197th Meeting - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 14-18, 2000


O1 - Fifteenth International Conference on Chemical Vapor Deposition: CVD XV

High Temperature Materials Division/ Dielectric Science and Technology Division/ Electronics Division/ American Ceramic Society

Monday, May 15, 2000

Cinema 1, Lower Concourse


Co-Chairs: M.D. Allendorf and F. Teyssandier

10:00 Opening Remarks
10:10842 Atomistic Modeling of Chemical Vapor Deposition: NO on the Si (001) (2x1) Reconstructed Surface - N. Tanpipat, J. Andzelm (Molecular Simulations Inc.), B. Delley (Paul Scherrer Institut), A. Korkin, and A. Demkov (Motorola, Inc.) PDF
10:40843 Simulation of Surface Diffusion of Silicon and Hydrogen on Single Crystal Silicon Surfaces - S. Goel, B. Khomami, and R. Lovett (Washington University,St. Louis) PDF
11:00844 Activation Energy Study for the Nucleation and Growth Stages of Cu(TMVS)(hfac) Sourced Copper CVD - D. Yang, J. Hong, and T.S. Cale (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) PDF
11:20845 Development of Gas Phase and Surface Kinetic Schemes for The MOCVD of CdTe, ZnS and ZnSe - C. Cavallotti, V. Bertani, M. Masi, and S. Carra (Politecnico di Milano) PDF
11:40846 Estimation of Reactive Sticking Coefficient of Radical Using Two Species Model and Evaluation of its Influences in Silane Reduced Pressure CVD - D.-S. Tsai, T.-C. Chang (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), H. Hamamura, an d Y. Shimogaki (University of Tokyo) PDF

Fundamentals (cont'd)

Co-Chairs: F. Teyssandier and M.D. Allendorf

2:00847 A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Surface Reactions in Plasma Deposition of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Films - E. Aydil, D. Maroudas, D. Marra, S. Ramalingam, S. Sriraman (University of California Santa Barbar a), W.M.M. Kessels, and R. Van de Sanden (Eindhoven University of Technology) PDF
2:30848 Determination of Energy Transfer Effects for Molecular Decomposition - W. Tsang and V. Mokrushin (National Institute of Standards and Technology) PDF
2:50849 SiH4 Reaction Mechanism Research Using A Fast Wafer-Rotating Reactor - Y. Sato, N. Tamaoki, and T. Ohmine (Toshiba Corp.) PDF
3:15 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
3:30850 Measurement of the Kinetics of the High Temperature Oxidation of TiCl4 - R. Raghavan, D. Lee, D. Conrad, and P. Morrison (Case Western Reserve University) PDF
3:50851 Aspects of Gas Phase Chemistry During Chemical Vapor Deposition of Ti-Si-N Thin Films with Ti(NMe2)4 (TDMAT), NH3, and SiH4 - C. Amato-Wierda, E. Norton, Jr (University of New Hampshire), and D. W ierda (Saint Anselm College) PDF
4:10852 Influence of Carbon Precursor on the Gas-Phase Chemistry of the Ti-C-Cl-H System - S. de Persis, F. Teyssandier (Institut de Science et de Genie des Materiaux et Procedes), A. McDaniel, and M. Allendorf (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
4:30853 A Two-Dimensional Simulation Model for Oxy-Acetylene Flame CVD of Diamond Films - M.(R. Okkerse, C. Kleijn, H. VandenAkker (Delft University of Technology), M. DeCroon (Eindhoven University of Technology), and G. Marin (University of Ghent) PDF

Nanostructures and Quantum Dots

Co-Chairs: D. Goodwin and M.D. Allendorf

4:50854 Nanostructures by CVD Assisted Methods Using Mineral Precursors - P. Doppelt, R. Even (ESPCI-CNRS), F. Marchi, V. Bouchiat, H. Dallaporta, S. Safarov, D. Tonneau (Universite de la Mediteranee), P. Hoffmann, F. Cicoira (Institute of Applied Optics), B. Dwir, I. Utke, and K. Leifer (Institute de Micro-et Optoelectronique) PDF
5:20855 Self-Assembling of Ge Dots by LPCVD - L. Vescan (Institute for Thin Films and Ion Technology) PDF
5:40856 Effect of Carbon Predeposition on Nucleation of Quantum Dots - Q. Zhao and D. Greve (Carnegie Mellon University) PDF

