199th Meeting - Washington, DC

March 25-30, 2001


M1 - Nitride Based Semiconductor Electrode and Optical Devices

Electronics Division

Monday, March 26, 2001

Room 14, Meeting Room Level

Co-Chairs: J. Han and H.M. Ng

10:00 Opening Remarks
10:05376 Kinetics and Transport in Gallium Nitride Epitaxial Lateral Overgrowth - M. Coltrin, C. Mitchell, and J. Han (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
10:30377 Reduction of Threading Dislocations and Residual Strain in GaN Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy using RF-Plasma Nitrogen on Sapphire Substrates - K. Kishino and A. Kikuchi (Sophia University) PDF
10:55378 The Ammonia- MBE Approach for High Electron Mobility in GaN Epilayers and AlGaN/GaN HFET Structures - H. Tang, J. Webb, and J. Bardwell (National Research Council of Canada) PDF
11:20379 Scanning Probe Studies of Defect Dominated Electronic Transport in GaN - J. Hsu, D. Lang, S. Richter, M. Manfra, R. Kleiman, L. Pfeiffer (Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies), and R. Molnar (MIT Lincoln Laboratory) PDF

Co-Chairs: J.-I. Chyi and T.D. Moustakas

2:00380 Defects in GaN Delineated by Chemical Etches and Resonant Optical Excitation - H. Morkoc (Virginia Commonwealth University) PDF
2:25381 Surface Preparation and Oxide Growth for GaN MOSFETs - B.P. Gila, J.W. Johnson, K.N. Lee, V. Krishnamoorthy, C.R. Abernathy, F. Ren, and S.J. Pearton (University of Florida) PDF
2:50382 Magnetic and Structural Properties of GaMnN Mixed Crystals - W. Gebicki, L. Adamowicz (Warsaw University of Technology), M. Palczewska (Institute of Electronic Materials Technology), M. Zajac, J. Szyszko (Warsaw University), T. Szczytko, S. Podsiadło (Warsaw University of Technology), and A. Twardowski (Warsaw University) PDF
3:15 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
3:30383 Growth of Ga1-xMnxN Single Crystals - P. Slawomir, S. Tomasz, A. Leszek, G. Wojciech (Warsaw University of Technology), and D. Jaroslaw (Polish Academy of Science) PDF
3:50384 GaN Production Transfer From Single Wafer Equipment to Planetary Reactors - B. Schineller, O. Schoen, H. Protzmann, M. Luenenbuerger, A. Alam, M. Heuken, and H. Juergensen (AIXTRON AG) PDF
4:10385 A Photoelectrochemical Study of InxGa1-xN Films - A. Theuwis, K. Strubbe, and W. Gomes (University Gent) PDF

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Co-Chairs: S.J. Pearton and S.N.G. Chu

8:15386 Market Outlook and Product Performance Requirements for Nitride-Based LEDs - W.B. Alexander (UNIROYAL Optoelectronics) PDF
8:40387 UV Digital Cameras Based on 32x32 and 128x128 Arrays of AlGaN p-i-n Photodiodes - J.F. Schetzina, J.D. Brown, J. Matthews, J. Li, and P. Srinivasan (North Carolina State University) PDF
9:05388 The Effect of Photo-Assist Chemical Wet Etching on Schottcky Contact for AlGaN - C.Y. Fang, E.Y. Chang, W.J. Huang, J.S. Wong, C.S. Lee, and M.S. Feng (National Chiao Tung University) PDF
9:30389 Optical, Electrical, and Physical Characteristics of Ni/Au Metal Contacts to p-GaN for High Brightness LEDs - W.B. Alexander, T. Johnson, D. Gutierrez, K. Kidney (UNIROYAL Optoelectronics), F. Ren, A. Zhang, J. Laroche, P. Holloway, B. Liu, and E. Lambers (University of Florida) PDF
9:50390 New Metallization Scheme for Low Resistance Ohmic Contacts to P-Type GaN - S.C. Wang (National Chiao Tung University) PDF
10:20 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
10:35391 Intersubband Absorption at lambda to 1.55 um in GaN/AlGaN Multiple Quantum Wells - C. Gmachl, H.M. Ng, S.-N.G. Chu, and A.Y. Cho (Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies) PDF
11:00392 Ion Beam Damage Processes in GaN - S.O. Kucheyev, J.S. Williams (The Australian National University), J. Zou (The University of Sydney), C. Jagadish, J.E. Bradby (The Australian National University), and G. Li (Ledex Corp.) PDF
11:25393 High Performance Small Area Contact GaN/AlGaN HBTs - K.-P. Lee, A.P. Zhang, F. Ren (University of Florida), J. Han (Sandia National Labs.), W.S. Hobson (AT&T Murray), and S.J. Pearton (University of Florida) PDF
11:45394 High-Breakdown Voltage Planar GaN and AlGaN Schottky Rectifiers - A.P. Zhang, J.W. Johnson, F. Ren, K.P. Lee, S.J. Pearton (University of Florida), and J. Han (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF