197th Meeting - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 14-18, 2000


A1 - General Society Student Poster Session

All Divisions and Groups

Monday, May 15, 2000

Sheraton Hall, Lower Concourse

Poster Session (6:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

Co-Chairs: P.S. Fedkiw and J.M. Fenton

o1 Experimental Kinetic Study Of FeCoNi Ternary Alloy Deposition - Y. Zhuang and E. Podlaha (Louisiana State University) PDF
o2 Study of the Electrodeposition of Co Nanostructures on Ag Surfaces - D. Marcu, A. Lachenwitzer, and S. Morin (York University) PDF
o3 On a Method to Completely Recover Mineral Oil Dispersed in Water - U. Retter, M. Koch, and I. Nehls (Federal Institute for Materiuals Research and Testing) PDF
o4 Transport Properties of Temperature Sensitive Polymeric Gels Swollen by Organic Solvents - E. Ruiz and M. Ciszkowska (CUNY) PDF
o5 Preparation of RhO2 Thin Films by Reactive Sputtering and Their Characterization - K. Kato, Y. Abe, M. Kawamura, and K. Sasaki (Kitami Institute of Technology) PDF
o6 Electrochemical Stability of Copper in Lithium Ion Battery Electrolytes - M. Zhao, F. Lemke, and H. Dewald (Ohio University) PDF
o7 Surface Analysis of 3-Mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane and 3-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane Adsorption at Platinum Electrodes - R. Brito, V. Alvarado, and C. Cabrera (University of Puerto Rico) PDF
o8 Effects of Densification on the Properties of Diethylsilane-Based Low-Temperature CVD Silicon Oxide - D. Chen and D. Ast (Cornell University) PDF
o9 Diffusion Coefficient of Li ion in LiNi(1-y)Co(y)O2 Electrode Materials : Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Chronopotentiometric Measurements - S. Chaloux, V. Gauthier, and G. Brisard (Universite de Sherbrooke ) PDF
o10 Kinetics of the Faradaic and Adsorption Electrode Processes Studied by Potential Modulated Electroreflectance AC Voltammetry - D. Brevnov and H. Finklea (West Virginia University) PDF
o11 A New Concept for the Control of the Parameters in Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation - F. Laplante and H. Menard (Universite de Sherbrooke) PDF
o12 The Study of Induced Codeposition of Ni-W Alloys - P. Hubbard and E. Podlaha (Louisiana State University) PDF
o13 Chemical Reactivity of Si Nanowires - X. Sun, N.B. Wong, C.S. Lee (City University of Hong Kong), T.K. Sham (University of Western Ontario), and S.T. Lee (City University of Hong Kong) GIF
o14 Spectroscopic Investigations of Dopant Source Borosilicate Glass - M. Nolan, T.S. Perova, C.E. Beitia, R.A. Moore, J. McGilp (University of Dublin), H.S. Gamble (The Queen's University of Belfast), C. Moore (University of Dublin), and K. Be rwick (Dublin Institute of Technology) PDF
o15 Catalysts from Ruthenium Clusters for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells - R. Diaz, E. Casado, E. Fachini, and C. Cabrera (University of Puerto Rico) PDF
o16 Quality Improvement of Very-Thin SiO2/Si Interfaces Prepared by UV/Ozone Process - D. Kimura, J. Yokoyama, and T. Saitoh (Tokyo University of Algriculture and Technology) PDF
o17 Modeling Pipe Corrosion under a Blistered Coating - F.M. Song and D.W. Kirk (University of Toronto) PDF
o18 New Approach to Analysis Extremums in Galvanochemical Process of Water Treatment - O. Pikelnaya (University of California Los Angeles) and A. Pikelny (Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research) PDF
o19 Investigations of Electronic States of Monolayer Graphite Deposited on Ir(111) by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy - Z. Klusek (University of Lodz), Z. Waqar (Russian Academy of Sciences), W. Kozlowski (University of Lodz), N. Gall, A. Titkov, A. Tontegode, and E. Rutkov (Russian Academy of Sciences) PDF
