198th Meeting - Phoenix, Arizona

October 22-27, 2000


J1 - Sixth International Symposium on Magnetic Materials, Processes and Devices

Electrodeposition Division

Monday, October 23, 2000

Yuma 28 & 33

Magnetic Storage - Past, Present, and Future I

Co-Chairs: L.T. Romankiw and S. Krongelb

10:00570 Magnetic Recording: Challenges and Opportunities - J. Best and V. Marrello (IBM Storage Technology Divison) PDF
10:30571 The Disk Drive Industry's Dynamic Past - and Future - J.N. Porter (DISK/TREND, Inc.) PDF
11:00572 Magnetic Recording Heads for 50 Gb/in^{2{ and Beyond - F. Liu, S. Shi, M. Gibbons, and M. Re (Read-Rite Corporation) PDF
11:30573 On The Road to 100 Gb/in2Advanced High Performance Media - M. Russak (HMT Technology Corp.) PDF

Magnetic Storage - Past, Present, and Future II

Co-Chairs: J.W. Chang and E.I. Cooper

1:30574 GMR Technology Evolution for Disk Drive Products - M. Dovek, T. Min, G. Garfunkel, P.-K. Wang, and M.-M. Chen (Headway Technologies) PDF
2:00575 Review of Thin-Film Write Heads for High Data Rate Recording - Y. Hsu and K. Klaassen (IBM) PDF
2:30576 Challengers and Opportunities in Back-End Manufacturing - H. Tian and R. Cheung (SAE Magnetics (HK) LTD) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:30577 Magnetic Nanostructures in Digital Recording - A. Menon (Read-Rite Corporation) PDF
4:00578 Fabrication of High-Bs Soft Magnetic Thin Film by an Electrodeposition Technique for Next-Generation Magnetic Recording Field - T. Osaka, T. Yokoshima, and T. Nakanishi (Waseda Univrtsity) PDF
4:30579 Pulsed-Current Electrodeposition of Soft Magnetic CoNiFe Thin Films - T. Nakanishi, H.-S. Nam, M. Ozaki, and T. Osaka (Waseda University) PDF
4:45580 Micro-Pattern Formation for Magnetic Recording Head Using Electroless CoFeB Deposition - T. Yokoshima, S. Nakamura, D. Kaneko, T. Osaka (Waseda University), S. Takefusa, and A. Tanaka (Fujitsu Laboratory Ltd) PDF
5:00581 Electroplated CoFeCu Films in Write Heads - E.I. Cooper, L.T. Romankiw, Y. Hsu, J.G. McCord, and V. Nikitin (IBM) GIF
5:15582 Magnetic Properties of Copper Laminated Magnetic CoFeCu Films Deposited from a Single Plating Bath by Current Modulation - P. Troullioud, L.T. Romankiw (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), C. Chang, and K.C. Liu (Headway Inc.) PDF

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Magnetic MEMS Fabrication and Processes

Co-Chairs: C.H. Ahn and M. Yamaguchi

8:15583 Electrodeposited Magnetic Thin Films for MEMS Applications - N. Myung, H. Yang, M. Schwartz, J. Judy, K. Yang, and K. Nobe (University of California, Los Angeles) PDF
8:30584 Effects of Annealing on the Residual Stress and Bending in Sputtered Thin Films of Giant Magnetostrictive Alloys - S.M. Na, S.J. Suh (Sungkyunkwan University), H.J. Kim, and S.H. Lim (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) PDF
8:45585 Hybrid Technologies for Micromachined Magnetic Devices (Invited) - M. Gijs, F. Amalou, M. Saidani, and E. Bornand (EPFL) PDF
9:15586 Electroplated Co-Ni-Mn-P-Based Hard Magnetic Arrays and Their Applications to Microactuators - H. Cho and C. Ahn (University of Cincinnati) PDF
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission

Magnetic MEMS Sensors and Actuators (I)

