198th Meeting - Phoenix, Arizona

October 22-27, 2000


P1 - Physical Electrochemistry General Session

Physical Electrochemistry Division

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Exhibit Hall D

Poster Session

Co-Chairs: J. Leddy and A.Z. Shekhtman

o943 Spheres of Possible Application of the Intensive Research Method - A. Shekhtman (KVANT) PDF
o944 Electrochemical Impedance of a Porous Electrode - V.A. Masyukov (Russian Academy of Sciences) PDF
o945 Electrodeposition of Silver on Poly(o-aminophenol) Modified Platinum Electrode - J.M. Ortega and N. Hernandez (Universidad de Los Andes) PDF
o946 Electrochemical Behavior and Electrocatalytic Properties of Cobalt Hexacyanomanganate(IV) Film Modified Electrode - A. Eftekhari (K N Toosi University of Technology) PDF
o947 Electrochemical Oxidation of Hydrogen Peroxide at Aluminium Electrode Modified with Mixed Film of Manganese and Iron Hexacyanoferrates - A. Eftekhari (K N Toosi University of Technology) PDF
o948 Electrochemical Behaviour of Some Copolymer Electrodes in the Presence of Dopamine - E. Sezer (University Of Michigan), O. Yavuz, S. Ozkara, F.C. Cebeci, and A.S. Sarac (Istanbul Technical University) PDF
o949 In-Situ Spectroelectrochemical Polymerisation of N-Etylcarbazole in the Presence of Acrylamide - O. Yavuz, E. Sezer, and A.S. Sarac (Istanbul Technical University) PDF

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Tucson 41

Surfaces and Electrochemical Reactions

Co-Chairs: M.M. Schell and M. Froment

1:30950 Probing the Surface Chemistry of Ru-Modified Pt(111) Surfaces with Simple Molecules - D.S.W. Lim, V. Medvedev, and E.M. Stuve (University of Washington) PDF
1:45951 Anodic Oxidation of Alcohol by Using Commercial, Electrodeposited, Electroless, and Sputtered Nickel Electrode - T.-C. Chou, Y.-Y. Liao, C.-C. Pan, M.-C. Yang (National Cheng-Kung University), and T.-R. Ling (I-Shou University) PDF
2:00952 Anion Effects Different from Blocking Surface Sites Deduced from Potential Oscillations in the Oxidation of Formic Acid - S. Chen and M. Schell (Southern Methodist University) PDF
2:15953 Heteroepitaxial Electrodeposition of PbSe on (111) InP Single Crystals - M. Froment, L. Beaunier, H. Cachet, and R. Cortes (Universite Paris VI) GIF
2:30954 In-situ ESR and UV-Visible Spectrocopic Behaviors of p-Benzoquinone in Aqueous Media - P. Hyun, O. Munetaka (Kyoto University), S. Yoon-Bo (Pusan National University), and O. Satoshi (Kyoto University) PDF
2:45955 Under-Potential Oxidation of a Ag(111) Electrode: An Ex situ STM and XPS Study - E. Savinova, S. Shaikhutdinov, A. Scheybal, R. Schloegl, and K. Doblhofer (Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG) PDF

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Fundamental Physical Electrochemistry

Co-Chairs: S.S. Trasatti and J. Leddy

8:30956 Surface Stress and Electrocapillarity of Solids - K. Sieradzki, C. Friesen, and N. Dimitrov (Arizona State University) PDF
8:45957 Aqueous Redox Potentials Related to Ionization Potentials and Electron Affinities of Elements by Simple Linear Equations - R. Heyrovska (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) PDF
9:00958 Direct Measurement of Double Layer Capacitance on Various Metals - T. Mullins (Unichem) PDF
9:15959 The Point of Zero Charge of Oxide Surfaces: An Intensive Property to Separate Electronic from Geometric Factors - L.A. De Faria (Universidade Federal de Uberlāndia), A. Tavares, and S. Trasatti (University of Milan) PDF

Modified Electrodes and Particles

Co-Chairs: J. Leddy and S. Trasatti

10:00960 Electrodeposition of Nanostructured Mesoporous Magnetic and Superconductor Materials from Liquid Crystal Template - M.A. Ghanem, P.N. Bartlett, and P.R. Birkin (University of Southampton) PDF
10:15961 Novel Electrochemical Interfaces with Tunable Kinetic Barrier by Self Assembling Organically Modified Silica Gel and Gold Nanoparticles - S. Bharathi, M. Nogami, and S. Ikeda (Nagoya Institute of Technology) PDF
10:30962 Electrochemical and Optical Properties of Gold Monolayer-Protected Cluster (MPC) Films Assembled onto Gold and Glass Substrates through Carboxylate- Metal ion-Carboxylate Linkages - F. Zamborini, J. Hicks, P. Wuelfing, and R. Murray (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) PDF
10:45963 Mixed-Valent Monolayer-Protected Gold Nanoparticle Films - P. Wuelfing and R. Murray (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) PDF
11:00964 Kinetic Studies on Monolayer Protected Gold Clusters: Measuring a Heterogeneous Electron Transfer Rate - J.F. Hicks, F.P. Zamborini, and R.W. Murray (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) PDF
11:15965 Density of Cation Exchanged Nafion - J. Leddy, K. Oberbroeckling, and D. Dunwoody (University of Iowa) PDF
11:30966 Fabrication of a Selfassembled Monolayer Assembly for Sensing Sucrose - K. Swaminatha Prabhu, S. Berchmans, and V. Yegnaraman (Central Electrochemical Research Institute) PDF
11:45967 Rates of Electron Transfer Across Peptide Groups in Electrode-Confined Assemblies - R.S. Clegg (California Institute of Technology), S.M. Reed, and J.E. Hutchison (University of Oregon) PDF