198th Meeting - Phoenix, Arizona

October 22-27, 2000


I1 - First International Symposium on Cold Cathodes

Dielectric Science and Technology Division/ Electronics\\ Division/Luminescence and Display Materials Division

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Tucson 40

Field Emitter Arrays

Co-Chairs: V.T. Birch and K.L. Jensen

10:00542 Smart Field Emission Arrays - A. Akinwande, C.-Y. Hong, P. Herz, and M. Ding (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) PDF
10:30543 Characterization and Performance of Microfabricated Field Emitters - C. Spindt, P. Schwoebel, and C. Holland (SRI Internatonal) PDF
10:45544 Laser Assisted Fabrication of Single Crystalline Tungsten Rods for use as Field Emitting Cathodes - K. Larsson, C. Ribbing, H. Norde, and M. Boman (Uppsala University) PDF
11:00 Fifteen-Minute Break
11:15545 A New Type of Gated Field Emitter Arrays: Micromachining and Electrical Characterisation - I. Rangelow, T. Debski, W. Barth (University of Kassel / IMA), S. Biehl (u-Sen Mikrosystemtechnik), P. Grabiec (Inst. of Electron. Technology), P. Hudek, I. Kostic, and S. Mitura (University of Kassel / IMA) PDF
11:30546 Design and Operation of an Electron Gun Utilizing a Field Emission Cathode - D. Jaeger, G. Wojak, V. Nemanic, V. Zhirnov, and J. Hren (North Carolina State University) PDF
11:45547 Theory of H Induced Enhancement of Field Emission from an O Covered Mo(110) Surface - P. von Allmen, R. Ramprasad, and L. Fonseca (Motorola Inc.) PDF
12:00548 Process Simulation of a Silicon Field Electron Emitter with Integrated Double-gated Beam Focusing Lens - G. Oleszek (University of Colorado) PDF

Carbon Nanotubes

Co-Chairs: B. Pate and A. Talin

2:00549 Large Current Densities from Carbon Nanotube Field Emitters - W. Zhu and C. Bower (Bell Labs Lucent Technologies) PDF
2:30550 Calculating the Field Emission Current from a Carbon Nanotube - P. von Allmen, L. Fonseca, and R. Ramprasad (Motorola Inc.) PDF
2:45551 Carbon Nano- and uM- structures in Field Emission: Environmental Stability and Field Enhancement Distribution - L.O. Nilsson, O. Groenig, P. Groenig, and L. Schlapbach (Perolles) PDF
3:00 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
3:15552 Template Based Carbon Nanotubes as Field Emitter Tip - S.-H. Jeong, H.-Y. Hwang, K.-H. Lee (POSTECH), W.-K. Cho, K.-Y. Kim, and H.-S. Jeong (LG Electronics Inc.) PDF
3:30553 Field Emission Cathode from Aligned Arrays of Carbon Nanotubes - A. Govyadinov, P. Mardilovich, and D. Routkevich (Nanomaterials Research Corporation) PDF

Electron Emission Cooling

Co-Chairs: A.I. Akinwande and M. Cahay

3:45554 Cooling by Field Emission into the Vacuum with Resonant Tunneling:Design Parameters - R. Tsu (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) PDF
4:15555 Nottingham Cooling for Microelectronics: Theory and Applications - P. Cutler, N. Miskovsky (Penn State University), and M. Chung (Ulsan University) PDF
4:30556 Nottingham Cooling in Graded AlGaN Field Emitters - G. Wojak, J. Shaw (North Carolina State University), T. Tyler (Naval Research Labs), R. Sanwald, J. Cuomo, and J. Hren (North Carolina State University) PDF

Theory and Simulation

Co-Chairs: R. Tsu and R.A. Murphy

5:00557 The Semiconductor Statistical Hyperbolic/Ellipsoidal Model For Evaluation Of Current From Microstructures - K. Jensen (Naval Research Laboratory) PDF
5:15558 Non Equilibrium Field Emission from Wide Bandgap Semiconductors - G. Bilbro (North Carolina State University) PDF
5:30559 Onset of Current Self-Quenching in an InP/CdS/LaS Cold Cathode - Y. Modukuru and M. Cahay (University of Cincinnati) GIF

Thursday, October 26, 2000

NEA/LEA (Negative Electron Affinity/Low Electron Affinity

Co-Chairs: R. Nemanich and D. Temple

8:30560 Novel Electron Sources - V.T. Binh (University of Lyon 1) PDF
9:00561 Effect of Surface Properties on Electron Energy Distribution from C(111) and C(100) Surfaces - J. Yater and A. Shih (Naval Research Laboratory) PDF
9:15562 Preparation and Work Function Measurements of LaS and NdS Bulk Samples - Y. Modukuru, J. Thachery, H. Tang, M. Cahay, and P. Boolchand (University of Cincinnati) GIF

Carbons, Diamond, and a-Silicon

Co-Chairs: W. Zhu and J. Yater

10:00563 Electron Emission from Wide Bandgap Semiconductors: Issues of Spatial Uniformity - R. Nemanich, F. Kock, J. Garguilo, and G. Bilbro (North Carolina State University) PDF
10:15564 Fabrication and Characterization of Cathodoluminescent Devices made Using Porous Silicon as a Cold-Cathode Field Emitter - D. Heyde Elqaq and M.-A. Hasan (University of North Carolina) PDF
10:30565 Monolithic Thin Film Edge Emission Diodes - H. Kim, V. Bhatia (Texas A&M University), L. Karpov (Stellar Display Corporation), and M. Weichold (Texas A&M University) PDF
10:45 Fifteen-Minute Break
11:00566 Spatial and Kinetic Energy studies of Electron Field Emission from Carbon - B. Pate (Washington State University) PDF
11:30567 Conditioning of Amorphous Cathodes via Current Stressing - R. Silva, D. Carey, and J. Shannon (University of Surrey) PDF
12:00568 Novel Diamond/Pyrocarbon Composites with Low-Field Electron Emission is Good for Cold Cathodes - S.K. Gordeev (Central Research Institute of Materials), A.V. Karabutov, V.G. Ralchenko (General Physics Institute), P.I. Belobrov (Institute of Biophysics), and T. Ekstrom (Royal Institute of Technology) PDF
12:15569 Rehybridization of Atomic Orbitals and Field Emission Properties of Nanostructured Graphite- like Materials - A. Obraztsov and A. Volkov (Moscow State University) PDF