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Modeling, Reactor Design and Process Control

Co-Chairs: M.T. Swihart and L. Kadinski

8:00857 3D Analysis of MOVPE in Epitaxial Reactors by Numerical Modeling - L. Kadinski (University Erlangen - Nuremberg) and M. Dauelsberg (AIXTRON AG) PDF
8:20858 CVD of SiC from CH3SiCl3 in a Hot-Wall-Reactorsystem: Fluid Dynamic and Kinetic Aspects - V.K. Wunder, N. Popovska, H. Gerhard, G. Emig (Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg), P. Kaufmann, L. Kadinski, and F. Durst (Lehrstu hl fuer Stroemungsmechanik) PDF
8:40859 A Benchmark Solution for Multi-Dimensional Thermal CVD Modeling with Detailed Chemistry - C.R. Kleijn (Delft Univesirsity of Technology) PDF
9:00860 On Some Numerical Issues in CVD Modeling - A. Ern (CERMICS - ENPC) GIF
9:30 Twenty-Minute Intermission

Modeling, Reactor Design and Process Control (cont'd)

Co-Chairs: M.T. Swihart and L. Kadinski

9:50861 Modeling and System Design for Atmospheric Pressure CVD of YSZ - T. Besmann (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), T. Starr (University of Louisville), V. Varanasi, and T. Anderson (University of Florida) PDF
10:10862 A Stagnation-Flow MOCVD Reactor for Intelligent Deposition of YBCO Thin Films - A. Tripathi, D. Boyd, M. Gallivan, H. Atwater, R. Murray, D. Goodwin (California Institute of Technology), L. Raja, and R. Kee (Colorado School of Mines) PDF
10:30863 Improvement of Temperature Uniformity in Rapid Thermal CVD Systems Using Multivariable Predictive Control - F. van Bilsen (ASM America, Inc.) and R. de Keyser (University of Gent) PDF
10:50864 Silicon Films Morphology Design Through Multiscale CVD Modeling - M. Masi, C. Cavallotti, V. Bertani, and S. Carra' (Politecnico di Milano) PDF
11:10865 The Dynamics of Spiral Thin Film Growth: A Modeling Study - M. Gallivan, R. Murray, and D. Goodwin (California Institute of Technology) PDF
11:30866 Systematic Approach to Controlling Abnormal Structures Growth in CVD - Simulation of Nodule Structure Evolution - Y. Egashira, T. Mina, and K. Ueyama (Osaka University) PDF
11:50867 Modeling Particle Nucleation during Thermal CVD of Silicon from Silane using Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation - X. Li and M. Swihart (University at Buffalo (SUNY)) PDF


Co-Chairs: C. Amato-Wierda and T.M. Besmann

2:00868 New Liquid Precursors for CVD of Main-Group Metals - R. Gordon (Harvard University) PDF
2:30869 Novel MOCVD Process for the Low Temperature Deposition of the Chromium Nitride Phases - F. Maury, D. Duminica, and F. Senocq (CNRS/INPT) PDF
2:50870 MOCVD of WNx Thin Films Using Novel Amido/Imido Precursors - S. Johnston, C. Ortiz, L. McElwee-White, and T. Anderson (University of Florida) PDF
3:10871 Vapor Phase Epitaxy of Magnesium Oxide on Silicon Using Methylmagnesium Alkoxides - M. Sung, S. Lee, C. Kim, S. Lee, Y. Lee, E. Nah, C. Kim, S. Lee, and Y. Kim (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology) PDF
3:30 Twenty-Minute Intermission

Ceramics, Composites and Hard Materials

Co-Chairs: T.M. Besmann and E.J. Wuchina

3:50872 Chemical Vapor Deposition of MoS2 on and in TiN Coatings - H. Keune, G. Wahl (TU Braunschweig), and W. Lacom (Oesterreichisches Forschungszentrum Seibersdorf) PDF
4:10873 MOCVD of Chromium Carbide from Bis-Ethyl-Benzene-Chromium - V.K. Wunder, M. Satschko, N. Popovska, H. Gerhard, and G. Emig (Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg) PDF
4:30874 Measurement of the Retarding Effect of HCl on the Rate of CVD of Titaniumdiboride - C.-H. Yu, E. Zimmermann, and D. Neuschuetz (Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH Aachen)) PDF
4:50875 Chemical Vapor Deposition of Aluminum on Silicon Carbide for the Investigation of the Interfacial Microstructure in Discontinuously Reinforced Aluminum - P. Ortiz, D. Oquab (Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Toulouse), I.W. Hall (Univ ersity of Delaware), and C. Vahlas (Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Toulouse) PDF
5:10876 Nucleation and Growth of Combustion Flame Deposited Diamond on Silicon Nitride - R.T. Rozbicki (Novellus Systems, Inc.) and V.K. Sarin (Boston University) PDF
5:30877 Effect of H2S on the Microstructure and Deposition Characteristics of Chemically Vapour Deposited kappa-Al2O3 - S. Ruppi (Seco Tools AB) and A. Larsson (Chalmers University of Tecnology and Goteborg Universi ty) PDF
5:50878 Cosmo-Mimetic Carbon Micro-Coils - D. Motojima (Gifu University) PDF

