication.
• Scale up these processes to mass production.
• Coordinate products and processes specifications with customers.
• Designed parts and processes for specific customer’s application,
• Photolithography and Photochemical Machining technology on flat and 3D applications.

University of Southern California, Los Angeles 1995 to 1996
Investigation of stainless steel corrosion.
• Emphasis on welded parts corrosion performance.
• Investigation corrosion rate of heat affected zones.

Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology 1988 to 1994
Professor of General Chemical Technology
Taught General Chemical Technology to all levels of university students. Supervised graduate students’ explorations and thesis work.
• Conducted research in corrosion science and galvanotechnology
• Membranes and separators design and properties investigation
• Plastics composites, parts design and production. .
• Polymer/solid electrolytes devices design and operation evaluation.
• Electroforming battery and fuel cells parts and units.
• Waste water decontamination by galvanochemical processes.
• Designed multipurpose chemical equipment to produce a wide range of reagents in one unit, and their mathematical models.


Ph.D. in Electrochemistry Dnepropetrovsk State University USSR
M.S. in Chemical Engineering Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology USSR

Society Membership

American Chemical Society (ACS) 1999 to present
International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) 1997 to present
Electrochemical Society (ECS) 1996 to present


The list of publications includes around 70 printed works in journals ELEKTROKHIMIA (Soviet Electrochemistry), JOURNAL PRIKLADNOJ KHIMII (Journal of Applied Chemistry), UKRAINIAN CHEMICAL JOURNAL, ZASHCHITA METALLOV (Protection of Metals), MODELIST-KONCTRUKTOR (Modelist-Designer), in ECS and ICE - meetings abstracts and other conference collections.

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