197th Meeting - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 14-18, 2000


E1 - Tribology of Electrodeposited and Composite Layers

Electrodeposition Division

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Kent Room, 2nd Floor

Co-Chairs: D.D. Snyder, J.L.D. Fransaer, and E.J. Podlaha

10:00327 Electrocodeposition of Composite Films using a Rotating Cylindrical Electrode - J. Talbot and J. Stojak (University of California, San Diego) PDF
10:15328 Electrodeposition of SiC Nano-Crystals with Nickel - L. Benea, P.L. Bonora (Trento University), A. Borello, S. Martelli (E. N. E. A.), and G. Maurin (CNRS) PDF
10:30329 Electroplated Composite Coatings with Nanoscaled Particles - S. Steinhauser, B. Wielage, A. Grzybek (Technical University Chemnitz), C. Jakob, F. Erler, and R. Nutsch (Technical University Ilmenau) GIF
10:45330 Factors Influencing gamma-Al2O3 Incorporation into Metal Matrices - E. Podlaha (Louisiana State University) PDF
11:00331 Some Aspects in Obtaining and Properties of Zirconia/Metal Composite Coatings - L. Benea (Trento University) PDF
11:15332 State of the Art of Composite Electroless Coatings - M. Feldstein (Surface Technology, Inc.) PDF
11:30333 Ni-PTFE-ZrO2 Composite Coating - J.-N. Tang, W.-J. Liu, Q.-P. Yang, X.-Z. Gong, and J.-J. Huang (ShenZhen University) PDF
11:45334 The Production of Electroplated Composite Coatings - J. Foster (Praxair Surface Technologies Ltd.) PDF

Co-Chairs: D.D. Snyder, J.L.D. Fransaer, and E.J. Podlaha

2:00335 Influence of the Amount and Size of Codeposited SiC Particles on the Fretting Wear Behaviour of Nickel SiC Composite Coatings - I. Garcia, J. Fransaer, and J.-P. Celis (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) PDF
2:15336 Tribological Investigations of Electrodeposited Nickel Alloys and Composites - S. Leith, S. Prasad, M. Dugger, and T. Christenson (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
2:30337 Electrodeposition, Characterisation and Tribological Behaviour of Au-Cu-Cd - B. Bozzini (Universita' di Lecce), P.L. Cavallotti (Politecnico di Milano), E. Lanzoni, and C. Martini (Universita' di Bologna) PDF
2:45338 Tin as a Lubricant in Wall Ironing - G.C. van Haastrecht, H.B. Ras, and W.G.M. Vermeulen (Corus Research) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:30339 Triboelectrochemistry (a video film) - S. Mischler, M. Stemp (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne EPFL), and O. Enea (Universite de Poitiers) PDF
3:45340 Modelling of Contact Between Graphite and Ti6Al4V Alloy or Ti6Al4V Alloy Reinforced TiC in Seawater : Tribology-Corrosion Test with Ring on Disc Tribometer, Materials Wear Analysis - I. Serre and N. Celati (DGA) PDF
4:00341 Theoretical Modeling and Experimental Study of Tribocorrosion Mechanisms of Passivating Metals Under Sliding Wear Conditions - M. Stemp, S. Mischler, and D. Landolt (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)) PDF
4:15342 Erosion-Corrosion of Electrodeposited Ni-P/B4C Composites - B. Bozzini (Universita' di Lecce), P.L. Cavallotti (Politecnico di Milano), and G. Parisi (Universita' di Lecce) PDF
4:30343 Structure and Mechanical Properties of Electrodeposited NiP/SiC Composites Coatings - S. Vaillant and J.-P. Bonino (Universite Paul Sabatier) PDF
4:45344 FTIRS and SEM Characterizations of Electrolytic Coatings of Composites Gold-PTFE - P. Bercot, S. Ziad, J. Morvan, E.M. Rezrazi, and J. Pagetti (Universite de Compte) PDF
5:00345 Gold Electroplating Process Enhanced via Laser Bombardment - Z.H. Gu and T. Fahidy (University of Waterloo) PDF