197th Meeting - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 14-18, 2000


C1 - Corrosion Inhibitors


Thursday, May 18, 2000

City Hall, 2nd Floor

Co-Chairs: R.G. Buchheit and D.C. Hansen

10:25122 An Examination of Possible Synergy Between Paired Combinations of Transition and Rare Earth Metal Salts - R. Taylor (University of Virginia) PDF
11:05123 Electrochemical Impedance Study of Chromate Inhibition on Polymer-Coated Aluminum Alloy 2024-T3 - M.M. Madani, Y.M. Sigonney, R.D. Granata (Florida Atlantic University), and R.R. Miron (Lehigh University) PDF
11:25124 The Corrosion Performance of Field Applied Chromate Conversion Coatings - R. Leggat, S.R. Taylor (University of Virginia), R. Buchheit, and W. Zhang (The Ohio State University) PDF
11:45125 Active Corrosion Protection by Cerium-Modified Hydrotalcite Coatings - S. Mamidipally and R. Buchheit (The Ohio State University) PDF

Co-Chairs: D.C. Hansen and R.G. Buchheit

2:00126 Corrosion Resistance of Manganese-Modified Hydrotalcite Coating on AA2024-T3 - H. Guan and R. Buchheit (The Ohio State University) GIF
2:20127 Identification of Interfacial Free Volume of Epoxy/Metal and Epoxy/Pigment Probed by PALS - M.M. Madani, R.D. Granata (Florida Atlantic University), and R.R. Miron (Lehigh University) PDF
2:40128 A Theoretical Basis for Investigation of Metal Inhibitor Interfaces Using Second Harmonic Generation - P. Trzaskoma-Paulette and S. Lambrakos (Naval Research Laboratory) PDF

Solution Phase and Molecular Inhibitors

Co-Chairs: R.G. Buchheit and D.C. Hansen

3:35129 Novel Proteins as Corrosion Inhibitors on Biomedical Implant Alloys - D. Hansen (Perkin Elmer Instruments, Inc.) PDF
3:55130 Studies of the Self Assembly of Linoleate on Stainless Steel: Application to Corrosion Inhibition - S. Omanovic and S.G. Roscoe (Acadia University) PDF
4:15131 Adsorption of Organic Corrosion Inhibitors on Iron Studied with the Rotating Microbalance - P. Kern and D. Landolt (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) PDF
4:35132 Furthering the Understanding of Quaternary Pyridinium Compounds as Corrosion Inhbitors - J. Wong, S. Ward, V. Birss, and D. Cramb (University of Calgary) PDF
4:55133 Selective Chemical Etching of Cu-Rich and Fe-Rich Inclusions from the Surface of Aluminum AA 2024-T3 Alloys - G. Chen, M. Williams, J. Malmberg, and D. Buttry (University of Wyoming) PDF
5:15134 Study of the Inhibition of Three Tetra-Ammonium Salts for Zinc with Graze Ellipsometry - S. Zhang (Chongqing University), L. Li, D. Li (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Y. Yuan, and Z. Huang (Chongqing University) GIF