197th Meeting - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 14-18, 2000


Z1 - Electrochemical Impedance for Analysis of Chemical and Electrochemical Processes and Mechanisms

Sensor Division/ Physical Electrochemistry

Monday, May 15, 2000

Kenora Room, 2nd Floor

Impedance and Mechanisms

Co-Chairs: P. Vanysek and M.A. Vorotyntsev

10:001273 Mechanistic Analysis by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy - D. Macdonald (Pennsylvania State University) PDF
10:451274 Ionic Conductivity and Capacitance Profiles in Conducting Polymer Layers and Fuel Cell Electrodes. Simulation and Interpretation of Impedance Responses. - P. Pickup, X. Ren, M. Lefebvre, R. Martin, and B. Easton (Memorial University) PDF
11:151275 Experimental Study and Modeling of Impedance of Porous Electrodes - C. Hitz and A. Lasia (Universite de Sherbrooke) PDF

Charge Transport Kinetics and Transient Behavior

Co-Chairs: P.J. Hesketh and D.D. Macdonald

2:001276 Impedance of Electron-Ion Conducting Films: Separation of the Bulk-Film and Interfacial Contributions - M.A. Vorotyntsev (CNRS - Universite de Bourgogne) PDF
2:301277 Studies of Two-Electron Reactions with Inverted Potentials by Use of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy - C. Kraiya and D. Evans (University of Delaware) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:301278 AC Voltammetry for the Study of Fast Electron Transfer Kinetics Across Short-Chain Alkanethiol Monolayers - H.O. Finklea and D.A. Brevnov (West Virginia University) PDF
4:001279 Electrohydrodynamic Impedance in the Presence of Nonuniform Transport Properties - S. Calabrese Barton (University of Texas at Austin) and A. West (Columbia University) PDF
4:301280 Application of Impedance Spectroscopy to Monitor Transient Systems - J.C. Cardoso Filho, M. Membrino, and M. Orazem (University of Florida) PDF
5:001281 Kinetics of Charge Transport During Redox Reactions of Metal Hexacyanoferrate Film - M.A. Malik (Technical University of Czestochowa), P.J. Kulesza (University of Warsaw), and R. Marassi (Universita di Camerino) PDF

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Experimental Concerns and Data Interpretation

Co-Chairs: P.J. Kulesza and K.B. Oldham

8:301282 Impedance Measurements, Real Result or Artefact? How Can I Tell The Difference? - B. Sayers (Solartron) PDF
9:001283 On the Error Structure of Impedance Measurements and its Implication for Interpretation of Measurements - S. Carson, M. Orazem, O. Crisalle (University of Florida), and L. Garcia-Rubio (University of South Florida) PDF
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:001284 Chemiresistor Response to Impedance Measurement: The True Results and the Artifacts - P. Vanysek and C. DiCarlo (Northern Illinois University) PDF
10:201285 EIS Frequency Response Extrapolation using Parametric Modeling - D.C. Farden and G. Miramontes de Leon (North Dakota State University) GIF
10:451286 "Natural" Equivalent Circuits of Electron-Ion Conducting Films - M.A. Vorotyntsev (Universite de Bourgogne) PDF
11:101287 Surface Chemistry and Phase Limit of the Gas Sensitive Material Cr2-xTixO3 - D. Niemeyer and D. Williams (University College London) PDF
11:351288 AC Voltammetry with Applied Alternating Potential of Any Amplitude - K. Oldham (Trent University), S. Engblom (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), and J. Myland (Trent University) PDF

Impedance in Engineering Applications

Co-Chairs: P. Pickup and R. Guidotti

2:001289 Porous Al2O3 Nano Geometry Sensor Films: Part I Anodization of Vacuum Evaporated Aluminum Formed Under Zone 2 Growth - W.G. Yelton, K. Pfeifer, and A. Staton (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
2:301290 Characterization of Aircraft Coatings by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy - M. Zidoune, J. Li, D. Tallman, and G. Bierwagen (North Dakota State University) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:301291 EIS Investigation of the Influence of Water Composition and Substrate on Electochemical Scaling - C. Gabrielli (Universite Peirre et Marie Curie), A. Benbachir (Universite Mohamed V), R. Jaouhari (Universite Peirre et Marie Curie), A. Gruen bour (Universite Mohamed V), and G. Maurin (Universite Peirre et Marie Curie) GIF
4:001292 AC Impedance Characteristics of Solid-State Planar Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Sensors - R.J. Mortimer and A. Beech (Loughborough University) GIF
4:301293 Impedance Characteristics of Lithium and Lithium-Based Alloys in Liquid and Polymeric Nonaqueous Electrolytes - E. Shembel, I. Maksyuta, L. Neduzhko, O. Chervakov, T. Pastushkin (Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University), and D. Meshr i (Advance Chemical,Inc.) PDF
5:001294 The Use of Impedance Spectroscopy for Determining Oxygen Partial Pressure With Partially Stabilized Zirconia - R. Novak (Ford Research Laboratory) PDF

