198th Meeting - Phoenix, Arizona

October 22-27, 2000


H1 - Copper Interconnects, New Contact Metallurgies/Structures, and Low-K Interlevel Dielectrics

Dielectric Science and Technology Division/ Electronics Division/Electrodeposition Division

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Yuma 24

Copper Deposition

Co-Chairs: G.S. Mathad and T.L. Ritzdorf

2:00511 Effect of Thiourea on Electrodeposition of Copper from Acid Sulfate Solutions - V.S. Donepudi, R. Venkatachalapathy, and J. Prakash (Illinois Institute of Technology) PDF
2:20512 Copper Electroplating onto Silicon Wafers using High-frequency Acoustic Streaming - I. Suni (Clarkson Univeresity), A. Busnaina (Clarkson University), C. Tiwari, H. Lin (Clarkson Univeresity), V. Reynolds, and C. Neely (Reynolds Tech) PDF
2:40513 Effects of Plating Rack Design and Vibration Frequency on Displacement Uniformity During PCB Copper Plating Under Mechanical Vibration - R. Menini (National Research Council Canada) and H. Brown (M+B Plating Racks Inc.) PDF
3:00514 A Novel Cu Contact Displacement Method for Cu Interconnect Fabrication - Y.-P. Lee, M.-S. Tsai, T.-C. Hu, B.-T. Dai, and M.-S. Feng (NCTU) PDF
3:20 Ten-Minute Intermission
3:30515 Deposition of Cu MOCVD Using (hfac)Cu(1,5 DMCOD) As a Precursor - W. Lee, I. Byun, and J. Lee (Kookmin University) PDF
3:50516 RP-MOCVD Technique for the Enhancement of Cu Deposition Rate - J.-H. Lee, B.-N. Park, M.-B. Lee, and S.-Y. Choi (Kyungpook National University) PDF
4:10517 Some Effects of Hydrogen on Cu(TMVS)(hfac) Sourced CVD of Cu Films - S. Shetty, D. Yang, J. Hong, and T. Cale (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) PDF
4:30518 Copper Conductors by Spray Printing Cu(hfa)-VTMS Neat and as Nanoparticle Composits - D. Ginley (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), D. Schulz (Ceramem Corp.), A. Miedaner, T. Rivkin, and C. Curtis (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) PDF
4:50519 Copper Dry Etching Using an Inductively Coupled O2 Plasma and Hexafluoroacetylacetone - W. Lee, H. Yang, and J. Lee (Kookmin University) PDF
5:10520 An Optimized PECVD SiN Deposition Process for Borderless Contact Etch-Stop-Layer (ESL) of Sub-0.25?m Logic Devices - H. Liu, J. Sudijono, C.W. Lim, W.Y.C. Leong, and K.H. Lam (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd) PDF
5:30521 Highly Selective Contact Oxide Etching to Al2O3 Layer for Self-Aligned Contact (SAC) using CF4 /Cl2 Helicon Plasma - J.-S. Yu, J.-H. Kim, C.-Y. Hwang, H.-S. Shin, S.-I. Kim, and J.-W. Kim (Hyundai Electronics Industries Co. Ltd.) PDF

Informal Discussion

Co-Chairs: H.S. Rathore and G. Rajagopalan

7:30 Informal Discussion, "Challenges of Integrating Copper with Low-K Dielectrics"

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Copper Metallization: Diffusion Barriers & Reliability

