198th Meeting - Phoenix, Arizona

October 22-27, 2000


U1 - Microsensor Systems for Gas and Vapor Analysis

Sensor Division/Industrial Electrolysis and Electrochemical Engineering Division

Monday, October 23, 2000

Tucson 43

Co-Chairs: E.T. Zellers and J.R. Stetter

10:001093 OUTSTANDING ACHIEVMENT OF THE SENSOR DIVISION AWARD ADDRESS-Gas Sensor Arrays for Vapor Analysis & Microfluidic Arrays for Bioanalysis: Size Does Matter - A.J. Ricco (ACLARA BioSciences, Inc.), G.C. Osbourn, R.C. Hughes (Sandia National Laboratories), R.M. Crooks (Texas A&M University), and T.D. Boone (ACLARA BioSciences, Inc.) PDF
10:401094 A Microfabricated Gas-Phase Analysis System (uChemLab) - R. Manginell, G. Frye-Mason, P. Lewis, R. Kottenstette, E. Heller, D. Adkins, G. Dulleck, D. Martinez, C. Mowry, and L. Anderson (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
11:001095 Design and Preliminary Characterization of a Portable Instrument with Tunable Selectivity for Analyzing Complex VOC Mixtures - C.-J. Lu, E.T. Zellers, A. Grall, J. Whiting, and R. Sacks (University of Michigan) PDF
11:201096 Issues Associated with Microfabricating an Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS). - G. Spangler (Technispan LLC) PDF
11:401097 A High Temperature Cermet Sensor Array System for Fire Detection - J. Ziegler, C. Kleinlogel, D. Byrd (General Atomics), and M. Vogt (Argonne National Laboratory) PDF

Co-Chairs: R.R. Manginell and C.W. Walton

2:001098 Solid Phase Microextraction on a Chip - R. Kottenstette, R. Manginell, G. Frye-Mason, D. Sasaki, and J. Brinker (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
2:201099 Preconcentrator for Portable Integrated Gas Sensor - H.O. Finklea and Y. Fu (West Virginia University) PDF
2:401100 Modified Height-Equivalent-to-a-Theoretical Plate (HETP) Theory for Microfabricated Rectangular Gas Chromatographic (GC) Columns - G. Spangler (Technispan LLC) PDF
3:00 Twenty-Minute Intermission
3:201101 Amperometric Sensors for Gaseous Hydrazine - J. Cox, G. Pacey, W. Steinecker, and L. Cheng (Miami University) PDF
3:401102 Single-Chip GaAs SAW Microsensor Array - S. Casalnuovo, V. Hietala, E. Heller, G. Frye-Mason, A. Baca, and J. Wendt (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
4:001103 UV-Photopolymerization of Gas-Phase Monomers for Microanalytical System Applications - M.-D. Hsieh and E.T. Zellers (University of Michigan) PDF
4:201104 Drift Correction for Scarce Sensor Data - M. Pardo, G. Niederjaufner, G. Faglia, and G. Sberveglieri (University of Brescia) PDF
4:401105 Variable Reduction on Electronic Tongue Data - T. Artursson, P. Spangeus, S. Holmin, and M. Holmberg (Linkoping University) PDF
5:001106 Signal Processing Techniques for Pattern Recognition in Sensors Array for Gas Classification - M. Perez-Lisboa (Escola Politecnica Universidade de Sao Paulo), G. Baratto (Universidade Estadual de Londrina), and J. Ramirez-Fernandez (Escola Politecnica Universidade de Sao Paulo) PDF
5:201107 Integrated Microelectrode Electrochemical Control and Measurement Systems - M. Smith and L. Scribner (Scribner Associates, Inc.) PDF
5:401108 Gas Sensor Requirments for Industrial Safety Applications - M. Pagano (Industrial Scientific Corporation) PDF

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Co-Chairs: R.R. Kottenstette and E.T. Zellers

8:001109 Ultra-sensitive Trace Gas Detection by Intracavity Laser Spectroscopy and Dynamic Calibration - M. Wolperdinger and G. Atkinson (Innovative Lasers Corporation) PDF
8:201110 Patterned Conducting Polymer Thin Films as Chemoresponsive and Electroresponsive Optical Diffraction Gratings - A. Massari, K. Stevenson, and J. Hupp (Northwestern University) PDF
8:401111 Electro-Optic SPR Sensor using Double Coupling Waveguides - Y. Cheng, Y.-R. Chang (Synchrtron Radiation Research Center), and M. Chyu (University of Pittsburgh) PDF
9:001112 A High-Speed High-Sensitivity Si Thin Film Humidity Sensor Deposited by PECVD - H. Li, A.K. Kalkan, and S. Fonash (The Pennsylvania State University) PDF
9:201113 Stabilized Porous Silicon Layers for Gas Sensors - E. Galeazzo, H. Peres, and J. Ramirez-Fernandez (Escola Politecnica Universidade de Sao Paulo) PDF
9:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:001114 Materials Selection for a Catalytic Methane Sensor Based on a Proton Conducting Electrolyte - L. van Rij, R. Van Landschoot, and J. Schoonman (Delft University of Technology) PDF
10:201115 Gas Microsensor Platform from Micromachined Nanoporous Ceramic - D. Routkevitch, A. Govyadinov, P. Mardilovich, S. Hooker, and K. Novogradecz (Nanomaterials Research Corporation) PDF
10:401116 Humidity Sensor from Micromachined Nanoporous Alumina Ceramic - P. Mardilovich, A. Govyadinov, and D. Routkevitch (Nanomaterials Research Corporation) PDF
11:001117 Interaction of Porous Pt-WO3 Gate Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor with CO Gas - H. Fukada, R. Zohnishi, and S. Nomura (Muroran Institute of Technology) GIF
11:201118 Thick Films Based Micro-Sensors: A Novel Concept in Gas-Sensing with Metal Oxides-Based Sensors - N. Barsan and U. Weimar (University of Tubingen) PDF
11:401119 Low Power Micro Gas Sensors Array by Micromachining Techniques - P.P. Tsai, C.-J. Ho, and I.-C. Chen (Industrial Technology Research Institute) PDF

Co-Chairs: C.W. Walton and J.R. Stetter

2:001120 Amperometric Sensors: Absolute Chemical Sensor System - J. Stetter, Y.-T. Chao, S.-W. Roh, and W. Penrose (Illinois Institute of Technology) PDF
2:201121 A Miniature Solid-state Amperometric Fuel Cell for the Detection of Toxic Gases - B. Davis and T. Scheffler (Mine Safety Appliances Co.) PDF
2:401122 Analysis of Some Possibilities to Improve Performances of an Electrochemical CO Sensor - M.-J. Cauquil, H. Durliat, and M. Comtat (Universite Paul Sabatier) PDF