198th Meeting - Phoenix, Arizona

October 22-27, 2000


B3 - Battery/Energy Technology Joint General Session

Battery Division/ Energy Technology Division

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Exhibit Hall D

Poster Session

Co-Chairs: T.F. Fuller and E. Takeuchi

o198 Effect of Electrolyte/Carbon Ratio on the Formation of Interface Inside Gas Diffusion Electrode of PEMFC - Z. Siroma, T. Ioroi, Y. Nishimura, and K. Yasuda (Osaka National Research Institute) PDF
o199 Sol-Gel Derived Organic/Inorganic Nano-Hybrid Membrane for PEM Fuel Cell - I. Honma (AIST), S. Nomura (Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd.), and H. Nakajima (AIST) PDF

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Tucson 38

Co-Chairs: E. Takeuchi and T.F. Fuller

8:30200 AC Impedance of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells - Experimental Aspects - D. Baker, R. Darling, M. Mathias, and M. Murphy (General Motors - Global Alternative Propulsion Center) PDF
8:45201 Development and Characterization of Low Temperature Fuel Cell Anode Electrocatalysts - G. Camara, J. Giz, E. Ticianelli, and E. Gonzalez (Instituto de Quimica de Sao Carlos - USP) PDF
9:00202 Highly Active PtRu/C Electrocatalysts for Electrochemical Oxidation of Methanol - W. Sugimoto, T. Fujiwara, Y. Murakami, and Y. Takasu (Shinshu University) PDF
9:15203 Novel Method to Produce Carbide Catalysts of Fuel Processing - G.A. Potyomkin, A.Y. Postnikov, and A.Y. Malishev (Russian Federal Nuclear Center - VNIIEF) PDF
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:00204 Modeling Diffusion and Convection of Gases from a Serpentine Flow Field to the Cathode of a PEM Fuel Cell - D.R. Baker and R.M. Darling (General Motors Global Alternative Propulsion Center) PDF
10:15205 Characterization of Electronic Resistances of PEM Fuel Cells - J. Yi, J. Yang, H. Cote, J. Strycharz, and D. Wheeler (International Fuel Cells) PDF
10:30206 Characterization of New Electrode Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - Z. Byars, W. Huebner, and H. Anderson (University of Missouri - Rolla) PDF
10:45207 Composite Membrane and Its Application for PEMFC - H. Kim, J. Cho, and H. Chang (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology) PDF
11:00208 Magnesium-Solution Phase Catholyte Semi-Fuel Cell Optimization via a Muilti-Variable Problem Solving Technique - M. Medeiros, D. Atwater (Naval Undersea Warfare Center), R. Bessette (University of Massachusetts- Dartmouth), and C. Deschenes (Systems Integration and Research, Inc) PDF
11:15209 Elevated Temperature Studies of Methanol Oxidation on Pt/Vulcan - Nafion Catalyst Layers - T. Madden and E. Stuve (University of Washington) PDF
11:30210 In-Situ Micro Observation of Cathode in MCFC - M. Kawase, K. Asano, Y. Mugikura, and T. Watanabe (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry) PDF

Co-Chairs: E. Takeuchi and H. Gan

2:00211 Correlation of Anode Surface Film Chemical Composition and Voltage Delay in Silver Vanadium Oxide (SVO) Cell System - H. Gan and E. Takeuchi (Wilson Greatbatch Ltd.) PDF
2:15212 Fast Charge in Non-Aqueous Li Cells: Investigation of a Novel Hybrid Solution - G. Amatucci, F. Badway, A. DuPasquier (Telcordia Technologies), and C. Wetteland (Rutgers University) PDF
2:30213 Lithium Self-Diffusivity and Transport Number in Solutions of New Lithium Orthoborate Salts - M. Videa, W. Xu (Arizona State University), B. Geil (Technische Universitat Darmstadt Institut fur Festkerperphysik), R. Marzke, and C.A. Angell (Arizona State University) PDF
2:45214 Study on Hydrogen-Lithium Thermally Regenerative Cell - H. Ito, Y. Hasegawa (Mechanical Engineering Laboratory), and Y. Ito (Kyoto University) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:30215 Polyvalent Intercalation Batteries, a Step Into Next Generation Energy Storage - G. Amatucci, F. Badway, N. Pereira (Telcordia Technologies), A. Singhal, G. Skandan (NEI Inc.), and R. Jawaorski (Telcordia Technologies) PDF
3:45216 New Materials Development Impact on the Improvement of Energy Storage & Conversion Systems - C. Beauger and D. Huguenin (IMRA EUROPE) PDF
4:00217 Discharge Characteristics of Ag2CrO4-Based Cells in LiNO3-KNO3 Eutectic Electrolyte - R. Guidotti and F. Reinhardt (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
4:15218 A Non-Deterministic Modeling Approach for a Photovoltaic Energy Source/Storage System - A. Urbina, T. Paez, and R. Jungst (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF

Friday, October 27, 2000

Co-Chairs: E. Takeuchi and T.F. Fuller

8:00219 Solid Electrolyte Via Sol-gel Process - Y. Huang, G. Jiang (Chemat Technology, Inc.), W. West (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory), and A. McLaughlin (Chemat Technology, Inc.) PDF
8:15220 Electrically Rechargeable Zn/O2-Batteries Tested at Driving Cycle Conditions - F. Holzer and S. Mueller (Paul Scherrer Institute) PDF
8:30221 EIS Studies of Polyaniline-Coated Graphite Electrodes for Electrochemical Capacitors - C.-C. Hu and C.-H. Cheu (National Chung Cheng University) PDF
8:45222 Electrochemical Reduction of Oxygen at a Glassy Carbon Electrode and Air Electrode - L. Mao (Matsushita Electric Ind. Co., Ltd.), D. Zhang, T. Ohsaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology), and T. Sotomura (Battery Research & Development Center, Matsushita Electric Ind. Co., Ltd.) PDF
9:00223 Electrochemical Properties of Nanostructured NiOOH Synthesized via Ozonation - J. Dai, R. Ge, D. Xiao, and D. Reisner (Usnanocorp, Inc.) PDF
9:15224 Bismuth Modified Manganese Dioxide (BMD) for Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries - S. Bhavaraju (Rechargeable Battery Corporation), M. Manivel Raja, D. Im, and A. Manthiram (The University of Texas at Austin) PDF
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:00225 Effects of Zinc on the Structure and Electrochemical Properties of Nickel Hydroxide - C. Delmas (CNRS and Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie et Physique de Bordeaux), C. Tessier (SAFT- Direction de la Recherche), L. Guerlou-Demourgues, C. Faure, A. Demourgues (CNRS and Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie et Physique de Bordeaux), and G. Nabias (ENSC Montpellier) PDF
10:15226 Study of the Cobalt Contribution to the Behavior of the Nickel Hydroxide Electrode in Alkaline Batteries - V. Pralong (University of Picardie Jules Verne), Y. Chabre (Universite Joseph Fourier - Grenoble I), A. Delahaye-Vidal, and J.-M. Tarascon (University of Picardie Jules Verne) PDF
10:30227 Properties of Gas Atomized Dual-Phase Intermetallic Hyrdogen Storage Alloys - J. Ting, M. Sawford, U. Habel, M.W. Peretti, W.B. Eisen, B.J. McTiernan (Crucible Research), R. Young, B. Chao, and B. Huang (Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.) PDF
10:45228 The Effect of Charge/Discharge, Overcharge,and Deep Discharge on The Nonstoichiometric Structure of the Nickel electrode - V. Srinivasan, J. Weidner (University of South Carolina), and B. Cornilsen (Michigan Technological University) PDF
11:00229 Mechanisms and Characteristics of Rapid Charging Ni-MH Cells - B.Y. Liaw and X.-G. Yang (University of Hawaii at Manoa) PDF
11:15230 Thermodynamic Properties of AB2-Based Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries - X.-G. Yang and B.Y. Liaw (University of Hawaii at Manoa) PDF
11:30231 Bifunctional Air Gas Diffusion Electrodes with Self-Supported Catalysts of Nickel-Cobalt Oxide - S. Gamburzev, K. Petrov, J. Appleby (Texas A & M University), P. Atanassov, R. Bhatia, P. Napolitano, M. Hampden-Smith, and T. Kodas (Superior MicroPowders LLC) PDF
11:45232 Charge/Discharge Reaction on Ni(OH)2 Electrode - H. Ogura, Y. Ito, and T. Shirogami (Suzuka National College of Technology) PDF