199th Meeting - Washington, DC

March 25-30, 2001


R1 - High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Chemistry III

High Temperature Materials Division/Corrosion Division

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Congressional Hall A-D, Ballroom Level

Poster Session (7:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

Co-Chairs: E.J. Opila and M.D. McNallan

o803 Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach to the Investigation of Long Time High Temperature Oxidation and Diffusion Processes in MCrAlY Coatings - P. Krukovsky, K. Tadlya (Institute of Engineering Thermophysics), A. Rybnikov (Polzunov Central Boiler and Turbine Institute), K. Vladislav (Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie), I. Krukov (Polzunov Central Boiler and Turbine Institute), and H. Feitzek (Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie) PDF
o804 Electrochemical Behaviour of SA213-T22 Steel in a Synthetic Salt and Fuel Oil Ash from 540oC to 680oC - A. Martinez-Villafañe, F. Almeraya-Calderon, C. Gaona-Tiburcio (Centro de Investigacion en Materiales Avanzados (CIMAV)), M.A. Romero Romo (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana - Azcapotzalco), J.G. Chacon-Nava (Centro de Investigacion en Materiales Avanzados (CIMAV)), J.M. Malo-Tamayo (Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas), and G. Gonzalez-Rodriguez (Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos) PDF
o805 Vaporization Processes and Thermodynamic Properties of Zinc Phosphates - S. Shornikov (Russian Academy of Sciences) PDF
o806 High Temperature Mass Spectrometric Study of Vaporization Processes and Thermodynamic Properties in the MgAl2O4-SiO2 System - S. Shornikov and I. Archakov (Russian Academy of Sciences) PDF
o807 Anomaly in the Thermal Ion Emission from Crystalline BaF2 at the Temperatures of Phase Transition to the Superionic State - M. Butman, L. Kudin, and A. Smirnov (State University of Chemical Sciences and Technology) PDF
o808 Thermochemical Properties of Molecules and Ions in Saturated Vapor over CeCl3 and SmCl3 - A. Pogrebnoi, L. Kudin, V. Motalov, and I. Khasanshin (Ivanovo State University of Chemical Sciences & Technology) PDF
o809 Thermodynamics of the Gaseous Beryllium Oxyacid Salts - S. Lopatin and G. Semenov (St. Petersburg State University) PDF
o810 Thermodynamic Properties and Phase Equilibria in the Si-B System - N. Zaitseva, A. Tsaplin (I.P. Bardin Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy), and A. Kodentsov (Eindhoven University of Technology) PDF

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Rooms 12 & 13, Meeting Room Level

Co-Chairs: P.Y. Hou and E.J. Opila

10:00811 Oxidation Mechanisms in High Temperature FeCrAl(RE)Alloys - H. Al-Badairy and G. Tatlock (University of Liverpool) PDF
10:30812 Quantitative Assessment of Pore Development at Al2O3/FeAl Interfaces during High Temperature Oxidation - P. Hou (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), F. Gesmundo (Universita di Genova), Y. Niu (Chinese Academy of Sciences), and C. Van Leiden (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) PDF
10:50813 Formation of the Alumina-Zirconia Bonding Zone in EB-PVD Thermal Barrier Coatings - C. Leyens, U. Schulz (Institute of Materials Research), and Y.-Q. Yang (Northwestern Polytechnical University) PDF
11:20814 Effect of Alloying Additions on Ionic Transport and Phase Distribution in Oxide Scales Formed During the Oxidation of Gamma Titanium Aluminide Alloys - J. Fergus, B. Dang, and W. Gale (Auburn University) PDF
11:40815 ASSET, An Information System for Alloy Corrosion in High-Temperature Gases - R. John (Shell International Exploration and Production, Inc.), A. Pelton (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal), W. Thompson (Royal Military College of Canada), I. Wright (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), and A. Young (Humberside Solutions, Ltd.) PDF

Co-Chairs: R. Hanrahan and E. Wuchina

1:30816 High Temperature Oxidation of Beryllium Modified Intermetallic Compounds Of the Nb-Cr-Ti System. - R. Hanrahan, J. Cooley, and D. Thoma (Los Alamos National Laboratory) PDF
1:50817 Investigation of the High Temperature Oxidation Behavior of Lately Developed MoSi2-based Composites - F. Dettenwanger, S. Lohfeld, M. Schutze (Karl-Winnacker-Institut der DECHEMA e.V.), V. Guther, R. Rix (GfE Metalle und Materialien GmbH), and R. Scholl (Fraunhofer Institut fur Angewandte Materialforschung) PDF
2:10818 Oxidation Peculiarities of Cu-8Cr-4Nb - L. Ogbuji and D. Humphrey (Dynacs Engineering Company) PDF
2:30819 Investigation of the Early Stage Oxidation on a-titanium Single Crystal in Temperature Range 100-500 oC - Y. Mizuno (Nippon Valqua Industries, Ltd.), A. Tanaka (Ulvac-PHI, Inc.), H. Tonda (Kumamoto University), Y. Takakuwa (Tohoku University), Y. Yamauchi, J. Nakamura, and T. Homma (Chiba Institute of Technology) GIF
2:50 Twenty-Minute Intermission
3:10820 Oxidation Kinetics of Precursor Derived Si-(B)-C-N-Ceramics - E. Butchereit and K.G. Nickel (University of Tubingen) PDF
3:30821 Upper Temperature Limit of EPM EBC - K. Lee, D. Fox, and R. Robinson (NASA Glenn Research Center) PDF
3:50822 The Oxidation Behavior of HfC, HfN, and HfB2 - E. Wuchina and M. Opeka (Naval Surface Warfare Center) PDF
4:10823 The Role of Liquid-Liquid Immiscibility in Oxidation Protection of Transition Metal Diboride Ceramics - I. Talmy, J. Zaykoski, and S. Dallek (Naval Surface Warfare Center) PDF
4:30824 Ceramic Coatings for Oxidation Protection of Carbon - J. Zaykoski and I. Talmy (Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division) PDF
4:50825 Oxidation of T-300 Carbon Fibers in Water Vapor/Hydrogen Environments - E. Opila (Cleveland State University) PDF