o20 Effect of Surface Composition of Electrochemically Co-Deposited Platinum/Molybdenum Oxide on Methanol Oxidation - Y. Wang, E. Fachini, and C. Cabrera (University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Campus) PDF
o21 Electrocatalytic Activity of Pt/MoSe2 Electrodes Prepared by an Intercalation Exfoliation Method: Application on the Oxidation of Methanol - H. Bolivar, S. Izquierdo, R. Tremont, and C. Cabrera (University of Puerto Rico- Rio Pie dras Campus) PDF
o22 Modelling the Morphology and Microstructure of Polycrystalline Metal Electrodeposits using Monte-Carlo Techniques - J. Segura and T. Vargas (University of Chile) PDF
o23 Adsorption Control of Organic Molecule on a Nickel/Aluminium Hydroxide Electrode for Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation - P. Dube and H. Menard (University of Sherbrooke) PDF
o24 Miniaturized Reference Electrodes with Ag/AgiX Internal Reference Element Imbedded in a Hydrogel-Type Electrolyte - M. Ciobanu, J. Wilburn, and D. Lowy (The University of Memphis) PDF
o25 Stray Current Corrosion of Carbon Steel, Electroplated Nickel, and Electroless Nickel in an Alkaline Environment - A. Pismenny, S. Thorpe, and D. Kirk (University of Toronto) GIF
o26 Characterization of Si(111) Surfaces Treated with NH4F/HCl Mixtures - J. Li (Institute of Materials Research and Engineering), T.H. Bok (National University of Singapore), J.-H. Ye, and S.F.Y. Li (Institute of Materials Research and Engineering) PDF
o27 Factor-Based and Neural Network Analysis of Voltammograms of Complex Liquids - S. Schreyer and S. Mikkelsen (University of Waterloo) PDF
o28 Chemical State of Ruthenium Submonolayers on Platinum Electrocatalysts. Syntheses and Characterization by XPS and Electrochemical Methods - H. Kim, R. Haasch, and A. Wieckowski (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) PDF
o29 Potentiodynamic and Potentiostatic Studies of Aluminum Oxidation - R. Potucek and V. Birss (The University of Calgary) PDF
o30 Interaction of Phosphate Ions with Aluminum in Aqueous Media - L. Gancs (University of Veszprem,), P. Waszczuk, A. Kolics (University of Illinois), Z. Nemeth (University of Veszprem,), and A. Wieckowski (University of Illinois) PDF
o31 Electrochemical Characterization of Polythiophene Derivatives-Based Electrochemical Capacitors - D. Villers, P. Soudan, P. Lucas, L. Breau, and D. Belanger (UQAM) PDF
o32 Effect of Annealing on the Characteristics of LiMn2O4 Thin Film Cathode for Lithium Microbatteries - H.-S. Moon, S. Seong, Y.-I. Kim, W.-H. Lee, and J.-W. Park (Hanyang University) PDF
o33 Effect of Plasma Treatment on the Properties of Low Dielectric Fluorinated Amorphous Carbon Films - S.-H. Yang and J.-W. Park (Hanyang University) PDF
o34 Study of Oscillatory Behavior during the Anodic Electrodissolution of Iron in Phosphoric Acid - A. Eftekhari (K N Toosi University of Technology) PDF
o35 Direct Modification of Tin Electrode with Tin Hexacyanoferrate Film - A. Eftekhari (K N Toosi University of Technology) PDF
o36 In Situ Studies of Mitoxantrone Binding to DNA Modified Elecrodes - S. Hafner and M. Hepel (State University of New York at Potsdam) GIF
o37 Photocatalytic Degradation of Azo Dyes with TiO2 Nanoparticles Immobilized on Polyethylene Foam Sheet - J. Yartrym, M. Hepel, R. Lyndaker, and N. Gao (State University of New York at Potsdam) GIF
o38 Design,Fabrication,Testing, and Simulation of MEMS heater - M. Kim, S. Kishore, S. Mitra, and D. Misra (New Jersey Institute of Technology) PDF
o39 Minimization of Non-Uniform Potential Distribution in Thin-Layer Electrochemical Cells - N. Beydokhti and A.S. Hinman (The University of Calgary) PDF