197th Meeting - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 14-18, 2000


T1 - Fourth International Manuel M. Baizer Symposium in Honor of J. Simonet and J.H.P. Utley

Organic and Biological Electrochemistry Division

Monday, May 15, 2000

Dominion South, 2nd Floor

Co-Chairs: A.J. Fry and M. Tokuda

10:001028 Synthesis and Characterization of Bifunctional Molecules Intended for Studies of Intramolecular Electron Transfer - Z.-R. Zheng and D. Evans (University of Delaware) PDF
10:251029 Selective Anodic Fluorination of Dimethoxyethane, Diethylene Glycol Dimethl Ether, and Crown Ethers - T. Fuchigami and Y. Hou (Tokyo Institute of Technology) GIF
10:501030 Electrochemical, Nickel-Catalyzed Carbon Dioxide Incorporation Into Epoxides for the Synthesis of Cyclic Carbonates - E. Dunach and P. Tascedda (Universite de Nice) PDF
11:151031 Facile Iodination of Terminal Acetylenes by Anodic Oxidation in the Presence of NaI - I. Nishiguchi, O. Kanabe, H. Maekawa, and K. Itoh (Nagaoka University of Technology) GIF

Co-Chairs: H.J. Schaefer and Y. Matsumura

2:001032 Stereoselective Interconversion of NADH and NADH+ Analogues by Electrochemical Oxidation and Reduction - B. Koop, H.J. Schaefer (Organisch-Chemisches Institut der Universitat Munster), and A. Straub (Bayer AG) PDF
2:301033 ORGANIC AND BIOLOGICAL ELECTROCHEMISTRY DIVISION MANUAL M. BAIZER AWARD ADDRESS: Cathodically Reacting Interfaces - When Organic Electrochemistry and Inorganic Electrochemistry Meet at a Solid Cathode-Electrolyte Interphase - J. Simonet (Universite de Rennes 1) PDF
3:30 Ten-Minute Intermission
3:401034 On Reductions Induced by Hydroxide Ions - H. Lund, J.B. Larsen, and K. Daasbjerg (University of Aarhus) PDF
4:051035 Cation Pool Method III. Generation of Oxonium Ion and Its Reactions with Carbon Nucleophiles. - S. Suga, S. Suzuki, and J.-I. Yoshida (Kyoto University) PDF
4:301036 Some Aspects of Sustainability in Electroorganic Syntheses - E. Steckhan (Universitaet Bonn) PDF
4:551037 Cathodic Cleavage of Sulfones: Formation of Phenolate from Strongly Activated Aryl Sulfones - D.G. Peters, L.J. Klein (Indiana University), O. Fourets, and J. Simonet (University of Rennes) GIF
5:201038 The Electrochemical Formation of Aryl Radicals. Their Solution and Surface Reactions. - J. Pinson (Universite Paris 7-Denis Diderot) PDF

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Co-Chairs: J. Lessard and S. Torii

8:151039 Kinetic Study of Anodic Electrosynthesis of Propylene Oxide - T.-R. Ling (I-Shou University), T.-C. Chou, and R.-C. Lin (National Cheng Kung University) PDF
8:401040 Anodic Oxidation of Benzylic Silanes and Stilbenesin Nucleophilic Media - A. Fry, F. Akinfaderin, B. Blackman, S. Halas, B. Mayers, K. Okyne, L. Rodman (Wesleyan University), and J. Xuan (EDA Novo Nordisk Biochem. North America, Inc.) PDF
9:051041 Devices for Memory of Chirality in Electrochemical Decarboxylation of a-Amino Acid Derivative - Y. Matsumura, O. Onomura, T. Maki, and T. Tanaka (Nagasaki University) GIF
9:301042 Electro-Enzymatic Synthesis: Reactions and Reactors - A. Bergel, K. Delecouls, S. DaSilva, and R. Basseguy (Universite Paul Sabatier) PDF
9:55 Ten-Minute Intermission
10:051043 Variation in the Formal Reduction Potential of a [2Fe-2S] Iron-Sulfur Protein and its Mutants - V. Vilker, V. Reipa, M. Holden, and M. Mayhew (National Institute of Standards and Technology) PDF
10:301044 Electrochemical Reactions of Native and Modified Myoglobins at an Indium Oxide Electrode and Their Applications - I. Taniguchi (Kumamoto University) PDF
10:551045 Electrochemical Alkylthiation of Arenes - R. Glass, V. Jouikov, and N. Bojkova (The University of Arizona) PDF
11:201046 Electrochemical Activation of Alkylaromatics for Oxygenation - D. Bejan and A. Savall (Universite Paul Sabatier) PDF