Co-Chairs: C.H. Ahn and C.C. Liu

10:00587 Design, Interface and System Considerations for an HDD Electrostatic Microactuator - L.-S. Fan (IBM) PDF
10:30588 Integrated Ferromagnetic Microsensors and Microactuators - J.W. Judy, H. Yang, N.V. Myung, C.-K.K. Yang, M. Schwartz, and K. Nobe (University of California, Los Angeles) PDF
11:00589 Magnetic Resonance Detection with Micromechanical Torsional Oscillators - J. Moreland, A. Jander, P. Kabos, J. Baell, B. McMichael (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and M. Lohndorf (Center of Advanced European Studies and Research (CAESAR)) PDF
11:30590 Electrical Energy Monitoring Via Silicon Hall Effect Devices - S.K. Gamage and H. Thurman Henderson (University of Cincinnati) PDF
11:45591 Magneto-Impedance and Domain Structure of Micropatterned Amorphous Magnetic Ribbons - F. Amalou, X. Houriet, E. Bornand, and M. Gijs (EPFL) PDF

GMR and TMR Structures

Co-Chairs: W. Gallagher and B. Gurney

1:30592 Magnetic Tunnel Junctions and their Potential for a Universal RAM Technology - W. Gallagher, S. Brown, Y. Lu, E. O'Sullivan, P. Trouilloud, D. Abraham, J. Hummel, R. Koch, Y. Lee, R. Robertazzi, M. Rooks, J. Yoon, R. Wanner (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), S. Parkin, D. Pearson, K. Roche, M. Samant, P. Rice, C.A. Lee, and R. Scheuerlein (IBM Almaden Research Center) PDF
2:00593 Spin Valve Giant Magnetoresistive Sensors for Recording Head Applications - B. Gurney, M. Carey, C. Tsang, M. Willams (IBM Almaden Research Center), T. Lin, M. Pinarbasi, D. Mauri (IBM), S. Parkin, and R. Fontana (IBM Almaden Research Center) PDF
2:30594 Utrathin Electrodeposited Magnetic Films: Relevant for Magnetoelectronic Applications - W. Schindler (University of Karlsruhe), T. Koop, and J. Kirschner (Max-Planck-institute) PDF
2:45595 Temperature Distribution and Its Impact on Reliability of MR/GMR Heads - S. Kao and C.T. Lin (Headway Technologies, Inc.) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission

RF and Micro Power MEMS Inductors

Co-Chairs: J. Judy and M. Gijs

3:30596 Microinductors for Spacecraft Power Electronics - E. Brandon, E. Wesseling, V. White, U. Lieneweg, H. Cherry, J. Podosek (California Institute of Technology), and A. Hernandez-Pellerano (NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center) PDF
4:00597 Fully Integrated Magnetic Components for Wireless Communications - J. Park (Research Engineer) PDF
4:30598 Applications of Integrated Micromagnetic Devices at High Frequencies - M. Yamaguchi and K.-I. Arai (Tohoku University) PDF
5:00599 Post-CMOS Integrated Planar Inductors for Monolithic Power Management Chips - T. Liakopoulos, R. Filas, and A. Lotfi (Bell Laboratories) PDF
5:30600 AC and DC Current Dependence of On-Chip Inductors - E. Wesseling, E. Brandon, U. Lieneweg (California Institute of Technology), R. Rub, S. Gupta, T.C. Nam, and C. Ahn (University of Cincinnati) PDF

Exhibit Hall D

Poster Session

Co-Chairs: C. Bonhote and S. Krongelb

o601 Low Coercivity Iron Film Production - H. Kockar (Balikesir University, Turkey) and N. Tutkun (Karaeelmas University, Turkey) PDF
o602 Structural and Magnetic Properties of Electrodeposited Co and Co-Ni Alloy Films by Pulsed Current - K. Maruyama, A. Matsushita, M. Imai (National Research Institute for Metals), H. Numata, and O. Nittono (Tokyo Institute of Technology) PDF
o603 Electrochemical Deposition of Iron-Cobalt Alloy with Nanosize Ceramic Particles - I. Shao, P. Vereecken, R. Cammarata, and P. Searson (The Johns Hopkins University) PDF

