198th Meeting - Phoenix, Arizona

October 22-27, 2000


W1 - Electrochemistry and Solid-State Science and Technology in the Service of Medicine

New Technology Subcommittee

Monday, October 23, 2000

Yuma 27 & 32

Co-Chairs: W. van Schalkwijk and K. Rajeshwar

10:00 Introductory Remarks
10:151163 Carrier Transport in DNA and the Hypothesis of Cathodic Protection of Genes - A. Heller (The University of Texas at Austin) PDF
11:001164 Power Sources in the Service of Medicine - E. Takeuchi (Wilson Greatbatch Ltd.) PDF
11:401165 Preparation of Ir-Co Oxide Electrodes with Large Pseudocapacitance - T. Lassali and A. Grupioni (University of Sao Paulo) PDF

Co-Chairs: J. Lessard and J.R. Stetter

2:001166 A Model System for Localization of Dipole Activity Within the Brain: Experiments and Modeling - M. Yeh and J. Leddy (University of Iowa) PDF
2:201167 Performance of Electrodeposited Iridium Oxide Film (EIROF) and Activated Iridium Oxide Film (AIROF) for Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and Neural Recording - R. Meyer, S. Cogan, T. Nguyen, R.D. Rauh, and U. Twardoch (EIC Laboratories, Inc.) PDF
2:401168 Neurological Electrode Arrays Microfabricated on Flexible Substrates with Biocompatible Materials - W.K. Chan, C. Coretsopoulos, H.E. Bakken, M.A. Howard, III, and N. Stence (University of Iowa) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:301169 Electrochemical Behavior & Corrosion of Platinum with Application to Implantable Biomedical Stimulators - A. Pikelny and J. Schulman (Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research) PDF
3:501170 Electrochemical Characterization of Biocompatible Alloys - A. Hodgson, S. Virtanen (Federal Institute of Technology Zurich), S. Mischler (Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne), and B. von Rechenberg (University of Zurich) PDF
4:101171 NO2- Reduction on Microelectrode Modified with Polyaniline and Polyvinylsulfonate Composite Film - P. Liu and Z. Yuan (Wuhan University) PDF

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Co-Chairs: J. Leddy and C. Bruckner-Lea

8:501172 Monitoring Neurotransmitters with Microelectrodes - M. Wightman (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) PDF
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:001173 Electrochemical Sensors for Medicine - W. Heineman, H.B. Halsall, and C. Seliskar (University of Cincinnati) PDF
10:401174 A Glance Into the Bulk of Solvent Polymeric Membranes - E. Lindner, R.E. Gyurcsanyi (The University of Memphis and University of Tennessee Health Science Center), E. Pergel (Technical University of Budapest), and B.D. Pendley (Rhodes College) PDF
11:201175 Lithium Phthalocyanine: Electrodeposition, Nucleation Mechanism, Structural Characterisation and Invivo EPR Measurement of Oxygen - G. Ilangovan, J. Zweier, and P. Kuppusamy (Johns Hopkins University) PDF

Co-Chairs: K. Rajeshwar and W. van Schalkwijk

2:001176 Electrotransport Systems for Transdermal Delivery of Drugs - E. Scott (Medtronic Incorporated) and J.B. Phipps (ALZA Corporation) PDF
2:201177 Electrochemical Sensor Arrays For the Diagnosis of Disease - J. Stetter, C. McEntegart, C. Dittmer, and W. Penrose (Illinois Institute of Technology) PDF
2:401178 Low Noise InGaAsSb Photodetectors for Optical Blood Glucose Sensing - W. Chan, B.L. Carter, E. Shaw, J.T. Olesberg, T.C. Hasenberg, and M.E. Flatte (University of Iowa) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:301179 An Evaluation of the Role of Microfluidic Systems and Micromachining in Biochemical Analysis - J. Harrison (University of Alberta) PDF
4:101180 Biomolecular Interaction Assay - C. Bruckner-Lea, L. Brown, D. Holman, L. Olson, and J. Grate (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) PDF
4:301181 Using Fast Cyclic Voltammetry to Identify Neurotransmitters Released by Mamilian Taste Buds - S. Roper (University of Miami) PDF

Panel Discussion

Co-Chairs: W. van Schalkwijk and K. Rajeshwar

5:00 Panel Discussion