197th Meeting - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 14-18, 2000


D2 - Plasma Processing XIII

Dielectric Science and Technology Division/ Electronics Division

Monday, May 15, 2000

Simcoe/Dufferin Rooms, 2nd Floor

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

Co-Chairs: G.S. Mathad and R.E. Sah

10:00258 Permanent Magnet ECR Plasma-Enhanced CVD of Carbon and Silicon Based Materials at Low Deposition Temperatures - C. Doughty (ASTEX) PDF
10:30259 Integrating PECVD BPSG Films at PMD With Low Positive Fixed Charge Levels - G. Albrecht (Texas Instruments, Inc.) and B. King (Novellus Systems, Inc.) GIF
10:50260 Wet Etching Studies on Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposited SiN Films - K.B. Sundaram (University of Central Florida), R.E. Sah (Fraunhofer Institut fur Angewandte Festkorperphysik), and K. Balachandra n (University of Central Florida) GIF
11:10261 Characterization of n+ Microcrystalline-Si:H for TFTs Fabricated at 120 Degrees C on Plastic Substrates - T. Charania, A. Sazonov, and A. Nathan (University of Waterloo) PDF
11:30262 Gas Phase Analysis of TiC and TiN Plasma-Enhanced CVD Processes by Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry - C.C. Amato-Wierda, C.M. Reddy, and E.T. Norton, Jr. (University of New Hampshire) PDF
11:50263 Computer Simulation of Forming of Hydrogenated Silicon Ion Clusters During Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition - S. Alexander, F. Dmitry, I. Oleg, and S. Andrey (Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics) PDF

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (cont'd)

Co-Chairs: D.W. Hess and C. Doughty

2:00264 All Dry CVD-Based Resist for Advanced Lithography Processes - O. Joubert (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and C. Monget (France Telecom) PDF
2:30265 Modeling of Ionized Physical Vapor Deposition of Copper - M.O. Bloomfield, D.F. Richards, and T.S. Cale (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) PDF
2:50266 Encroachment of Silicon Substrate by PECVD Deposited Tungsten at Low Temperatures and the Effect of WF5 on Selectivity - M. Bain, M. Armstrong, and H. Gamble (The Queen's University Belfast) PDF
3:10 Twenty-Minute Intermission
3:30267 Time Resolved In Situ Ellipsometry Study of Plasma Assisted Nitridation of Zirconia Thin Films in N2-H2 Atmosphere - L. Pichon, S. Camelio, M. Drouet, T. Girardeau, F. Lignou, and A. Straboni (Universite de Poitiers) PDF
3:50268 Edge Effects and Interferometry in Low Open Area Endpoint Detection of Plasma Etching Processes - B. Goodlin, H. Sawin, D. Boning (MIT), and M. Yang (Texas Instruments, Inc.) PDF
4:10269 A Method of In-Situ Monitoring Oxide/Nitride Etch Selectivity - S. Fang, A. Gutmann, and B. Flietner (Infineon Technologies, Inc.) PDF
4:30270 Control of Plasma Chemistry in an Ar/C4F8 Inductively Coupled Discharge - S. Rauf, V. Arunachalam, and P. Ventzek (DigitalDNA Laboratories) PDF
4:50271 Mass Resolved Ion Energy Distributions in an Inductively Coupled H2/Ar Plasma - S. Agarwal, D. Maroudas, and E. Aydil (University of California Santa Barbara) PDF

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Modeling and Plasma Damage

Co-Chairs: M. Yang and D.J. Thomas

9:00272 Feature Profile Evolution Using Level Set Methods - H. Hwang (Eloret, Inc.) PDF
9:30273 Modeling of Aspect Ratio Dependent Etching - M.O. Bloomfield, D.F. Richards, S. Soukane, and T.S. Cale (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) PDF
9:50274 Experimental Study of Geometry Structure Dependent Charging of the Dielectric Surface During Plasma Etching - M.K. Abatchev, B.J. Howard, K.G. Donohoe, and G.T. Blalock (Micron Technology, Inc.) PDF
10:10275 Effect of Nitride Hardmask Profile on Breakdown Voltage in Isolation - J.-H. Ye (Institute of Materials Research and Engineering) and M.-S. Zhou (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing) PDF
10:30 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:50276 Plasma Induced Damage Of High Density Plasma FSG In 0.18um Technology Node - T.C. Ang, P.I. Ong, S.Y. Loong, and K.C. Tee (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd) PDF
11:10277 Hydrogen Induced Polarization Degradation of SrBi2Ta2O9 Thin Film Capacitors in Plasma Etching - O.S. Kwon, Y.S. Seol, J.W. Kim, and J.M. Hwang (Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd) PDF

Dielectric Etching

Co-Chairs: D.J. Thomas and M. Yang

11:30278 Oxide Etch of Digital Mirror Device Superstructure - L. Li, L. Sherwin, D. Azar, and M. Yang (Texas Instruments, Inc.) PDF
11:50279 300mm Wafer Dielectric Oxide Etch Process and Tool Improvements - B. Poschenrieder, G. Fichtl, and K. Mautz (Semiconductor 300) PDF

Dielectric Etching (Cont'd)

Co-Chairs: G.K. Celler and J.J. Chinn

1:30280 Etching of Vias Through Low K Dielectics with Feature Sizes Down to 0.1um Using MORITM Density Plasmas - D.J. Thomas, Y.P. Song, C. Fragos, A. Watson, K. Powell, and M.M. Bourke (Trikon Technologies Ltd.) GIF
1:50281 Oxide Etching in Inductively Coupled Fluorocarbon Plasmas - M. Schaepkens and G.S. Oehrlein (University of Albany) PDF
2:20282 Barc and Nitride Etch Stop in DPS Etcher - M. Yang and T. Ambrose (Texas Instruments, Inc.) PDF
2:40283 Selective Downflow Etching of SiN Prior to Poly-Silicon and SiO2 - S. Saito, K. Sugita (Chiba University), T. Shinmura (Toshiba Corporation), and M. Muto (Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation) PDF
3:00 Twenty-Minute Intermission
3:20284 A Highly Manufacturable Spacer Profile Solution for Void-Free PMD Gap-Fill in Sub-0.25 Micrometer Technology - J. Yu, V. Vassiliev, P. Yelehanka, A. Cuthbertson (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd), A. Jain, and G. Zou (Applied Mater ials South East Asia Pte. Ltd) PDF

Silicon Etching

Co-Chairs: J.J. Chinn and G.K. Celler

3:40285 Effect of First Wafer on the CD Bias in DARC/Poly Gate Structure - L. Chen, M. Singh (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, Ltd.), N.-H. Kim, C. Chu, and J. Chinn (Applied Materials) PDF
4:00286 Formation of Ammonium Salts and Their Effect of Control Pattern Profile in the RIE Process Fabricating Aluminum Wiring and Poly-Si Gates - S. Saito, K. Sugita (Chiba University), J. Tonotani, and M. Yamage (Toshiba Corporation) GIF
4:20287 Dry-chemical Poly-silicon Etch-back for Poly-plug Applications - O. Siniaguine, I. Bagriy, and E. Korczynski (Tru-Si Technologies) PDF
4:40288 Study On Silicon Cone Defects at Post Shallow Trench Isolation Etch - J. Xia and M. Yang (Texas Instruments, Inc.) PDF

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Silicon Etching (cont'd)

Co-Chairs: Y. Kuo and M. Engelhardt

10:00289 300mm Wafer Polysilicon Etch Process and Tool Improvements - J. Petrucci, T. Morgenstern, and K. Mautz (Semiconductor 300) PDF
10:20290 Very High Aspect Ratio Deep Trench Structures for Sub-0.13um DRAMs - R. Ranade and S. Mathad (Infineon Technologies, Inc.) PDF
10:40291 Comparison of Etch Chemistries for Deep Trench Silicon Etch Process - R. Ranade and S. Mathad (Infineon Technologies, Inc) PDF
11:00292 A Novel Self Cleaning Process for High Aspect Ratio Silicon Etch - A. Khan, A. Kumar, J. Chinn, and D. Podlesnik (Applied Materials, Inc) PDF
11:20293 Process Stability Control in Silicon Etching with High Density Plasma - S. Xu, J. Chinn, and D. Podlesnik (Applied Materials) PDF
11:40294 Surface Adsorption and Reaction of Chlorine on Impurity Doped Si Using an ECR Plasma - T. Kanetsuna, T. Matsuura, and J. Murota (Tohoku University) PDF

Metal Etching

Co-Chairs: M. Meyyappan and K.B. Sundaram

2:00295 300mm Wafer Metal Etch and Ash Process Characterization for Improved Performance - R. McGowan, T. Morgenstern, and K. Mautz (Semiconductor 300) PDF
2:20296 Plasma Process of a New Copper Dry Etching Method - Y. Kuo and S. Lee (Texas A&M University) PDF
2:40297 Platinum Etching By-Product Deposition Analysis and Control In a Plasma Reactor with a High-Temperature Cathode - C. Ying, J. Jin, and J. Hwang (Applied Materials) PDF
3:00 Twenty-Minute Intermission
3:20298 Duty Ratio Effects in BCl3/Cl2 Pulsed Plasmas for Metal Etching Processes - C.J. Choi, O.S. Kwon, S.S. Park, J.W. Kim, and J.M. Hwang (Hyundai Electronic Industries Co., Ltd.) PDF
3:40299 TiN Etch Mechanism Dependency on Process Parameters - P. Chintapalli, M. Yang, and G. Sreenivas (Texas Instruments, Inc.) PDF
4:00300 TiN Etch Kinetics and Via Resistance - M. Yang, T. Ambrose, J. Yuan, A. Zhou, and L. Li (Texas Instruments, Inc.) PDF
4:20301 Pattering of Aluminum Nitride Films with SiO2 Hard Mask in an MERIE Diode Reactor - M. Engelhardt (Infineon Technologies) GIF

Informal Discussion (7:30 PM - 9:00 PM)

Co-Chairs: G.S. Mathad and K.E. Mautz

7:30 Panel Discussion: Challenges of Etching and High- and Low- k Materials