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Yuma 28 & 33

Magnetic Disks - Today and in the Future I

Co-Chairs: M. Mirzamaani and L. Huang

10:00604 Microstructure and Magnetic Recording Characteristics of Thin Film Disk Media - M. Mirzamaani (IBM Storage Technology Division) PDF
10:30605 Directions in Disk Drive Tribology: Laser Texture and Beyond - P. Baumgart and A.C. Tam (IBM Almaden Research Center) PDF
11:00606 Molecular Conformation and Tribology Performance of Perfluopolyether Lubricant - L. Huang, P. Henry, and S. Chang (Seagate Technology Inc.) PDF
11:15607 Direct Measurement of Lubricant Thermal Stability on Magnetic Disk Media - Y. Liu, L. Huang, and C. Shih (Seagate Technology) PDF
11:30608 Longitudinal Media for Extremely High-Density Magnetic Recording - B.R. Acharya, E.N. Abarra, H. Sato, and I. Okamoto (Fujitsu Limited) PDF

Plated Films and Structures

Co-Chairs: S. Schwarzacher and S. Roy

1:30609 ELECTRODEPOSTION AWARD ADDRESS-Micro-Fabrication Technology on Recent Packagings - H. Honma (Faculty of Engineering,Kanto Gakuin University) PDF
2:00610 Patterned Electrodeposition of Micromagnets - P. Evans, I. Zana, and G. Zangari (University of Alabama) PDF
2:30611 Fabrication of Patterned Media for High Density Magnetic Storage - M. Shima, M. Hwang, M. Farhoud, T. Savas, H. Smith, C. Ross (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and W. Schwarzacher (University of Bristol) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:30612 Electrodeposited GMR Co/Cu Multilayers from an Electrochemical Flow Reactor - N. Myung, M. Schwartz, and K. Nobe (Univerisity of California, Los Angeles) PDF
3:45613 Dissolution of Cobalt from Electrodeposited Cu/Co Multilayers - S.M.S.I. Dulal and S. Roy (The University of Newcastle upon Tyne) PDF

Magnetic MEMS Sensors and Actuators II

Co-Chairs: E.J. Brandon and S.H. Lim

4:00614 Magnetic MEMS and BioMEMS Research at the University of Cincinnati - C. Ahn (University of Cincinnati) PDF
4:30615 A Magnetic Flexible Membrane Actuator for Micro Fluid Pumping - C. Liu (University of Illinois) PDF
5:00616 Latching Micro Magnetic Relays - M. Ruan, J. Shen (Arizona State University), and C. Wheeler (Microlab, Inc.) PDF

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Soft Magnetic Films and Multilayers