Sheraton Hall, Lower Concourse

Poster Session (7:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

Co-Chairs: T.M. Besmann and M.D. Allendorf

o879 Gas-Phase Chemistry in the CVD of Silicon Carbide : Theoretical Study of the Reactions SiH2+CH4, SiH2+C2H2, and SiH2+C2H4 - C. Raffy (LTPCM-ENSEEG), M.D . Allendorf (Sandia National Laboratories), E. Blanquet (LTPCM-ENSEEG), and C.F. Melius (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
o880 Evaluation of Gas Phase Reaction Rate Constant by Deposition Profile Analysis for In-Situ Counter Diffusion CVD - Y. Egashira, H. Tanaka, T. Mina, N. Mori, and K. Ueyama (Osaka University) PDF
o881 Integration of a Mass Spectrometer and a Quartz Crystal Microbalance for In Situ Characterization of Atomic Layer Deposition Processes in Flow Type Reactors - A. Rahtu, M. Leskela, and M. Ritala (University of Helsinki) PDF
o882 Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry Studies Of The Thermal Decomposition Of Tetrakis(Dimethylamino)Titanium - C.C. Amato-Wierda, E.T. Norton, Jr. (University of New Hampshire), and D.A. Wierda (Saint Anselm College) PDF
o883 A Theoretical/Experimental Study of Atmospheric Pressure Epitaxial Silicon Reactors - S. Kommu (Washington University), G. Wilson (MEMC Electronics Materials, Inc.), and B. Khomami (Washington University) PDF
o884 Kinetics and Mechanism of CVD Reactions of Silicon-Based Thin Films - V. Vassiliev (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd.) PDF
o885 Numerical Simulation of Silicon Carbide Deposition in a Cold Wall CVD Reactor - G. Chaix, A. Dollet, M. Matecki, S. De Persis, Y. Wang, and F. Teyssandier (Institut de Science et de Genie des Materiaux et Procedes) PDF
o886 The Influence of Nitrogen on Diamond Growth: Testing Several Hypotheses for the Oxy-Acetylene Torch Reactor - M. Okkerse, M.H.J.M. de Croon (Eindhoven University of Technology), C.R. Kleijn, H.E.A. van den Akker (Delft University of Technol ogy), and G.B. Marin (Universiteit Gent) PDF
o887 On the Occurrence of Non-Symmetric Flows in Axi-Symmetric CVD Reactors - H. van Santen, C.R. Kleijn, and H.E.A. van den Akker (Delft University of Technology) PDF
o888 Use of Ti(dpm)2(OPri)2 Precursor to Obtain TiO2 Film - V. Krisyuk, A. Turgambaeva, I. Igumenov (Institute of Inorganic Chemistry), V. Bessergenev, I. Khmelinskii, and R. Pereira (University of Alg arve) PDF
o889 Monitoring of MOCVD Fabrication of LaF3 Films Using the Novel La(hfac)3?Diglyme Adducts and In Situ Synthesized La(hfac)3 Anhydrous Precursor - G. Condorelli and I. Fragala' (Universitàa di Catania) PDF
o890 Characterisation of Ti-W-C Thin Films Deposited by CVD - H.X. Ji and C. Amato-Wierda (University of New Hampshire) GIF
o891 Development of CVD Mullite Coatings - S. Basu and V. Sarin (Boston University) PDF
o892 MOCVD of Aluminosilicate Corrosion Protection Coatings - S. Zemskova, J. Haynes, and T. Besmann (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) PDF
o893 CVD of TiC and WC: How Deposition Variables Affect Film Composition and Hardness Through Factorial Design - C. Amato-Wierda, K. Versprille, and P. Ramsey (University of New Hampshire) PDF
o894 Growth of Gamma-Al2O3 Using Conventional CVD - A. Larsson (Chalmers University of Technology and Goteborg University) and S. Ruppi (Seco Tools AB) PDF
o895 Morphology of Carbon Micro-coils Grown by Pre-Pyrolysis of Propane in a CVD Process - X. Chen (Huaqiao University) and S. Motojima (Gifu University) PDF
o896 Effect of Gas Phase Nucleation on Silicon Carbide Chemical Vapor Deposition - M. Bogdanov, S. Karpov, A. Komissarov (Soft-Impact, Ltd.), A. Lovtsus (State Technical University), A. Vorob'ev (Institute for Fine Mechanics and Optics), Y. Maka rov (Fluid Mechanics Institute, University of Erlangen-Nurnberg), and S. Lowry (CFD Research Corporation) PDF
o897 Plasma-Enhanced MOCVD of Smooth Nanometersized Metal/Silicon Single- and Multilayers - F. Hamelmann, G. Haindl, A. Aschentrup, A. Klipp, U. Kleineberg, P. Jutzi, and U. Heinzmann (University of Bielefeld) PDF
o898 Chemical Vapor Deposition of Tantalum Nitride Thin Film Using Pentakis (Ethylmethylamido) Tantalum (PEMAT) as a Diffusion Barrier for Cu Metallization: Thermal Decomposition and Effects of Ion Beam Bombardment - K. Soo-Hyun, K. Ki-Bum (Seou l National University), C. Xiaohong, and W. Jack (ADCS, Ltd.) PDF
o899 Platinum Metals Thin Films Obtained via MOCVD on CaF2 and Quartz Windows as Electrode Surfaces for In Situ Spectroelectrochemistry - S. Santi (Universit'{a} di Padova), G. Carta, S. Garon, L. Rizzo, G. Rossetto, P. Zanella (CNR), D. Barreca, and E. Tondello (Universita di Padova) PDF
o900 Electrodes with Iridium Containing Coatings Obtained by CVD for Electrochemical Processes - N.V. Gelfond, N.B. Morozova, N.E. Fedotova, E.F. Reznikova, and I.K. Igumenov (Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences) PDF
o901 Density Functional Theory Study on Aluminum CVD - T. Nakajima, T. Tanaka, and K. Yamasita (The University of Tokyo) PDF
o902 CVD Tungsten Via Void Minimization for Sub 0.25 mm Technology - A.M. Haider, D.J. Rose, and S.P. Zuhoski (Texas Instruments, Inc.) PDF
o903 Three-Dimensional Computer Simulation of WSix CVD VLSI Processing-Effect of Outlet Postion - K. Sugawara, M. Kunishige (Nihon University), Y.K. Chae, Y. Shimogaki, H. Komiyama (University of Tokyo), and Y. Egashira (Osaka University) GIF
o904 Processing of Tungsten Single Crystal by Chemical Vapor Deposition - R. Zee, S. Gale, and Z. Xiao (Auburn University) PDF
o905 CVD/PVD Co-Deposition of the DEB/Palladium Hydrogen Getter System - D. Carroll, K. Salazar, M. Trkula, C. Sandoval, J. Rau, and D. Pesiri (Los Alamos National Laboratory) PDF
o906 Ultra Thin TiO2 Films Deposited by Atomic Layer Chemical Vapor Deposition - M. Schuisky, M. Ludvigsson, A. Harsta (Uppsala University), K. Kukli, J. Aarik, and A. Aidla (University of Tartu) PDF
o907 Characterisation of Ta2O5 Films Prepared by ALCVD - K. Forsgren, J. Sundqvist, A. Harsta (University of Uppsala), K. Kukli, J. Aarik, and A. Aidla (Tartu University) PDF
o908 Growth Kinetics of Al2O3 Thin Films Using Aluminium Dimethylisopropoxide - D. Barreca (Universita di Padova), G.A. Battiston, and R. Gerbasi (CNR) PDF
o909 Quality Improvement of SiO2-Films by Adding Foreign Gases in Photo-Chemical Vapor Deposition - Y. Motoyama, J.-I. Miyano (Miyazaki OKI electric Co.,Ltd.), K. Kurosawa (Institute for Molecular Science), and A. Yokotani (University of Miyazaki) PDF
o910 SiO2 Deposition Mechanism in Photo-Chemical Vapor Deposition Using Vacuum Ultraviolet Excimer Lamp - J. Miyano, Y. Motoyama (Miyazaki Oki Co. Ltd.), K. Kurosawa (Institute for Molecular Science), K. Toshikawa, T. Yokoyama, H. Mut ou (Miyazaki Oki Co. Ltd.), A. Yokotani, and W. Sasaki (University of Miyazaki) PDF
o911 In-Situ Preparation of Ti-Containing Ta2O5 Films by Halide CVD - K. Forsgren and A. Harsta (University of Uppsala) PDF
o912 In-Situ Measurement of the Decomposition on GaN OMVPE Precursors by Raman Spectroscopy - C. Park, S. Lee (Yeungnam University), M. Huang, and T. Anderson (University of Florida) PDF
o913 Quasi-Thermodynamic Models of Surface Chemistry: Application to MOVPE of III-V Ternary Compounds - S.Y. Karpov, E.V. Yakovlev, V.G. Prokofjev, R.A. Talalaev (Soft-Impact Ltd.), Y.A. Shpolyanskiy (Institute for Fine Mechanics and Optics), Y. N. Makarov (University of Erlangen-Nuenberg), and S.A. Lowry (CFD Research Corporation) PDF
o914 Thin Film Deposition of Manganese Oxides and Lanthanum Manganite by the ALE Process - O. Nilsen (University of Oslo), M. Peussa (Helsinki University of Technology), H. Fjellvag (University of Oslo), L. Niinisto (Helsinki University of Techn ology), and A. Kjekshus (University of Oslo) PDF
o915 Stability of RuO2 Bottom Electrode and its Effect on the Ba-Sr-Ti Oxide Film Quality - Y.-J. Oh and C.-H. Chung (Sungkyunkwan University) PDF
o916 Buffer Layers for the Growth of HTc Superconductors on Unconventional Substrates: MOCVD Depositions of Pt <100> and CeO2 <100> Oriented Films - G. Malandrino, R. Lo Nigro, and I. Fragala' (Universita' di Catania,) PDF
o917 Global Model of Silicon Chemical Vapor Deposition in Centura Reactors - A. Segal (Institute for Fine Mechanics and Optics), A. Galyukov, A. Kondratyev, A. Sid'ko, S. Karpov (Soft-Impact, Ltd.), Y. Makarov (University of Erlangen-Nurnberg), W. Siebert (Wacker Siltronics AG), and S. Lowry (CFD Research Corporation) PDF
o918 Evaluation of Precursors for the Chemical Vapour Deposition of Tin Oxide - A.M.B. van Mol, G.R. Alcott (TNO-TPD), M.H.J.M. de Croon (Eindhoven University of Technology), C.I.M.A. Spee (TNO-TPD), and J.C. Schouten (Eindhoven University of Te chnology) GIF

