199th Meeting - Washington, DC

March 25-30, 2001


G1 - Corrosion Sensors

Corrosion Division/ Sensor Division

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Rooms 10 & 11, Meeting Room Level

Co-Chairs: P.J. Moran and P. Vanysek

10:00176 In-Situ Electrochemical Corrosion Sensor to Monitor Materials Degradation in the Laboratory and in the Field - G. Davis, L. Krebs, and C. Dacres (DACCO Sci, INC.) PDF
10:20177 The Corrosive Environment Monitoring System (CEMS): An Innovative Technique for Monitoring and Preventing the Formation of Corrosion on Aircraft Structure - J. Moffatt (Aviation Applied Technology Directorate), F. Malver, and S. Menon (Honeywell Inc.) PDF
10:40178 Use of Electrochemical Noise Methods (ENM) for In Situ Monitoring of Coatings Electrochemical Properties during Accelerated Exposure Testing - X. Wang, G. Bierwagen, and D. Tallman (North Dakota State University) PDF
11:00179 Quantifying Atmospheric Corrosion Using Stacked Foil Electrodes - D. Wall and M. Martinez (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
11:20180 Bridging Ideal and Practical Electrochemical Corrosion Measurements Using the Wire Beam Electrode Method - Y.-J. Tan (Nanyang Technological University) PDF

Co-Chairs: P. Vanysek and R.G. Kelly

1:40181 Sensors for Relating Microbial Colonies and Their Chemistry to Localized Corrosion - S. Dexter (University of Delaware), K. Xu (United States Data Corporation), and G. Luther (University of Delaware) PDF
2:00182 Development of a Multi-Electrode Array Sensor for Monitoring Localized Corrosion - L. Yang, N. Sridhar, and O. Pensado (Southwest Research Institute) PDF
2:20183 Potentiometric Detection of Gases and Corrosion Products in Ultrathin Water Layers Present during Atmospheric Corrosion - K. Zavadil, J.C. Barbour, S. Kravitz, and R. Ellis (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
2:40184 Electrochemical Biocorrosion Sensors - D. Festy (IFREMER), R. Marchal (IFP), N. Monfort-Moros, and B. Tribollet (UPR 15 du CNRS) PDF

Thursday, March 29, 2001

Co-Chairs: R.G. Kelly and P.J. Moran

10:00185 In-Situ Monitoring of Chemistry and Corrosion Processes Under Heat Transfer and Episodic Wetting Conditions - S. Brossia, D. Dunn, and O. Moghissi (Southwest Research Institute) PDF
10:20186 "Video Camera Based Inspection Systems for Assessing the State of Corrosion of Shipboard Ballast Tanks" - E. Lemieux, P. Slebodnick (Naval Research Laboratory), B. Nelson (GEO-CENTERS, INC.), M. Krupa (Naval Research Laboratory), W. Singleton (GEO-CENTERS, INC.), K. Lucas (Naval Research Laboratory), A. Seelinger, and D. Thomas (NAVSEA) PDF
10:40187 Use of Corrosion Monitoring Probes on Concrete-lined Steel Pipelines at the Stategic Petroleum Reserve - L. Montes and M. Molecke (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
11:00188 Solid State Sensors for Electroless Gold Plating - O. Sadik and H. Xu (State University of New York-Binghamton) PDF