Co-Chairs: H.S. Rathore and B.N. Agarwala

8:30522 The Importance of Understanding of the Physics of Copper in Silicon for Development and Characterization of Copper Diffusion Barriers - A. Istratov and E. Weber (University of California) PDF
9:00523 Electrochemical Study of the Electroless Deposition of Co(W,P) Barrier Layers for Cu Metallization - N. Petrov and Y. Shacham-Diamand (Tel-Aviv University) PDF
9:20524 Electroless Deposition of Amorphous Rhenium/Nickel Layers as a Potential Barrier in the Copper Damascene Process - H. Grafe, G. Sadowski, and J.W. Bartha (Dresden University of Technology) PDF
9:40525 Direct Integration of Damascene Copper onto Aluminum Interconnect - P.K.K. Ho, R. Chockalingam, S. Hong, M.-S. Zhou, S. Gupta (Chartered Semiconductor Mfg. Ltd.), T. Pan, and D. Yost (Applied Materials) PDF
10:00 Ten-Minute Intermission
10:10526 Electromigration in Two-Level Cu Interconnection with a Low Dielectric Constant Inter-Level Insulator - C.K. Hu, L. Gignac, E. Liniger, R. Rosenberg, B. Agarwala (IBM), H.S. Rathore, and X. Chen (IBM Microelectronics) GIF
10:40527 Electromigration Behavior of CU Interconnects in Oxide Dielectrics - B.N. Agarwala and H.S. Rathore (IBM Microelectronics) GIF
11:00528 Reliability of Low K-Dielectrics With Copper Damascene Metallization - B. Nguyen and H.S. Rathore (IBM Microelectronics) GIF
11:20529 Cu Cross Contamination Issues in MOS IC Processing - K. Prasad (Nanyang Technological University), K.C. Tee, L. Chan, and A. See (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing) PDF
11:40530 The Mechanism and Analysis of the Flat Band Voltage Shift of Organic Material with Low Dielectric Constant for ULSI Interconnection - C.-L. Chang (Industrial Technology Research Institute) PDF

Low-k Dielectrics

Co-Chairs: G.S. Mathad and H.S. Rathore

1:30531 Recent Progress in PECVD Low-k Dielectrics for Advanced Metallization Schemes - G.Y. Lee (Infineon Technologies Corp.), D. Edelstein, D. Dobuzinsky, G. Feng (IBM Corp.), K. Dev, K.-S. Low (Infineon Technologies Corp.), P. Shafer (IBM Corp.), P. Wrschka (Infineon Technologies Corp.), R. Conti (IBM Corp.), R. Schutz (Infineon Technologies Corp.), and W. Cote (IBM Corp.) PDF
2:00532 Characterization of Polysilsesquioxane Based Low k Dielectrics - M. Ko, M. Moon, D. Shin, J. Kang, and H. Nam (LG Chemical Ltd.) PDF
2:20533 Low Dielectric Constant Functionalized Silica Xerogels - H. Dong, R.A. Orozco-Teran (University of North Texas), J.A. Roepsch (Raytheon Corporation), D.W. Mueller, and R.F. Reidy (University of North Texas) PDF
2:40534 Structural Properties of Porous Ultra Low k Thin Films - W. Chen, T. Deis, Y. Liu, J. Bremmer (Dow Corning Corporation), E. Lin (National Institute of Standards and Technology), D. Gidley (University of Michigan), and W.-A. Chiou (Northwestern University) PDF
3:00535 Plasma Treatment of Hydrogen Silsesquioxane (HSQ) Based Ultra Low-k Films - Q. Han, C. Waldfried, I. Berry (Eaton Corporation), W. Chen, E. Moyer, Y. Liu, and M. Spauding (Dow Corning Corporation) PDF
3:20 Ten-Minute Intermission
3:30536 Study of the Effect of High Fluorine Concentration on the Dielectric Properties of Fluorinated Silicon Dioxide - Y.-W. Teh (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd.), T. Wong (Nanyang Technological University), J. Sudijono, A. See, T.C. Ang, and H. Liu (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd.) PDF
3:50537 Characterization of Etch Processes for Low Dielectric Constant Materials - G. Rajagopalan (SEMATECH) PDF
4:20538 300mm FSG Dual Damascene Etch - T. Kropewnicki, K. Doan, Y. Kim, and C. Bjorkman (Applied Materials, Inc.) PDF
4:40539 H2O Vapor Assisted Plasma Chemistry for Photoresist and Polymer Removal over Low-k Materials - R. Ruffin, C. Waldfried, Q. Han, and I. Berry (Eaton Semiconductor) PDF
5:00540 Study of Reducing Plasma Chemistry for Photoresist and Residue Removal over Low-k Materials - C. Waldfried, Q. Han, and K.-P. Kuo (Eaton Semiconductor) PDF
5:20541 Effective Polymer and Etch Residue Removal Using Single Wafer Processing Tools for Current and Future Technologies - D. Peters, M. Egbe, R. Rovito, J. Rieker, S. Ficner (Ashland Specialty Chemical Company), L. Nguyen, T. Teo (Chartered Silicon Partners Ptd. Ltd.), S.-A. Henry, E. Gaulhofer, and C. Haigermoser (SEZ AG) PDF