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Cinema 1, Lower Concourse

Silicon and SiGe

Co-Chairs: Y. Shimogaki and M.L. Hitchman

10:00919 Chemical Vapor Deposition of Low Trap Density SiGe Quantum Well Layers on Silicon - S. Kar (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur) and P. Zaumseil (Institute for Semiconductor Physics) PDF
10:30920 Loading Effects during Non-Selective Epitaxial Growth of Si and SiGe - J. Pejnefors, S.-L. Zhang, M. Ostling (Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) - Stockholm), and T. Winzell (Lund University) PDF
10:50921 Thermodynamic Analysis of Selective Epitaxial Growth of Silicon - W.-S. Cheong, J.-H. Joung, J.-W. Park, and D.-J. Ahn (Hyundai Electronics Co., Inc.) PDF
11:10922 Nanocrystals Formation and Microstructure Evolution of Amorphous Si and Si0.7Ge0.3 by Using Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition - T.-S. Yoon, D.-H. Lee, J.-Y. Kwon, K.-B. Kim (Seoul National University), and S.-H. M in (Kangnung National University) PDF
11:30923 The Profile Control of n-type Doping in Low-Temperature Si Epitaxy and its Effect on the Performance of High Frequency Bipolar Transistors - H.H. Radamson, B. Mohadjeri, B.G. Malm, J.V. Grahn, M. Ostling, and G. Landgren (Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)) PDF
11:50924 CVD-Epitaxial Growth on Porous Si for ELTRAN SOI-Epi Wafers - N. Sato, S. Ishii, and T. Yonehara (Canon Inc.) PDF

