198th Meeting - Phoenix, Arizona

October 22-27, 2000


M2 - Thin Film Transistor Technologies V (TFTT V)

Electronics Division/ Dielectric Science and Technology Division

Monday, October 23, 2000

Yuma 23

Review of TFT Activities

Co-Chairs: Y. Kuo and M. Hack

10:00759 Advances in LCDs with Glass and Plastic Substrates - E. Lueder (University of Stuttgart) PDF
10:30760 Short Histry of Thin-Film Transistor Research in Tokyo Institute of Technology - M. Matsumura (Tokyo Institute of Technology) PDF

Processes I: Amorphous and Microcrystalline Silicon TFT

Co-Chairs: M. Matsumura and A. van Calster

11:00761 ECR-PECVD of Silicon Nitride and Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon at 80 oC for TFTs - A. Flewitt, A. Dyson, J. Robertson, and W. Milne (University of Cambridge) PDF
11:20762 Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistors Fabricated with a New Copper Etching Method - Y. Kuo, S.Y. Lee, S. Lee, J.P. Donnelly, J.-Y. Tewg, and H.H. Lee (Texas A&M University) PDF
11:40763 Fabrication of Microcrystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistors Using Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma Approach - A. Krishnan, S. Bae, and S. Fonash (The Pennsylvania State University) PDF

Processes I: Amorphous and Microcrystalline Silicon TFT (con't)

Co-Chairs: A. van Calster and M. Matsumura

1:45764 Microcrystalline Silicon TFTs for Multiplexing AMLCDs - I. French (Philips Research Laboratories), P. Roca i Cabarrocas (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau), S. Deane (Philips Research Laboratories), R. Wehrspohn (Max-Planck-Institute for Microstructure Physics), and M. Powell (Philips Research Laboratories) PDF
2:15765 Use OF 120oC n+-mc-Si:H in Low Temperature TFT Fabrication - T. Charania, A. Sazonov, and A. Nathan (University of Waterloo) PDF
2:35766 Low Temperature \langle 200oC PECVD Films for Large Area Electronics - R. Cross, O. Buiu, M. Manhas, F. Clough, and S. Madathil (De Montfort University) PDF
2:55767 Process Considerations for Small Area a-Si:H Vertical Thin Film Transistors - I. Chan, B. Park, A. Sazonov, and A. Nathan (University of Waterloo) PDF

Processes II: Polycrystalline Silicon TFT

Co-Chairs: D. Ast and M.K. Han

3:30768 Future Trends in Low Temperature Poly-Si TFT-LCD by Excimer Laser Anneal - S. Uchikoga (Toshiba Corporation) PDF
4:00769 Low Temperature Process Technologies and "Process Integration" for High Performance Polycrystalline Silicon Thin-Film Transistors - S. Higashi (Seiko Epson Corp) PDF
4:30770 Laser Processing for Amorphous Si Air-Gap TFTs - P. Mei, J. Ho, Y. Wang, R. Lau, B. Street, J. Boyce, and J. Lu (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center) PDF
4:50771 Full Optimized Process of Polysilicon TFT's Using Very Large Excimer Laser - Y. Helen, G. Gautier, K. Mourgues, T. Mohammed-Brahim, F. Raoult, O. Bonnaud (University of Rennes I), C. Prat, D. Zahorski (SOPRA S.A.), and D. Lemoine (INSA) PDF

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Processes III: Polycrystalline Silicon TFT (con't)

Co-Chairs: E. Lueder and S. Higashi

8:30772 Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistors Free from Large Angle Grain Boundaries - M. Maekawa, Y. Nakamura, Y. Umenaka, J. Takagi, and M. Hijikigawa (SHARP Corporation) PDF
9:00773 Low Temperature p-Channel Poly-Si TFT for AMLCD - Y.-M. Ha, J.-C. Yeo, H.-S. Choi, and D.-G. Kim (LG.Philips LCD Co., LTD) PDF
9:30774 Interface Quality and Conduction Mechanism of Poly-Si/Al2O3/Si MOS System - K.-Y. Lim, D.-G. Park, H.-J. Cho, I.-S. Yeo, J.-S. Roh, and J.W. Park (Hyundai Electronics Co., Ltd.) PDF
9:50775 High Performance Low Temperature Polysilicon TFTs with Ultra-Thin Liquid-Phase Deposited Gate Oxide and N2O Plasma Treatment - C.-F. Yeh, S.-C. Wang, J.-N. Jeng, and C.-Y. Lu (National Chiao-Tung University) PDF

Processes IV: Deposition, Etching, Metallization, Crystallization, Hydrogenation, etc.

Co-Chairs: S.J. Fonash and I. French

10:25776 Silicide Mediated Crystallization of Patterned Amorphous Silicon in the Electric Field - S.J. Park, K.H. Kim, B.R. Cho, A.Y. Kim, S.Y. Yoon, and J. Jang (TFT-LCD National lab.) PDF
10:45777 Metal-Induced Solid Phase Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon Films on Plastic Substrates - S. Bae, Y. Lee, A. Krishnan, and S. Fonash (The Pennsylvania State University) PDF
11:05778 Two-Dimensionally Controlled Ultra-Large Grain Growth Based on Phase-Modulated Excimer-Laser Crystallization Method - M. Nakata and M. Matsumura (Tokyo Institute of Technology) PDF
11:25779 The Lateral Grain Growth of ELA poly-Si by Employing Selective Melting and Lateral Heat Sink - J.-H. Jeon, M.-C. Lee, J.-W. Park, and M.-K. Han (Seoul National University) PDF
11:45780 Novel Wet Taper Etching of Interconnects on Large Area Substrates Using Galvanic Reaction - T. Kaneko, Y. Hashimoto, K. Ono (Hitachi, Ltd.,Displays), K. Fujii, and K. Onisawa (Hitachi, Ltd.) PDF

