197th Meeting - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 14-18, 2000


C2 - Oxide Films


Monday, May 15, 2000

City Hall, 2nd Floor

Fundamental Aspects of Oxide Films

Co-Chairs: K.R. Hebert and P. Schmuki

10:00 Introductory Remarks
10:05135 In Situ XANES Investigations of Fe2O3/Cr2O3 Artificial Passive Films - P. Schmuki (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)), S. Virtanen (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)), and H. Isaacs (Brookhaven National Laboratory) PDF
10:30136 Electrochemical Properties of Fe2O3-Cr2O3-MoO2 Artificial Passivation Films in HCl Solutions - K. Sugimoto, M. Son, N. Akao, and N. Hara (Tohoku University) PDF
10:50137 Electronic Defects and Interface Potentials for Al Oxide Films on Al and Their Relationship to Electrochemical Properties - J.P. Sullivan, R.G. Dunn, J.C. Barbour, F.D. Wall, N. Missert (Sandia National Laboratories), and R.G. Buchheit (The Ohio State University) PDF
11:10138 The Influence of Radiation on the Passivity of Tungsten - R.S. Lillard, G.S. Kanner, and L.L. Daemen (Los Alamos National Laboratory) PDF
11:30139 Kinetics of Oxide Film Passivation of Surfaces in Aluminum Etch Tunnels - N. Sinha and K. Hebert (Iowa State University) PDF

Fundamental Aspects of Oxide Films (cont'd)

Co-Chairs: R.S. Lillard and W.H. Smyrl

2:00140 An Evaluation of Passive Film Growth Models using EQCM on PVD Deposited Chromium - C. Olsson, D. Hamm, and D. Landolt (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne) PDF
2:20141 New Rate Law for the Anodic Growth of Passive Films - D. Macdonald and M. Al-Rifaie (Pennsylvania State University) PDF
2:40142 A Non-Equilibrium Point Defect Model for Time-Dependent Passivation of Metal Surfaces - B. Krishnamurthy, R. White, and H. Ploehn (University of South Carolina) PDF
3:00143 Electrochemically-Grown Oxides on U-Nb Alloys - J. Lillard, D. Kelly, M. Paffett, and R. Hanrahan (Los Alamos National Laboratory) PDF
3:20 Fifteen-Minute Intermission

Oxide Films in Corrosion Processes

Co-Chairs: R.S. Lillard and W.H. Smyrl

3:35144 Electrochemical Microscopies for Studying Passive Films - D. Williams (University College London) PDF
4:00145 Exploration of Electrochemical Processes at Corrosion Precursor Sites by Functional NSOM Imaging - W. Smyrl and M. Buechler (University of Minnesota) PDF
4:20146 Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) Investigations of Al Oxide Films - I. Serebrennikova, H. White (University of Utah), D. Wall, N. Missert, and C. Barbour (Sandia National Laboratory) PDF
4:40147 Microelectrodes for Studies of Passive Metal Surfaces - H. Bohni (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich) PDF

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Oxide Films in Corrosion Processes

Co-Chairs: L.J. Oblonsky and S. Yu

8:30148 Pitting Corrosion Behaviors of Aluminum Single Crystals in Chloride Solutions: An Investigation by XANES and XPS - S. Yu, W. O'Grady, and P. Natishan (U. S. Naval Research Laboratory) PDF
8:50149 Investigation of Pitting Corrosion-Related Defects in Aluminum by Positron Annihilation Measurements and Atomic Force Microscopy - K. Hebert, H. Wu (Iowa State University), T. Gessmann, and K. Lynn (Washington State University) PDF
9:10150 Effect of Anions on the Film Growth on Aluminum in Aqueous Media - A. Kolics, P. Waszczuk (University of Illinois), P. Baradlai, L. Gancs, Z. Nemeth (University of Veszprem), and A. Wieckowski (University of Illinois) PDF
9:30151 The Use of Phosphoric Acid Immersion to Enhance the Susceptibility of Aluminum to Anodic Pitting Corrosion - H. Wu and K. Hebert (Iowa State University) PDF
9:50 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
10:05152 Using X-ray Absorption Fluorescence Spectroscopy to Study Passive and Transpassive Dissolution of Nickel and Nickel-Chromium Alloys - L. Oblonsky (DuPont - Central Research and Development) PDF
10:25153 Monitoring the Initial Stages of Pitting and Healing on Carbon Steel Surfaces in Sodium Nitrite Solutions - S. Paulson, P. Khalafpour, D. Cramb, and V. Birss (University of Calgary) PDF
10:45154 Experimental Analysis of Potential and Current Fluctuations Obtained from Active and Passive AISI 304 Electrodes - J. Lowe, D. Freitas, and J.A. Ponciano (COPPE / Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) PDF
11:05155 Corrosion of Porous Titanium Surgical Implants - S. Chooi and D. Blackwood (National University of Singapore) PDF
11:25156 Oxide Networks and the Passivity of Binary Alloys - E. McCafferty (Naval Research Laboratory) PDF

Anodic and Deposited Oxide Films

Co-Chairs: M.J. Graham and R.S. Alwitt

2:00157 Fabrication of Highly Ordered Nanohole Array Structures in Anodic Porous Alumina - H. Masuda (Tokyo Metropolitan University) PDF
2:25158 Highly Ordered Alumina Films: Pore Growth and Applications - U. Gosele, A.-P. Li, K. Nielsch, F. Muller, W. Erfurth, and R.B. Wehrspohn (Max-Planck-Institute of Microstructure Physics) PDF
2:45159 Nonlinear Dielectric Properties of Anodic Alumina Films - R.S. Alwitt (Boundary Technologies, Inc.) and T. Hasebe (US KDK Corporation) PDF
3:05160 Electroluminescence of Aluminium During Electrochemical Surface Processing - L.C. Marsland and G.T. Burstein (University of Cambridge) PDF
3:25 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
3:40161 Evaluation of Corrosion Resistance Behavior of Different Sealing Agents on Anodised Aluminum Alloys by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy - S. Mohan, D. Kanagaraj, N.G. Renganathan, V. Raj, and M. Kamal Kumar (Central Electrochemical Research Institute) GIF
4:00162 Oxidation of InP and Related Materials - M.J. Graham, R.J. Hussey, G.I. Sproule, J.P. McCaffrey, R. Driad, P.J. Poole, D. Landheer (National Research Council of Canada), A.J. SpringThorpe (Nortel Networks), A. Pakes, F. Echeverria, P. Skeldon, and G.E. Thompson (University of Manchester) PDF
4:20163 Corrosion-Resistant Zeolite Coatings on Aluminum Alloys by In-Situ Crystallization - X. Cheng, Z. Wang, and Y. Yan (University of California, Riverside) PDF
4:40164 Chemical Aspects of Spin-Spray Deposition of NiZn-Ferrites - S. Lawrence, P. Lubitz, and B. Rappoli (Naval Research Lab) PDF

Sheraton Hall, Lower Concourse

Poster Session (7:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

Co-Chairs: K.R. Hebert and B.R. MacDougall

o165 Manganese Oxide Thin Films: Preparation by Electrolysis-Chemical Deposition and Electrochromism - M. Chigane and M. Ishikawa (Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute) PDF
o166 Electrochromic Property of the Film K3PW12O40 Prepared by Sputtering Method - M. Takahashi, M. Chigane, and I. Kawafune (Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute) PDF
o167 Preparation of Rare-Earth Metal Oxide Films through Electrochemical Reaction - M. Izaki (Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute) PDF
o168 Oxide Films and Corrosion Behavior of the Chromized 316 Stainless Steel in Supercritical Water Oxidation - H. Kim (Tohoku National Industrial Research Institute), J. Yoon (Changwon National University), Y. Kurata, N. Sanada (Tohoku National Industrial Research Institute), B. Mitton, and R. Latanision (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) PDF
o169 Electrochemical Oxidation of Hydrogen Peroxide at Silver Oxide Electrode: Geometrical and Heterogeneity Effects - A. Eftekhari (K N Toosi University of Technology) PDF
o170 Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence at Tunnel Emission Electrodes Fabricated by Thermal Oxidation of Silicon - M. Helin, S. Kulmala (Helsinki University of Technology), T. Ala-Kleme, and L. Vare (University of Turku) PDF
o171 Electrodeposited Oxide Films on Fibrous Carbon Substrates - I. Zhitomirsky (McMaster University) GIF

