199th Meeting - Washington, DC

March 25-30, 2001


AA3 - DNA Sensors

Sensor Division/Organic and Biological Electrochemistry Divisions/New Technology Subcommittee

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

East Salon, Ballroom Level

DNA Sample Preparation and System Integration

Co-Chairs: H. Thorp and C.A. Mirkin

2:001134 Chemical and Biochemical Microprocessors - R. Mathies (University of California, Berkeley) PDF
2:301135 Towards Integrated Microfluidic Devices for Genetic Analysis - P. Grodzinski, R.H. Liu, B. Chen, T. Smekal, D. Rhine (Motorola Labs), Y. Liu, J. Blackwell (Motorola), N. Kroutchinina, H. Yu (Motorola Labs), and T. Chan (Motorola) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:301136 Micromachined Filter-Chamber Array with Passive Liquid handling for DNA Analysis on Beads - H. Andersson, W. van der Wijngaart, A. Ahmadian, P. Nilsson, M. Uhlen, and G. Stemme (Royal Institute of Technology) PDF
4:001137 Non-Contact Manipulation of Particles for Sample Preparation - A. Wang, R. Miles, A. Lemoff, K. Bettencourt, C. Fuller, L. Tarte, J. Hamilton, W. Benett, and P. Krulevitch (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) PDF
4:301138 Development of Rapid, Automated Microfluidic Systems for Infectious Disease Testing - P. Belgrader, K. Brounstein, R. Joshi, S. Lemoff, F. Raisi, F. Pourahmadi, M. Taylor, B. Yuan, and M.A. Northrup (Cepheid) PDF
5:001139 Renewable Microcolumns for DNA Sample Preparation in Environmental Samples - D. Chandler, D. Holman, J. Grate, and C. Bruckner-Lea (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) PDF
5:301140 Continuous Spore Disruption for DNA Analysis using Radially-Focused, High-Frequency Ultrasound - C. Bruckner-Lea, D. Chandler, J. Posakony, and L. Bond (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) PDF

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Molecular Manipulation of DNA

Co-Chairs: C. Bruckner-Lea and A. Sassi

10:001141 Nanomachines Constructed from DNA - F. Simmel and B. Yurke (Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies) PDF
10:301142 Direct Haplotype Determination on Aligned UGT1A7 Gene Using Carbon Nanotube Probes - J.-I. Hahm (Harvard University), A. Woolley (Brigham Young University), and C. Lieber (Harvard University) PDF
11:001143 Length-Dependent Recoil Separation of Long-Stranded DNA - S.W.P. Turner, M. Cabodi, and H.G. Craighead (Cornell Nanobiotechnology Center) PDF
11:151144 Precision SPM-Based Robotic System Investigation of DNA and RNA Functionality - V. Ayres, B. Goolsby, H. Hummert, N. Xi, F. Salam, K. Gilgenbach, H. Saglik, D. Arnosti, and D. Wang (Michigan State University) PDF
11:301145 Nucleic Acid Monolayers for DNA Screening Using Atomic Force Microscopy - Y. Dong and C. Shannon (Auburn University) PDF

DNA Detection Methods and DNA Hybridization

Co-Chairs: F.A. Schultz and W. van Schalkwijk

2:001146 Molecular Analysis Technologies for Cancer: Tools for Today and Tomorrow - C.A. Dahl (National Cancer Institute) PDF
2:151147 Electrochemical DNA Sensors for the Detection of Repeat Sequence Length - A. Mak and S. Mikkelsen (University of Waterloo) PDF
2:451148 An Electrochemical Study of the Relationship Between Target Structure and Immobilized DNA Hybridization Efficiency - K. Olsen (Loyola College in Maryland), M. Tarlov (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and A. Steel (Gene Logic, Inc.) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:301149 Surface Immobilized DNA Probes on Silicon Microhotplates and Their Application in DNA Analysis - T. Huang, R. Cavicchi, S. Barker, S. Semancik, and M. Tarlov (National Institute of Standards and Technology) PDF
4:001150 Electrochemical Sensing of DNA Via Metal-Catalyzed Oxidation of Guanine - H. Thorp (University of North Carolina) PDF
4:301151 An Electrochemical Sensor for the Detection of Unmodified Nucleic Acids - B. Yen, N. Popovich, S. Wong, K. Andersen, M. Napier, and A. Eckhardt (Xanthon, Inc.) PDF
5:001152 Dynamic Study of DNA Electrochemical Micro Sensor Chip for Quantitative Measurement - J.-J. Gau and C.-M. Ho (University of California at Los Angeles) PDF

Thursday, March 29, 2001

DNA Arrays and Integrated Systems

Co-Chairs: J.W. Grate and S. Mikkelsen

8:301153 DNA Biochips and Biosensors - T. Vo-Dinh (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) PDF
9:001154 Scanometric DNA Array Detection with Nanoparticle Probes - C. Mirkin, A. Taton, and R. Letsinger (Northwestern University) PDF
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:001155 DNA Detection via GMR Sensor Array Technology - C. Tamanaha (Geo-Centers, Inc.), P. Sheehan, M. Miller (Naval Research Laboratory), R. Edelstein (Geo-Centers, Inc.), L. Whitman, and R. Colton (Naval Research Laboratory) PDF
10:301156 Metal Nanoparticle Tags in DNA Sensing - C. Keating (Pennsylvania State University) PDF
11:001157 Applications of Plastic Microfluidic Devices in Genetic Analysis: DNA Sequencing, mRNA Expression Profiling, and Genotyping - A. Sassi (ACLARA BioSciences, Inc.) PDF
11:301158 Microelectronic Array Devices for DNA Diagnostics and Nanofabrication - M. Heller (Nanogen, Inc.) PDF