Processes IV: Deposition, Etching, Metallization, Crystallization, Hydrogenation, etc. (con't)

Co-Chairs: I. French and S.J. Fonash

2:00781 Annealing System for AMLCDs: 15Joules / 200ns Excimer Laser Pulse for High-Performances and Uniform TFT - C. Prat (SOPRA S.A.), D. Zahorski (SOPRA S.A), Y. Helen, T. Mohammed-Brahim, and O. Bonnaud (Universite de Rennes1) PDF
2:20782 High Quality Silicon Oxide Deposited with a Multipolar Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma Source - G.I. Isai, A.Y. Kovalgin, J. Holleman, P.H. Woerlee, and H. Wallinga (Twente University) PDF
2:40783 Effects of NH3N2 Plasma Treatment on Very Low Temperature (100OC) Oxides - C.-H. Kim, S.-H. Jung, W.-J. Nam, and M.-K. Han (Seoul National University) PDF
3:00784 Local Electroless Deposition of Thin Films for Electronics - T.N. Khoperia (Georgian Academy of Sciences) PDF

Device and Modeling

Co-Chairs: F. Okumura and A. Nathan

3:35785 Mechanisms Underlying the Off Characteristics of a-Si:H Thin-Film Transistors - P. Servati and A. Nathan (University of Waterloo) PDF
3:55786 Analysis of the Leakage Current of Poly-Si TFT Using Counter-Doping Process - J.-Y. Yang, S.-H. Yu, and J.-H. Kim (LG.Philips LCD Inc.) PDF
4:15787 Low Temperature Poly-Si TFT with Lateral Body Terminal for Stability Improvement - J.S. Yoo, M.-C. Lee, I.-H. Song, and M.-K. Han (Seoul National University) PDF
4:35788 Nature of the Low Frequency Noise in CdSe Thin-Film Transistors - M.J. Deen (McMaster University), S.L. Rumyantsev (Ioffe Institute of Russian Academy of Science), I. Glick (Litton Systems Canada), A. Smozh (Remec-Nanowave Inc.), M. Westcott (Westaim Advanced Display Technologies), and D. Waechter (Sensor Technology Ltd.) PDF

Panel Discussion

Co-Chairs: Y. Kuo and D.J. Ast

7:30 Panel Discussion, "21st Century TFT Technology Trend"

Wednesday, October 25, 2000


Co-Chairs: J. Jang and M. Maekawa

10:00789 Defect Reduction Technologies used to Improve Characteristic of Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistors - Y. Tsunoda, T. Samesima (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), and S. Higashi (SEIKO Epson Corporation) GIF
10:20790 Poly-Si Thin Film Transistors on Glass-Ceramic Substrates - S. Krasulya, N. Nemchuk, D. Ast (Cornell University), and G. Couillard (Corning Incorporated) PDF
10:40791 A Novel Fabrication Technology for Si TFTs on Flexible Substrates - Y. Lee, S. Bae, and S. Fonash (The Pennsylvania State University) PDF
11:00792 Structural Differences Between Deuterated and Hydrogenated Silicon Nitride/Oxynitide - A. Shih, S.-C. Lee, T.R. Yang, and C.C. Lu (National Taiwan University) PDF
11:20793 Highly Packed and Ultra-Large Si Grains Grown by a Single-Shot Irradiation of Excimer-Laser Light Pulse - Y. Sano, W.-C. Yeh, and M. Matsumura (Tokyo Institute of Technology) PDF
11:40794 Low-Pressure CVD of Germanium-Silicon Films Using Silane and Germane Sources - A. Kovalgin, J. Holleman, C. Salm, and P. Woerlee (MESA+ Research Institute, University of Twente) PDF

Materials (con't)

Co-Chairs: M. Maekawa and J. Jang

1:30795 Unhydrogenated Polycrystalline Silicon-Germanium Thin Film Transistors by LPCVD - G. Denis, H. Youri, R. Regis, S. Michel, and B. Olivier (Universite de Rennes 1) PDF
1:50796 Glow-Discharge Sputtered Si Films for High Quality Poly-Si TFT's - T. Serikawa (NTT Electronics Co.) GIF

New and Novel TFT Applications

Co-Chairs: M. Shur and S. Uchikoga

2:10797 Flat Panel X-Ray Image Detectors for Medical Imaging Applications - Y. Yamane, Y. Izumi, F. Funada (Sharp Corporation), S. Adachi, and S. Yamada (Shimadzu Corporation) PDF
2:40798 Analog Addressed Microdisplays - A. Van Calster (ELIS-TFCG/IMEC) PDF
3:10 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
3:25799 A Conductivity Modulated High Voltage Poly-Si TFT with Buffer Zone - Y.Z. Xu, F. Clough, M. DeSouza, and S. Narayanan (De Montfort University) PDF
3:45800 Polysilicon Thin Film Transistor Development for Smart Power Application - Y. Wu, F. Robb (On Semiconductor), J. Shen (University of Michigan - Dearborn), S. Robb, and K. Kamekona (On Semiconductor) PDF
4:05801 Polysilicon Thin Film Transistor and EEPROM Characteristics for Three Dimensional Memory - J. Lindsey and T.S. Kalkur (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) PDF
4:25802 Active Pixel TFT Array for Digital Imaging Applications - K.S. Karim and A. Nathan (University of Waterloo) PDF