Silicon and SiGe (cont'd)

Co-Chairs: M.L. Hitchman and Y. Shimogaki

2:00925 Comparison of Dislocation Generation in Selective and Non Selective SiGe Epitaxy - C. Fellous, F. Romagna, and D. Dutartre (Centre Commun CNET/STMicroelectronics) PDF
2:20926 MOSFET Evaluation of Ultraclean-CVD Si and SiGe Grown at 550 Degrees C on SIMOX - K. Fujinaga (Hokkaido Institute of Technology) GIF

Metals, Metallization and Diffusion Barriers

Co-Chairs: M.L. Hitchman and Y. Shimogaki

2:40927 Selective Deposition of Metals via OMCVD Onto Self-Assembled Monolayers - R.A. Fischer, U. Weckenmann, and C. Winter (Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum) PDF
3:10 Twenty-Minute Intermission
3:30928 Surface Adsorption of WF6 on Si and SiO2 in Selective W-CVD - Y. Yamamoto, T. Matsuura, and J. Murota (Tohoku University) PDF
3:50929 A Kinetic Study on W Deposition Using Non-flowing CVD Reactor - S. Kim (Colorado State University) and C. McConica (Oregon State University) PDF
4:10930 Chemical Vapor Deposition of Titanium Nitride and Titanium Silicon Nitride Thin Films From Tetrakis-(dimethylamido)Titanium and Hydrazine as a Co-Reactant - C. Amato-Wierda (University of New Hampshire) and D.A. Wierda (Saint Anselm College ) PDF
4:30931 Chemical Vapor Deposition of Copper Using hfacCu(I)DMB(3,3-dimethyl-1-butene) Liquid Precursor - C. Kyeong-Keun and R. Shi-Woo (Pohang University of Science and Technology) PDF
4:50932 Reaction of Bis-(2,4-Pentanedionato) M(II) (M= Ni, Cu) Under Low Pressure CVD Conditions - C. Vestal, H. Sturgill, and T. DeVore (JamesMadison University) GIF
5:10933 Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of Nickel Films: Investigation of a New Precursor, [Ni(tmen)(u-CF3CO2)(CF3CO2)]2(u-H2O) - J.-K. Kang (Pohang University of Science and Technology) , F. Senocq, A. Gleizes (Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Toulouse), S.-W. Rhee (Pohang University of Science and Technology), and C. Vahlas (Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Toulouse) PDF
5:30934 Surface Analysis of CVD-Al Film Prepared from Dimethyl-Aluminum-Hydride - M. Sugiyama, H. Ogawa (University of Tokyo), H. Itoh, J. Aoyama (STARC), Y. Horiike, H. Komiyama, and Y. Shimogaki (University of Tokyo) GIF
5:50935 Simplified CMP Planarization Process Integration for Trench Isolation Applications - K. Kapkin, M. Mogaard, T. Curtis (SVG Thermal Systems), C. Artufel (ATMEL FAB 7 / ES2), and J. deRuiter (SVG Thermal Systems) PDF

Thursday, May 18, 2000

Dielectric Materials

Co-Chairs: R.K. Ulrich and R.A. Fischer

8:00936 CVD of Zr-Sn-Ti-O for Capacitor Applications - Y. Senzaki (Schumacher), G. Alers (Lucent Technologies), A. Hochberg, D. Roberts, J. Norman (Schumacher), R. Fleming, and H. Kauter (Lucent Technologies) PDF
8:20937 Atomic Layer Deposition of High-k Oxides - M. Ritala, K. Kukli, M. Vehkamaki, T. Hanninen, T. Hatanpaa, and M. Leskela (University of Helsinki) PDF
8:40938 Atomic Layer Deposition of Metal Oxide Films by using Metal Alkoxides as an Oxygen Source - P. Raisanen, K. Kukli, A. Rahtu, M. Ritala, and M. Leskela (University of Helsinki) PDF
9:00939 Reactor Scale Simulation of Metal Oxide Deposition from an Inorganic Precursor - J.V. Cole (Motorola Advanced Systems Research Laboratory), A. Nangia (Motorola Advanced Products Research and Development Laboratory), and T. Mihopoulos (Motor ola Advanced Systems Research Laboratory) PDF
9:30940 Characterisation of LPCVD Nitride Deposition in the ONO Stack for NVM Applications - M.J. Teepen, M.A.A.M. vanWijck, and H. Sprey (ASM Europe bv) PDF
9:50 Twenty-Minute Intermission

