197th Meeting - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 14-18, 2000


H2 - Electronics/Dielectric Science and Technology Joint General Session

Electronics Division/ Dielectric Science and Technology Division

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Huron Room, 2nd Floor

Thin Films in IC Technology

Co-Chairs: M.J. Deen and K.B. Sundaram

10:00494 Plasma Nitride Hydrogen Source Encapsulation Method to Hydrogenate Polysilicon Thin Film Transistors - D. Chen and D. Ast (Cornell University) PDF
10:15495 The Influence of Wafer Nanotopology on Residual Film Thickness Variation after Chemical Mechanical Planarization - N. Tamura, H. Niwa, M. Hatanaka, M. Kase, and T. Fukuda (Fujitsu Limited) PDF
10:30496 A Novel Method of Structure Control in Si Thin Film Technology - E.A. Guliants and W.A. Anderson (State University of New York at Buffalo) PDF
10:45497 Performance Comparison of Thin LPCVD Nitride Films Dedicated to e-DRAM Capacitor - J. Michailos, J. Regolini, J.-P. Reynard, and K. Barla (STMicroelectronics) PDF
11:00498 Effect of Ti Precursor on the Chemical Vapor Deposition of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 - L. Jung-Hyun, K. Joo-Young, and R. Shi-Woo (Pohang University of Science and Technology) PDF
11:15499 Fabrication and Characterization of Pure and Modified Ta2O5 Thin Films for Microelectronic Applications - P. Joshi and M. Cole (US Army Research Laboratory) PDF
11:30500 Intermetallic Distributions In 0.5%Cu-Al Alloyed Interconnects - P. Smith, J. Gazda, J. Zhao, and C. Jones (Advanced Micro Devices Corp.) PDF
11:45501 Dynamics of Intrinsic Breakdown in Thin Gate Oxides - S. Lombardo (CNR-IMETEM), F. Crupi (University of Pisa), C. Gerardi (STMicroelectronics), B. Neri (University of Pisa), and C. Spinella (CNR-IMETEM) PDF

Thin Films in IC Technology (cont'd)

Co-Chairs: W.D. Brown and R.K. Ulrich

1:30502 Deposition and Characteristics of Silicon Carbide Nitride Thin Films - K.B. Sundaram and J. Alizadeh (University of Central Florida) GIF
1:45503 Inorganic Phosphor Coatings for Digital Image Sensors - W. Franks (University of Waterloo), M. Kiik (DALSA Inc.), and A. Nathan (University of Waterloo) PDF
2:00504 Characteristics of Pulse Plated ZnSe Thin Films - K.R. Murali, R. Chander, V.R. Srinivasan, V. Swaminathan, and M. Balasubramanian (Central Electrochemical Research Institute) GIF
2:15505 Thermal Desorption Characteristics of Thermal Oxide and BPSG Fluorinated by XeF2 - Y.-J. Kim, M. Ichikawa (Joint Research Center for Atom Technology), and Y. Shiokawa (Anelva Corporation) PDF
2:30506 Fabrication of Magnetic Thin Films in the Presence of Horizontal Magnetic Fields - Z.H. Gu and T.Z. Fahidy (University of Waterloo) PDF
2:45 Thirty-Minute Intermission

Semiconductor Devices and Materials

Co-Chairs: R.K. Ulrich and W.D. Brown

3:15507 Physical and Electrical Examination of PMOS Transistor with Nitride Spacer - J. Buller, J. Cheek, D. Wu, W. Marilyn, J. Clive, and W. Dirk (AMD) PDF
3:30508 Fabrication of High Performance Poly-Si Thin Film Transistors - S.M. Krasulya, N.I. Nemchuk (Cornell University), J.G. Couillard (Corning Incorporated), and D.G. Ast (Cornell University) PDF
3:45509 The Effect of Si/SiO2 Interface Roughness on the MOS Transistor Performance - Y. Chen, G. Higashi, Y. Ma, Q. Liu, P. Roy, R. Myricks, M. Brown, M. Laughery, P. Mohammadi, M. Decker, J. Sapjeta, and J. Rosamilia (Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies) PDF
4:00510 Characterizartion of n$^{+}uc-Si: H for TFT's Fabricated at 120oC on Plastic Substrates - T. Charania, A. Sazonov, and A. Nathan (University of Waterloo) GIF
4:15511 Conduction and Polarization in Al-Al_1{2}O3-Au Diodes - T.W. Hickmott (State University of New York at Albany) GIF
4:30512 Gettering Of Transition Metals In Damage Zones Induced By MeV Ion Implantation Of Si Wafers - J. Glasko (North Carolina State University), S. Koveshnikov (SEH America Inc.), R. Elliman (The Australian National University), and G. Rozgonyi ( North Carolina State University) PDF
4:45513 Influence of Annealing Atmosphere in Reducing of Grown-In Defects in Czochralski-Grown Silicon Subsurface Regions - M. Kurokawa, N. Shimoi, K. Araki, K. Watanabe, K. Izunome (Toshiba Ceramics Co., Ltd.), T. Tada, and R. Yoshimura (Toshiba C orporation) PDF

Thursday, May 18, 2000

Semiconductor Devices and Materials (cont'd)

Co-Chairs: K.B. Sundaram and R.B. Fair

8:00514 Influence of Void Size on the Formation of Defect Free Regions in Hydrogen Annealed CZ Silicon Wafers - T. Minami, R. Takeda, H. Saito, Y. Hirano, O. Suzuki (Toshiba Ceramics Co., Ltd.), S. Nitta (Toshiba Corporation - Semiconductor Company ), K. Kashima, and Y. Matsushita (Toshiba Ceramics Co., Ltd.) PDF
8:15515 Microstructural and Electrical Properties of SiO2 Layers Containing Ge and Si Nanoclusters - T. Gebel, J. von Borany, M. Klimenkov, W. Skorupa (Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research), H.-J. Thees, M. Wittmaack, and K.-H. Stegemann (ZMD) PDF
8:30516 Silicon Nano-Defects Reduction in Dual Polysilicon Gate Etch Process - H. Gerung, A. Lowrie, J.W.L. Chee, T.Q. Chen, C.W. Yap, W.L. Loh, J.Z. Zheng, P.R. Yelehanka, and A. Cuthbertson (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing) PDF
8:45517 III-V Semiconductors for Improvement of Lateral Resolved Potentiometric Measurements - W. Moritz, I. Gerhardt (Humboldt University Berlin), M. Xu, H. Talabani, and S. Krause (University of Sheffield) PDF
9:00518 Determination of the Laws of Polarisation by Coupling Measures with Numerical Tool - F. Druesne, P. Paumelle (CETIM), and P. Villon (Universite de Technologie de Compiegne) GIF
9:15519 Selected Reliability Issues in Thin and Thick Gate Oxides - C.-T. Wu, P. Roman (Penn State University), R. Ridley, G. Dolny, T. Grebs (Intersil Corporation), and J. Ruzyllo (Penn State University) GIF
9:30520 Non-Contact Evaluation of Metallic Contamination in Thin Gate Oxide - J.S. Jeon (AMD), Y. Sun, W. Huang, S. Raghavan (University of Arizona), F. Arasnia, and B. Ogle (AMD) PDF