Co-Chairs: O. Hammerich and E. Steckhan

2:001047 The First Steps in the Electropolymerization of Pyrroles - O. Hammerich, R.M. Henriksen, and F.S. Kamounah (University of Copenhagen) PDF
2:301048 ORGANIC AND BIOLOGICAL ELECTROCHEMISTRY MANUAL M. BAIZER AWARD ADDRESS-Quinodimethanes: Versatile Electrogenerated Intermediates - J.H.P. Utley (University of London), E. Carre (Copenhagen University), Y. Gao, R.G. Janssen, M.F. Nielsen, E. Oguntoye, E. Simon, C.Z. Smith, S. Szunerits, P.B. Wyatt, and Y. Zhang (University of London) PDF
3:30 Ten-Minute Intermission
3:401049 Regioselective Bromination of Benzofuran in an NaBr/AcOH/H2O Electrolysis System - H. Tanaka, Y. Kawakami (Okayama University), and S. Torii (The Institute of Creative Chemistry Co.) PDF
4:051050 Electrohydrogenation of a Nitrobenzodioxane and a Nitrobenzodioxolane at Raney Type Electrodes in a Basic Hydroethanolic Solution: Electronation-Protonation or Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation? - J.M. Chapuzet, R. Labrecque, and J. Lessard (Universite de Sherbrooke) PDF
4:301051 Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation in a Priam Reactor - L. Dubois (CNAM - Electrochimie Industrielle), S. Trevin (Electricite de France - DER - Electrochimie), M. Mestre, and J.-F. Fauvarque (CNAM - Electrochimie Industrielle) GIF
4:551052 Paired Electrosynthesis: The First Technical Process - H. Puetter (BASF) PDF
5:201053 New Electrochemical Preparation of Highly Reactive Zinc and Its Use in Cross-Coupling Reactions - M. Tokuda, N. Kurono, S. Takasugi, and A.A. Jalil (Hokkaido University) GIF

Civic Ballroom South, 2nd Floor

Baizer Award Reception

Co-Chairs: A. Fry and J. Lessard

7:00 Baizer Award Reception

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Dominion South, 2nd Floor

Co-Chairs: D.H. Evans and A. Savall

10:051054 Electrochemistry of Pentaerythrityltetranitrate and Metabolic Structures - U. Hess, H. Brosig (Humboldt-University of Berlin), G. Koenig, and M. Stoeter (ISIS PHARMA GmbH) PDF
10:301055 Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation Using Tetrakis(dimethylamino)Ethylene (TDAE) as Reductant/Mediator - M. Kuroboshi, S. Kishimoto, K. Goto, K. Ohtsuki, K. Hosoi, Y. Waki, and H. Tanaka (Okayama University) PDF
10:551056 Substitution and Dissociative Electron Transfer to Benzyl Halides - A. Cardinale, A. Gennaro, A.A. Isse, and F. Maran (Universita di Padova, Italy) PDF
11:201057 Synthetic Metal-Transition Metal d,n-Conjugated Complex Systems - T. Hirao, S. Yamaguchi, and S. Fukuhara (Osaka University) GIF

Co-Chairs: I. Nishiguchi and J.-F. Fauvarque

2:001058 Dissociative Reductive of 1,1'-Dichloro-1-1'-Diaryl-Azoethanes: Generation of Azines. - M. Workentin and V. Sauro (The University of Western Ontario) PDF
2:251059 Mechanistic Aspects Concerning Anodic Oxidation of Carboxylic Acids - S.I. Rosca, E.-M. Ungureanu (Politehnica University), and G. Stanciu (Ovidius University) PDF
2:501060 Some Redox Reactions of Corrinoids - R. Keese (University of Bern) PDF
3:151061 Electrochemistry of Halogenated Adamantane Derivatives in the Absence and in the Presence of CO2 - L. Mattiello, M. Feroci, L. Rampazzo (University of Rome "La Sapienza"), and A. Inesi (University of L'Aquila) PDF
3:40 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
3:551062 A New Strategy to Control Electronic Properties of Polypyrroles - N. Ono, S. Ito, T. Murashima, and H. Uno (Ehime University) GIF
4:201063 Phenolic Oxidation of Halogenated Phenols - K. Mori, M. Takahashi, S. Yamamura, and S. Nishiyama (Keio University) GIF
4:451064 A Titanium Electrode Materials With Modified Properties - I. Cretescu and M. Macoveanu (Technical University "Gh. Asachi" Iasi) PDF
5:101065 Electrooxidative Polymerization of Aromatic Compounds under Centrifugal Field - M. Atobe, Y. Suda, A.-N. Chowdhury, and T. Nonaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology) PDF

Thursday, May 18, 2000

Co-Chairs: F. Maran and V.L. Vilker

8:301066 Comparison of the Coordination of Organic Ions to Au(111): Electrochemical and In Situ FTIR Studies - H.-Q. Li, A. Chen (University of Guelph), S.G. Roscoe (Acadia University), and J. Lipkowski (University of Guelph) PDF
8:551067 Controlling Activity of a Catalytic Polyion Film on an Electrode via Microemulsion Composition - C. Njue and J. Rusling (University of Connecticut) PDF
9:201068 Study of DMPC Membrane Bilayer on a Conductive Substrate by Electrochemical Techniques - H.-Q. Li, J. Lipkowski, J. Rubinstein, and R. Merrill (University of Guelph) PDF
9:45 Ten-Minute Intermission
9:551069 Electrochemical Reduction of Aromatic Polynitrocompounds - V.N. Leibzon, L.V. Mikhalchenko, V. Leonova, and V.P. Gultyai (Russian Academy of Sciences) PDF
10:201070 Electroxidation of the Amodiaquine in Acid Medium - M.D.L. Arguelho (Sao Paulo University) and N. Stradiotto (UNESP) PDF
10:451071 Structural Properties and Electronic States of the Electrogenerated Pai-Dianions of Organic Molecules - B. Uno, N. Okumura, and T. Kawashima (Gifu Pharmaceutical University) PDF
11:101072 Designing Air and Water Stable N-doped Polymers and Model Compounds: Molecular Modeling of Reduction and Re-Oxidation Potentials - M. Alexander, Jr., C. Specker, R. McKellar, and D. Dudis (Air Force Research Laboratory) PDF
11:351073 Voltammetric and Photoelectrochemical Measurements of Carbenium Salts Having Some Methoxyphenyl Groups at an ITO Electrode - T. Erabi, T. Ohtsuki, E. Osaki, and M. Wada (Tottori University) GIF