Gallium Nitride and Other III-V Materials

Co-Chairs: R.A. Fischer and R.K. Ulrich

10:10941 Reaction-Transport Models of the Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy of Gallium Nitride - R. Pawlowski, C. Theodoropoulos (State University of New York), A. Salinger, H. Moffat (Sandia National Laboratories), and T.J. Mountziaris (State Univer sity of New York) PDF
10:30942 Investigations of GaN CVD Using Synchrotron Radiation - C. Thompson (Northern Illinois University), G.B. Stephenson, J.A. Eastman, A. Munkholm, O. Auciello, R. Murty (Argonne National Laboratory), P. Fini, S.P. DenBaars, and J.S. Speck (Uni versity of California - Santa Barbara) PDF
11:00943 Experimental and Numerical Study of InGaAsP Materials Growth Kinetics and Composition - O. Feron, M. Sugiyama, Y. Nakano, and Y. Shimogaki (University of Tokyo) PDF
11:20944 Ruthenium Doped Indium Phosphide Growth by Low Pressure Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy - D. Soderstrom, S. Lourdudoss, M. Wallnas (Royal Institute of Technology), A. Dadgar, O. Stenzel, D. Bimberg, and H. Schumann (Technische Universitat Berli n) PDF
11:40945 Growth of Hexagonal GaN Films by MOCVD Using Novel Single Precursors - C. Kim, S.H. Yu, J.H. Lee, Y. Lee, M. Sung, and Y. Kim (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology) PDF

Gallium Nitride and Other III-V Materials (cont'd)

Co-Chairs: R.K. Ulrich and R.A. Fischer

2:00946 Multi 6 Inch MOVPE Technology for GaAs, GaInP, and AlGaInP Compounds - M. Bremser (AIXTRON Inc.), T. Schmitt, M. Deufel, G. Strauch, D. Schmitz, M. Heuken, and H. Juergensen (AIXTRON AG) GIF
2:20947 Growth Kinetics and Mechanistic Studies of GaN Thin Films Grown by OMVPE Using (N3)2Ga[(CH2)3NMe2] as Single Source Precursor - R.A. Fischer, A. Wohlfart, A. Devi, W. Rogge (Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum), J. Schaefer, J. Wolfrum (Ruprecht-Karls -Universitaet Heidelberg), and M.D. Allendorf (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF

Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials

Co-Chairs: M.D. Allendorf and K. Dahmen

2:40948 Thin Films of Magnetoresistive Intermetallic and Composite Materials - K.-H. Dahmen and I. Chuprakov (Florida State University,) PDF
3:00949 Diagnostics of Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 Films by Microdischarge Optical Emission Spectroscopy - S. Momose, T. Nakamura, and K. Tachibana (Kyoto University) PDF
3:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission
3:40950 Bismuth Titanate Thin Films Deposited by Halide Chemical Vapor Deposition - M. Schuisky and A. Harsta (Uppsala University) PDF
4:00951 LPCVD of Optical Interference Coatings for Micro-Optical Applications - M. George and D. Rogers (Deposition Sciences, Inc.) PDF
4:20952 Characteristics of Silicon Oxy-Nitride Thin Films Deposited by Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition - C. Simionescu, F. Bounasri, S. Wallace, H. Haugen, J. Davies, and P. Mascher (McMaster University) PDF
4:40953 CVD of Molecule-based Conductors and Magnets - L. Valade, D. de Caro, H. Casellas, M. Basso-Bert, C. Faulmann, J.-P. Legros, P. Cassoux (CNRS - Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination), and L. Aries (CNRS - Laboratoire de Chimie des Matériaux Inorganiques et Energétiques) PDF
5:00954 Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Crystal Growth Process of Electronics Materials - M. Kubo, Y. Inaba, T. Onozu, S. Takami, A. Miyamoto (Tohoku University), M. Kawasaki, M. Yoshimoto, and H. Koinuma (Tokyo Institute of Technology) PDF