Sheraton Hall, Lower Concourse

Poster Session (7:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

Co-Chairs: P. Vanysek and P.J. Hesketh

o1295 Evaluation of Coating Systems for Protecting Bronze Using Electrochemical Impedance and Accelerated Test Methods - L. Ellingson (North Dakota State University), T. Shedlosky, R. de la Rie (National Gallery of Art), and G. Bierwagen (North D akota State University) PDF
o1296 A Rapid Corrosion Resistance Test Protocol for Organic Coatings Systems: Thermal Cycling + Impedance Measurements - L. He, G. Biewagen, and D. Tallman (North Dakota State University) PDF
o1297 Electrode Configurations for In Situ Electrochemical Impedance Measurements On Coated Metal Systems - X. Wang, G. Bierwagen, and D. Tallman (North Dakota State University) PDF
o1298 Polarization at the Interface Nafion Membrane/NaOH Solution. An Impedance Spectroscopy Analysis - A. Nicoara and L. Oniciu ("Babes-Bolyai" University) PDF
o1299 Investigation of Oscillatory Behavior in the Fe/H3PO4 System by Impedance Spectroscopy - A. Eftekhari (K N Toosi University of Technology) PDF
o1300 CO and H2 Sensing with an Amperometric Gas Sensor [AGS] - J. Stetter, W. Penrose, Y.-T. Chao, and S.-W. Roh (Illinois Institute of Technology) PDF

Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Kenora Room, 2nd Floor

Solid State, Oriented Surfaces and Surface Reactions

Co-Chairs: P. Viscor and H.-Z. Yu

10:001301 Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy in Solid State Physics and Electrochemistry - P. Viscor (University of Roskilde) PDF
10:301302 Application of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy to the Study of n and p-type SiC Electrodes During Anodic Dissolution - J. Spanier, A. West, and I. Herman (Columbia University) PDF
11:001303 Structural and Electrochemical Properties of n-Alkyl Monolayers Formed on Si(111) - H.-Z. Yu, R. Boukherroub (National Research Council of Canada), S. Morin (York University), D. Wayner (National Research Council of Canada), and P. Allongue (Universite P. & M. Curie) PDF
11:301304 E.I.S. and State-Space Modelling to Investigate Reaction Mechanisms: Oxygen Reduction at SOFC Cathodes - M. Prestat and L. Gauckler (ETH Zurich) PDF

Biological Detection; Sensor Materials

Co-Chairs: J. Rishpon and K.B. Pfeifer

2:001305 Impedance Measurements as a Tool for the Detection of Endocrine Disrupting Pollutants - V. Zacks, I. Esckenazi, and J. Rishpon (Tel-Aviv University) PDF
2:301306 Impedance Study of Tl (I) Reduction at Gramicidin-Modified Dioleoylphosphatidylcholine-Coated Mercury Electrodes: The Influence of Gramicidin Concentration and the Nature of the Supporting Electrolyte - M. Rueda, I. Navarro, C. Prado, and C . Silva (University of Sevilla) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:301307 EIS as a Probe of the Ab-Ag Interface in CEP-Modified Electrodes - A. Sargent and O.A. Sadik (State University of New York at Binghamton) PDF
4:001308 Processing And Characterization Of Molybdenum Oxide-Based Gas Sensors - A. Ahmad, R. Minhas, Q. Zhou, and T. Wheat (CANMET/NRCan) PDF
4:301309 Characterization of Anode Processes in Low-Temperature Molten-Nitrate Electrolytes - R. Guidotti (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
4:551310 Porous Al2O3 Nano Geometry Sensor Films: Part II Heat of Adsorption Studies - K.B. Pfeifer and W.G. Yelton (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF