197th Meeting - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 14-18, 2000


X2 - Polymer Manufacturing Process Sensors II

Sensor Division

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Huron Room, 2nd Floor

Introduction and Optical Methods

Co-Chairs: E.B. Stokes and D.E. Kranbuehl

10:001260 Changing the Paragdigm in Process Analytical Sensors: Challenges in the New Millennium for Improving Polymer Product Quality - M. Harthcock (GE Plastics) PDF
10:301261 In-Process Measurements on Polymers - P. Coates (University of Bradford) PDF
11:001262 Online Monitoring of Absolute Molecular Mass, Viscosity and Monomer Conversion during Polymerization Reactions - J.-L. Brousseau, H. Catalgil-Giz, and W. Reed (Tulane University) GIF
11:151263 In-Line Color Monitoring of Polymers During Extrusion Using a Charge Coupled Device Spectrometer - C. Gilmor, S.T. Balke (University of Toronto), F. Calidonio, and A. Rom-Roginski (Colortech Inc.) PDF
11:301264 A Temperature Sensor Based on Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Its Pressure Compensation Factor - A. Bur, M. Vangel, and S. Roth (National Institute of Standards and Technology) PDF
11:451265 Particle Dispersion in Polyethylenes During Extrusion: Development of a Scanning In-Line Particle Monitoring System - L.D. Ing, S.T. Balke (University of Toronto), N. Stoev (Photonics Research Ontario), J. Suhay, H. Tamber, and M. Planeta ( Macro Engineering and Technology Inc.) PDF

Optical Methods and Other Methods

Co-Chairs: A.J. Bur and E.B. Stokes

2:001266 In-Situ Measurements via Optical Microscopy and Scattering - K. Migler (National Institute of Standards and Technology) PDF
2:301267 An Optical Sensor for Polymer Injection Molding - A. Bur (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and C. Thomas (University of Utah) PDF
2:451268 In-Line / Real Time Sensing of Flow and Mixture in a Corotating Twin Screw Extruder by Application of Radiotracers - A. Zeuner (Dresden University of Technology), M. Stephan (Institute of Polymer Research Dresden), H. Batz, and R. Pallas (D resden University of Technology) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:301269 New In-Line Rheometer For Polymer Melts and Compounds - M. McBrearty (Chemical ElectroPhysics Corp.) and S. Tadros (GE Plastics Co.) PDF
4:001270 Online In Situ Freqeuncy Dependent Dielectric Sensing to Monitor Polymer Synthesis and Cure Both in the Laboratory and in Batch Reactors and Fabrication Tools on the Plant Floor - D. Kranbuehl (College of William and Mary) PDF
4:151271 Carbon Fiber Polymer-Matrix Composite Manufacturing Process Sensing by Electrical Resistance Measurement - Z. Mei, D.D.L. Chung, and S. Wang (State University of New York at Buffalo) PDF
4:301272 In-Situ and Ex-Situ Spectroelectriochemical Study of Thiophene in the Presence of Indole - E. Sezer, S. Ozkara, and S. Sarac (Istanbul Technical University) PDF