197th Meeting - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 14-18, 2000


D3 - Third International Symposium on Environmental Issues with Materials and Processes for the Electronics Semiconductor Industries

Dielectric Science and Technology Division/ Electronics Division

Monday, May 15, 2000

Huron Room, 2nd Floor

Co-Chairs: L.A. Mendicino and L.L. Simpson

10:00302 Addressing the Environment, Safety and Health Challenges of the 1999 International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors - L. Mendicino and S. Gibson (Motorola) PDF
10:15303 Manufacturing Qualification of an All Dry DeVeil Plasma Process - R. Bersin, H. Xu, M. Boumerzoug (ULVAC Technologies, Inc.), D. Dopp, L. Mikus, and A. Horn (Motorols MOS 11) PDF
10:30304 Photoresist Stripping with CO2-Based Supercritical Fluids - H. Moritz, I. Jafri, D. Mount (GT Equipment Technologies, Inc.), and J. Rubin (Los Alamos National Laboratory) PDF
10:45305 Sub-atmospheric Storage and Delivery of Hazardous Production Materials (HPMs) - J. Mayer and J. Dietz (ATMI, Inc.) PDF
11:00306 Risk-Based Evaluation of Bulk Anhydrous Hydrogen Chloride Delivery Alternatives Used in the Semiconductor Industry - P.T. Brown and C. Nauert (Motorola) PDF
11:15307 Copper CMP Waste Characterization and Treatment - T. Francis and J. Branning (Applied Materials) PDF
11:30308 Copper Removal from Chemical Mechanical Polishing Effluent - C. Riley (US Filter Recovery Services, Inc.), L. Mendicino, and P. Brown (Motorola) PDF
11:45309 A Modular Environmental Design and Decision Support Tool(EDDT) for Semiconductor Manufacturing - N. Krishnan, S. Thurwachter, P. Sheng (University of California, Berkeley), T. Francis (Applied Materials), and F. Shadman (University of Arizo na) PDF
12:00310 Development and Implementation of an ISO Modeled Environmental, Health and Safety Management System - P.T. Brown, L. Mendicino, T. Nasi, T. McCay, and R. Reblin (Motorola) PDF

Co-Chairs: L.L. Simpson and L.A. Mendicino

1:30311 High Pressure Sampling Mass Spectrometry of Semiconductor Tool Process Emissions - V. Vartanian (Motorola), S. Quarmby (ThermoQuest Finnigan Corporation), and M. Platt (Leybold Inficon) PDF
1:45312 Air Monitoring and Odor Elimination in Semiconductor Photolithography Area - P.T. Brown and A. Sevier (Motorola) PDF
2:00313 Continuous, Real-Time Detection of Molecular Fluorine (F2) Emitted as a By-Product of CVD and Etch Processes - C. Laush (Radian International Electronic Systems), V. Vartanian, L. Mendicino, and P. Brown (Motorola Corp.) PDF
2:15314 Point of Use Abatement for CVD Precursors and Reaction Products - L. Mendicino, P. Brown, V. Vartanian, K. Reid, A. Nangia (Motorola), and J. Van Gompel (BOC Edwards) PDF
2:30315 FTIR Analysis of a New High Dielectric Constant Gate Material for MOCVD Applications - K. Reid, L. Mendicino, P. Brown, and V. Vartanian (Motorola) PDF
2:45316 Safety and Environmental Concerns of CVD Copper Precursors - B. Zorich, J. Norman, and M. Majors (Schumacher) GIF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:30317 EHS Concerns with Ozonated Water Spray Processing - K. McCormack, K. Barbee, and V. Vartanian (Motorola Corporation) PDF
3:45318 Treatability of Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Wastewater - P.T. Brown, B.J. Davis, and S. Sue (Motorola) PDF
4:00319 An Environmentally Benign BEOL Clean - K. Shrinivasan, K. Reinhardtr, and A. Shimanovich (GaSonics International) PDF
4:15320 Reduction of De-ionized Water Usage in Photoresist Removal Processes - T. Kamal and D. Hess (Georgia Institute of Technology) PDF
4:30321 Microbial Control in Ultra-pure Water During Ultra-low Flow Conditions - K. McCormack, B. Hoyt, and J. Molloy (Motorola Corporation) GIF
4:45322 An Efficient, Highly-Reliable Plasma Tool for PFC Abatement - X. Chen, W. Holber, and M. Peter (Applied Science and Technology Inc. (ASTeX)) PDF
5:00323 Final Results of Long-Term Evaluation of Litmas Device for PFC and HFC Abatement - V. Vartanian, L. Beu, T. Stephens, J. Rivers, B. Perez (Motorola), E. Tonnis, M. Kiehlbauch, and D. Graves (University of California at Berkeley) PDF
5:15324 Optimization of a C2F6 Clean for an Applied Materials' TEOS PECVD Process: Lower MMTCE and Faster Clean Time - A.D. Johnson, W.R. Entley, R.N. Vrtis (Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.), C.M. Chen, M. Chen, A. Chang, and O.H. Yam (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) PDF
5:30325 Chamber Clean Optimization for Silicon Carbide Films using C3F8 in a Novellus Concept One PECVD System - C. Beatty, K. Sonti, J. Williams (Hewlett-Packard Company), L. Zazzera, and L. Tousignant (3M Chemicals) PDF
5:45326 Evaluation of the Applied Materials Remote Clean Technology for Lamp Heated CVD Chambers for Perfluorocompound (PFC) Emissions Reduction - L. Mendicino, C. Nauert, J. Flood, and P.T. Brown (Motorola) PDF