Co-Chairs: I. Tabakovic and G. Zangari

8:30617 Electrodeposition of Soft CoNiFe and CoNiFeO Films with High Magnetic Saturation and High Resistivity - I. Tabakovic, V. Inturi, A. Morrone, S. Riemer, and P. Jallen (Seagate Technology) PDF
9:00618 Morphology of Soft Magnetic CoNiFe Films Electrodeposited in the Presence of Saccharin and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - I. Tabakovic, V. Inturi, A. Morrone, P. Jallen, and S. Riemer (Seagate Technoloy) PDF
9:15619 Corrosion Behavior of Electrodeposited Soft Magnetic NiFe, CoNiFe, and CoNiFeO Alloys - S. Riemer, I. Tabakovic, V. Inturi, and P. Jallen (Seagate Technology) PDF
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:00620 SIMS and XPS Analysis of Electrodeposited Soft Magnetic NiFe, CoNiFe, and CoNiFeO Alloys - I. Tabakovic, S. Riemer, P. Jallen, V. Inturi, and R. Kvitek (Seagate Technology) PDF
10:15621 The Effect of Preparation Conditions on Magnetic Properties of Electroplated High-Bs CoNiFe Films - M. Saito, N. Ishiwata, and K. Ohashi (NEC Laboratories) GIF
10:30622 Magnetic Properties and Corrosion Resistance of Fe-Co-Ni Alloys - X. Liu, P. Evans, and G. Zangari (University of Alabama) PDF
10:45623 Influence of Phosphorus on the Corrosion Properties of Electrodeposited CoFeCu Soft Magnetic Thin Films - R. Bell and E. Kalu (FAMU-FSU) PDF
11:00624 Magnetic Anisotropy Phenomena in Electrodeposited Heterostructure Devices - K. Attenborough (IMEC vzw), M. Cerisier, J.-P. Celis (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), and J. De Boeck (IMEC vzw) PDF
11:30625 Electrodeposition of Co Thin Films and Co/Cu Spin-Valves on Silicon - A. Pasa, E. Voltolini, F. Bizetto, M.L. Sartorelli, L. Seligman (UFSC), W. Schwarzacher (University of Bristol), O. Kasyutich (NanoMagnetics Ltd.), and M. Sardela (University of Illinois) PDF

Magnetic Structures, Fabrication and Properties

Co-Chairs: T.E. Dinan and B. Phipps

1:30626 Design and Characteristics of a Wafer-Scale Uniform Injection Cell for Thin Film Electroplating - J.A. Medina and H. Ortiz-Ibarra (Universidad de Guadalajara) PDF
1:45627 Electrochemical Deposition of Bi on GaAs - P. Vereecken, L. Sun, and P. Searson (The Johns Hopkins University) PDF
2:00628 The Impact of Resolution Enhancement Technology on TFH Industry - L. Tong (Read Rite Corporation) PDF
2:30629 Focused Ion Beam Production Micromachining of Magnetic Head Write Poles - R. Lee (FEI Company - Peabody), D. Hahn (FEI Company - Hillsboro), D. Yansen, and W. Lu (FEI Company - Peabody) PDF
2:45630 Submicron Write Track Fabrication Using RIE and a KrF Excimer Laser Stepper - T. Okada, N. Yoshida, K. Etoh, I. Nunokawa, M. Fuyama, and T. Kawabe (Hitachi, Ltd.) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:30631 Composition and Plating Rate Variations in Narrow Pole Tips for Write Heads - T. Dinan, J. Katine, and P. Rice (IBM Almaden Research Center) PDF
3:45632 The Use of CMP in Making Computer Read Write Heads - P.B. Phipps, F.H. Dill, F.O. Eschbach, E. Lee, and F. Martin (IBM) GIF
4:15633 Micromagnetic Computer Simulation of Ultra-High Density Recording with the Use of a Planar-Type Head - S.H. Lim (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), K. Yoshida (Kogakuin University), and H. Takano (Hitachi Central Research Laboratory) PDF
4:45634 Structural Properties and Electrical Resistivity of Sputter-Deposited Co-Sm-Co Trilayers - K. Tanahashi, M. Kawahara, N. Taguchi, T. Sugimoto, and K. Motoi (Hokkaido Institute of Technology) GIF
5:00635 High Frequency Measurements of Magnetic Films - J. Sivertsen, D. Olsen, and A. Gopinath (University of Minnesota) GIF
5:15636 Electrodeposition of Nickel-Phosphorus Deposits with a Variable Magnetic Property - C.-C. Hu and A. Bai (National Chung Cheng University) PDF
5:30637 Structural and Magnetic Characterization of Electrodeposited Cobalt-Phosphorous Layers - W. Ruythooren, E. de Wit (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), J. De Boeck (IMEC, Dept. Microsystems, Component and Packaging (MCP)), and J.-P. Celis (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) PDF