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

City Hall, 2nd Floor

Oxide Films in Electrocatalysis and Energy Storage Applications

Co-Chairs: B.R. MacDougall and S. Trasatti

10:00172 Co-Modified Ni Oxide Thin Films Thermally Grown on Ni: Electrocatalytic Properties - A.C. Tavares and S. Trasatti (University of Milan) PDF
10:25173 Nanogravimetric Study of Competitive Adsorption Effects of Cl- and Br- Ions on Pt Surface Oxidation - B.E. Conway (University of Ottawa), G. Jerkiewicz (Universite de Sherbrooke), and A. Zolfaghari (University of Ottawa) GIF
10:45174 The Role of Oxide Films in the Reduction of N-nitrosodimethylamine with Reference to the Iron Groundwater Remediation Technology - M. Odziemkowski, L. Gui, and R. Gillham (University of Waterloo) PDF
11:05175 Mechanism of Platinum Electro-Oxidation: Re-Examination of the Reaction Mechanism through Coupled CV, ECQCN and AES Studies - G. Jerkiewicz, G. Vatankhah, J. Lessard (Universite de Sherbrooke), and M. Soriaga (Texas A&M University) PDF
11:25176 Oxidation Characteristics of Aliphatic Acids using Differently Doped Tin Oxide Anodes - C. Bock, B. MacDougall, and D. Yee (National Research Council Canada) PDF

Oxide Films in Electrocatalysis and Energy Storage Applications (cont'd)

Co-Chairs: S. Trasatti and C. Bock

2:00177 The Effect of Microstructure on the Impedance and Frequency Response of Sol-Gel-Derived Nanoparticulate Manganese Dioxide Thin Films - S.-C. Pang, S.-F. Chin, and M.A. Anderson (University of Wisconsin-Madison) PDF
2:20178 Synthesis and Structure of Inorganic Metal Oxide Redox-Active Monolayer Films on Silver Surfaces - J.D. Powell, M.E. Biggin, W.G. Klemperer, and A.A. Gewirth (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) PDF
2:40179 Electrolytic Deposition of Oxide Films via Peroxoprecursors - I. Zhitomirsky (McMaster University) GIF
3:00180 Impact of Temperature Variation on the Growth of Surface Oxides on Gold - L.H. Dall'Antonia, G. Tremiliosi-Filho (Universidade de Sao Paulo), and G. Jerkiewicz (University of Sherbrooke) PDF
3:20 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
3:35181 Electrocatalytic Properties of Mixed-Valence Molybdenum Oxide Film Modified Electrode: Geometrical and Heterogeneity Effects - A. Eftekhari (K N Toosi University of Technology) PDF
3:55182 The Temperature Effect on the Growth of Thin Palladium Oxide Films - L.H. Dall'Antonia, G. Tremiliosi-Filho (Universidade de Sao Paulo), and G. Jerkiewicz (University of Sherbrooke) PDF
4:15183 Electrochemical and Topographical Characterization of Optically Smooth Zn Films Prepared by Physical Vapor Deposition - Y. Luo, N. Yee, Q. Shi, B. Zhang, Y. Mo, G. Chottiner, and D.A. Scherson (Case Western Reserve University) PDF
4:35184 Electrophoretic and Electrolytic Deposition of Oxide Films - I. Zhitomirsky and A. Petric (McMaster University) PDF

Thursday, May 18, 2000

Oxide Films for High Temperature Applications

Co-Chairs: K.R. Hebert and R.S. Lillard

8:30185 Hydrogen Desorption Mechanisms In Metastable Beta Ti-3Al-8V-6Cr-4Mo-4Zr - M. Gaudett (United States Naval Academy) and J. Scully (University of Virginia) PDF
8:50186 Evolution of Protective Oxide Film in Si Containing High Temperature Alloy - C.-M. Chun, J. Mumford, and T. Ramanarayanan (Exxon Mobil Research and Engineering Company) PDF
9:10187 The Paralinear Oxidation of SiC in Combustion Environments - E. Opila (Cleveland State University) PDF
9:30188 Oxidation of TiN-Coated AISI 304 Stainless Steel at Elevated Temperatures - F.S. Shieu, L.Y. Horng, and M.H. Shiao (National Chung Hsing University) GIF
9:50189 Characterization of Wet and Dry Oxides Grown by Hot Wall Rapid Thermal Processor - J. Zhang (Eaton Corporation) PDF