199th Meeting - Washington, DC

March 25-30, 2001


H3 - Sixth International Symposium on Low and High Dielectric Constant Materials: Materials Science, Processing, and Reliability Issues

Dielectric Science and Technology Division/ Electronics Division

Monday, March 26, 2001

Room 4, Meeting Room Level

High Dielectric Constant Materials

Co-Chairs: R. Singh and S.S. Ang

10:00 Opening Remarks by R. Singh
10:05224 The Future of Silicon IC Technology - S. Hillenius (Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies) PDF
10:45225 Liquid Source Misted Chemical Deposition (LSMCD) of Thin Dielectric Films - D.-O. Lee, P. Roman (The Pennsylvania State University), P. Mumbauer, R. Grant (PRIMAXX Inc.), M. Horn, and J. Ruzyllo (The Pennsylvania State University) PDF
11:05226 Comparison of Furnace and Rapid Photothermal Processing of IP9333 for High K Applications - M. Fakhruddin, R. Singh, and K. Poole (Clemson University) PDF
11:25227 Anomalous TixTayO High K Thin Films - Y. Kuo, J.-Y. Tewg, and J. Donnelly (Texas A&M University) PDF
11:45228 Precise Characterization of ZrO2 Ultra Thin Gate Dielectrics by Various Independent Techniques - J.L. Stehle, P. Boher, C. Defranoux, S. Janicot, P. Evrard (SOPRA S.A.), J.P. Piel, Y. Hu (STEAG RTP Systems), and S.-P. Tay (SOPRA S.A.) PDF

High Dielectric Constant Materials (cont'd)

Co-Chairs: S.S. Ang and R. Singh

2:00229 Chemistry and Reactivity of Metal/Polymer Interfaces - P.S. Ho (The University of Texas at Austin) PDF
2:30230 High Dielectric Constant Ceramics for Electronic Applications: A Review - F. Barlow, A. Elshabini, S. Ang, and W.D. Brown (University of Arkansas) PDF
3:00231 Preparation of SiTiO Films by Liquid Phase Deposition - M.-K. Lee and C.-M. Shih (National Sun Yat-sen University) PDF
3:20232 Process and Material Characteristics of Titanium Tantalum Oxide (TixTayO)- a New High K Thin Film - Y. Kuo, J.-Y. Tewg, and J. Donnelly (Texas A&M University) PDF
3:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission

Low Dielectric Constant I

Co-Chairs: H.S. Rathore and M.J. Loboda

3:50233 PECVD Deposited SiCOH Films with Reduced Dielectric Constants. - A. Grill and V. Patel (IBM Research Division) PDF
4:20234 Fluorine Distribution and Film Stability of HDP-FSG and PE-FSG Dielectric Materials- A Comparative Study - W.-T. Tseng (WaferTech, LLC) and J. Song (Novellus System, Inc.) PDF
4:40235 Formation and Properties of Low-k, Porous Spin-on-Glass - A. Padovani, S.A. Allen, and P. Kohl (Georgia Institute of Technology) PDF
5:00236 Patterning and Pattern Development in Parylenes - K. Grant Pruden and S. Beaudoin (Arizona State University) PDF
5:20237 Low Dielectric Constant Polymers for Next Generation Microelectronic Packaging - M. Alexander Jr., T. Dang, C. Specker, M. Houtz, and F. Arnold (Air Force Research Laboratory) PDF
5:40238 Low-k, Porous Spin-on-Glass - A. Padovani (Georgia Institute of Technology) PDF

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Low Dielectric Contrant Materials

Co-Chairs: M.J. Loboda and H.S. Rathore

9:00239 Electromigration Characteristics of Copper Damascene Interconnect with Low k- (FSG/USG) Dielectrics - D. Nguyen and H. Rathore (IBM) PDF
9:30240 Evaluation and Integration of PECVD Carbon-doped SiO2 Low-k Thin Films for Copper Dual-damascene Metallization - L. Han, N. Loke (Institute of Microelectronics), J. Shi (Novellus Systems, Inc.), S. Santhanesh, C. li, J. Kang, L. Koh, J. Xie, P.D. Foo, and J. Xie (Institute of Microelectronics) PDF
9:50241 Characterization of SiO2 Dielectric Films in Photo-Chemical Vapor Deposition Using Vacuum Ultraviolet Excimer Lamp - K. Toshikawa, J. Miyano, Y. Motoyama (Miyazaki OKI Electric Co. Ltd.), and K. Kurosawa (Institute for Moleculer Science) PDF
10:10242 Selectivity Control in Plasma Etching for Dual Damascene with OSG films - S.-Y. Li and S.M.R. Sadjadi (Lam Research Corporation) PDF
10:30 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
10:45243 Reliability of Silicon Oxide deposited by an Ion Beam as Insulator for Microelectronic Interconnect Layer - H.D. Wanzenboeck, S. Gergov, E. Auer, S. Harasek, E. Bertagnolli, M. Gritsch, H. Hutter, J. Brenner, and H. Stoeri (Vienna University of Technology) PDF
11:15244 Electrical Characteristics of Organic Monolayer Dielectrics on Silicon - S. Kar (Indian Institute of Technology) and D. Vuillaume (CNRS) PDF
11:35245 Fluorine Concentration and Film Characteristics of PE-FSG and HDP-FSG: Their Differences and Impacts on IMD Process Integration - W.-T. Tseng (WaferTech, LLC) and J. Song (Novellus System, Inc.) PDF