Thursday, March 29, 2001

Co-Chairs: S. Haile and D.A. Shifler

8:00826 Effects of Fuel Dye on the Hot Corrosion Resistance of Marine Gas Turbine Materials - D. Shifler (Naval Surface Warfare Center) PDF
8:20827 Carbon Effects on the Hot Corrosion Reistance of Coast Guard Marine Gas Turbine Materials - D. Shifler (Naval Surface Warfare Center) PDF
8:40828 Development of Corrosion Resistant Current Collectors for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells - A. Durairajan, V. Basker, H. Bala, R. White, and B. Popov (University of South Carolina) PDF
9:00829 Stability and Conductivity of Doped BaPrO3 - L. Li, J. Wu, and S. Haile (California Institute of Technology) PDF
9:20830 Mass Transport in Doped-Lanthanum Gallate - J.B. Wolfenstine (Army Research Laboratory), K.C. Goretta, J.L. Routbort (Argonne National Laboratory), and A. Petric (McMaster University) PDF
9:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:00831 Measuring and Modeling Oxygen Difusion in Nb-V and Nb-Pd Alloys - T. Hennessey and J. Morral (University of Connecticut) PDF
10:20832 Component Activity Measurements in the Ti-Al-O System by Knudsen Cell Mass Spectrometry - E. Copland and N. Jacobson (NASA Glenn Research Center) PDF
10:50833 Cluster-Site Approximation (CSA) Calculation of Phase Diagrams - F. Zhang, S. Chen (CompuTherm, LLC), W.A. Oates (University of Salford), and Y.A. Chang (University of Wisconsin-Madison) PDF
11:20834 Thermodynamic Properties and Phase Equilibria in Fe-B System. Melt to Glass Transition - A. Zaitsev (I.P. Bardin Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy) and A. Kodentsov (Eindhoven University of Technology,) PDF
11:40835 Association in Liquid Solutions and Liquid to Amorphous State Transition - B. Mogutnov and A. Zaitsev (I.P. Bardin Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy) PDF

Co-Chairs: M.D. McNallan and T. DeVore

1:30836 Thermodynamics of Silicon-Hydroxide Formation in H2O Containing Atmospheres - E. Copland (NASA Glenn Research Center), D. Myers (East Central University), E. Opila (Cleveland State University), and N. Jacobson (NASA Glenn Research Center) PDF
1:50837 Gas Phase Generation of Si-O-H Clusters: an Ab Initio Study of Structural and Thermodynamic Properties - A. Timoshkin (St. Petersburg State University) PDF
2:10838 Thermodynamic Analysis of the Corrosion of Alumina-Based Refractories by Alkali Hydroxides - K.E. Spear (Pennsylvania State University) and M.D. Allendorf (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
2:30839 The Reaction Between bis-(2,4-Pentanedionato)Copper(II) and Water Vapor - C. Vestal and T. DeVore (James Madison University) PDF
2:50 Twenty-Minute Intermission
3:10840 The Reaction Between 1,2-Dichloroethane and the Vanadium (III, IV, V) Oxides - J. Sumner and T. DeVore (James Madison University) PDF
3:30841 Process-Structure Relationships During Chlorination of Metal Carbides to Produce Carbon - M. McNallan (University of Illinois at Chicago), Y. Gogotsi (Drexel University), S. Welz, A. Lee, and C. Park (University of Illinois at Chicago) PDF
3:50842 Study of TbF4 Thermal Decomposition Leading to Release of Over-equilibrium Concentration of Atomic Fluorine - L. Sidorov, J. Rau, N. Chilingarov, M. Leskiv, and S. Abramov (M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University) PDF
4:10843 Vaporization and Decomposition of Samarium Triiodide - L.N. Gorokhov, A.V. Gusarov, and A.M. Emelyanov (V. P. Glushko Thermocenter of RAS) PDF
4:30844 Thermodynamic Functions of Lanthanide Triiodides in Condensed and Gaseous States - L.N. Gorokhov, G.A. Bergman, E.L. Osina, and V.S. Yungman (V.P. Glushko Thermocenter of RAS) PDF