199th Meeting - Washington, DC

March 25-30, 2001


V1 - Reactive Intermediates in Organic and Biological Electrochemistry in Honor of the Late Professor Eberhardt Steckhan

Organic and Biological Electrochemistry Division

Monday, March 26, 2001

Rooms 8 & 9, Meeting Room Level

Co-Chairs: D.G. Peters and H.J. Schaefer

10:00953 Electrochemical ESR Spectroscopic Analysis of Reactive Intermediates in Nonaqueous and Aqueous Media - H. Park, T. Morikawa, M. Oyama, and S. Okazaki (Kyoto University) PDF
10:25954 Radical Cation Proton Transfer Reactions - Y. Zhao, Y. Lu, Z. Shen, and V. Parker (Utah State University) PDF
10:50955 A Catalytic Redox Chain Initiated by the Cation Radical of 1,4-Dimethoxy-2,5-di-tertbutylbenzene - L. Appelbaum, M. Oron, and M. Michman (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) PDF
11:15956 STM Probe Stimulated Optical Near-Field Enhanced Time of Flight Mass Spectroscopy; Characterization of Nano-Locarized Surfaces - Y. Ding, T. Oka, Y. Nitta, R. Micheletto (Kyoto University), T. Nagamura (Unisoku Co. Ltd.), and S. Okazaki (Kyoto University) PDF
11:40957 Electrochemical Generation of Aryl Radicals using Arene Mediator and Their Cyclization Reactions - M. Tokuda (Hokkaido University), N. Kurono (RIKEN), and E. Honda (Hokkaido University) PDF

Co-Chairs: J. Yoshida and T. Fuchigami

1:30958 Selective Synthesis of a-Chloroepoxides by Electroreductive Cross-Coupling of Methyl Tricloro-acetate with Aliphatic Aldehydes Using Reactive Metal Anode - I. Nishiguchi, S. Goda, T. Kikkawa, Y. Ishino, and H. Maekawa (Nagaoka University of Technology) GIF
1:55959 Polymer Supported N-Oxyl Mediated Electrooxidation of Alcohols in Aqueous NaBr/NaHCO3 - H. Tanaka, M. Kuroboshi, J. Kubota, S. Itogawa, T. Ido, T. Uchida, and K. Shimamura (Okayama University) PDF
2:20960 "Cation Pool" Method. Generation and Accumulation of Carbocations by Low Temperature Electrolysis and Their Reactions with Carbon Nucleophiles - J.-I. Yoshida, S. Suga, S. Suzuki, N. Kinomura, M. Okajima, M. Watanabe, A. Yamamoto, and K. Fujiwara (Kyoto University) PDF
2:45961 Preparation of Organofluorine Compounds by the Anodic Oxidative Fluorination of Iodine Compounds - M. Sawaguchi, T. Fukuhara, S. Hara, and N. Yoneda (Hokkaido University) PDF
3:10962 Electrochemical Bromohydroxidation of Indene for Manufacturing of Indene Derivatives - S. Torii (The Institute of Creative Chemistry Co. Ltd.), Y. Kubo, Y. Miyawaki (Masuda Chem. Ind. Co. Ltd.), and H. Tanaka (Okayama University) PDF
3:35 Twenty-Five Minute Intermission
4:00963 Highly Diastereselective Electrolytic Fluorination Using Amino Acid and Camphor as Chiral Sources - T. Fuchigami, D. Baba, and H. Ishii (Tokyo Institute of Technology) PDF
4:25964 Dynamic Surface Modification of Lithium Metal Anode with Imide Metal Complex - K. Naoi, K. Yamauchi, M. Umehara, and T. Niino (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology) PDF
4:50965 Effect of Chemical Modification on Electrochemical Li Insertion in Highly Ordered Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes - I. Mukhopadhyay, Y. Yokoyama, F. Okino, S. Kawasaki (Shinshu University), W.K. Hsu (University of Sussex), and H. Touhara (Shinshu University) PDF
5:15966 Pyrolysis/GC/MS Analysis of the Surface Film Formed on Graphite Negative Electrode - Z. Ogumi, A. Sano, M. Inaba, and T. Abe (Kyoto University) PDF
5:40967 Application to Lithium Battery Electrolyte of Lithium Drganoborate with Salicylic Ligand - Y. Sasaki, N. Nanbu, K. Kurashima, T. Tonuma (Tokyo Institute of Poilytechnics), and K. Usami (Denso Corporation) GIF

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Co-Chairs: R.D. Little and J. Yoshida

10:00968 Direct and Indirect Electrochemical Reduction of Glycosyl Halides in THF - R.D. Little and J.D. Parrish (University of California, Santa Barbara) PDF
10:25969 A Cathodic Conversion of Diols into Alkenes - J. Utley, E. Kuljanac, Y. Gao, and C. Scholten (Queen Mary (University of London)) PDF
10:50970 Direct and Indirect Electrochemical Activation of gem-Dihalocompounds - Synthetic applications - J.-Y. Nedelec, E. Leonel, J.-P. Paugam (University of Paris), and S. Oudeyer (Universite of Paris) PDF
11:15971 Radical-Ion Hydrodimerization and Dehydrodimerization Reactions - Rationalization of Mechanisms - J. Grimshaw (The Queens University of Belfast) PDF
11:40972 Anodic Electrochemistry: Studies Toward the Effective Use of Radical Cations in Synthesis - K. Moeller (Washington University) PDF

Co-Chairs: K.D. Moeller and J. Grimshaw

1:30973 Electrochemical Oxidation of Hexakis(benzylthio)Benzene - B. Speiser, A. Stauss, K. Ludwig (Universitat Tubingen), and M.G. Quintanilla (Universidad de Alcala) PDF
1:55974 Approaches to the Anodic Generation of Quinodimethanes - C. Scholten (Kekuke-Institut fur Organische Chemie und Biochemie, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat, Bonn), E. Kuljanac (Queen Mary (University of London)), E. Steckhan (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat, Bonn), and J. Utley (Queen Mary (University of London)) PDF
2:20975 Electrochemical Oxidation of Silole Derivatives (2,3,4,5-tetraphenyl-1-silacyclopentadienes) - J.Y. Becker and Z.-R. Zhang (Ben Gurion University of the Negev) GIF
2:45976 Electrosynthesis and Electroreduction of Cyclic Sulfonium Salts - A. Houmam (University of Guelph), D.D.M. Wayner (National Research Council of Canada), and D. Shukla (Kodak Research Laboratories) PDF
3:10977 Electrochemical Reduction of 2,6-Bis(chloromethyl)Pyridine at Carbon Cathodes - C. Ji and D. Peters (Indiana University) PDF
3:35 Twenty-Five Minute Intermission
4:00978 Nickel- and Chromium-Catalysed Electrochemical Coupling of Aryl Halides with Arenecarboxaldehydes - M. Durandetti, J.-Y. Nedelec, and J. Perichon (University of Paris) PDF
4:25979 Electrochemical Behavior of Metal-Substituted Heteropolytungstates and Their Application as Alcohol Oxidation Electrocatalysts - M. Sadakane, M.T. Pope (Georgetown University), and E. Steckhan (Universitaet Bonn) PDF
4:50980 Redox Initiated Cobalt(I) Mediated C-C Bond Formation Reactions - G. Hilt and S. Lüers (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München) PDF

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Co-Chairs: P. Zuman and F. Maran

10:00981 Chiral Modified Electrode Surfaces: Preparation, Characterization and Application in the Enantioselective Synthesis - S. Pleus (University of Oldenburg) PDF
10:25982 Stereoselectivity of Anodically Induced Radical Coupling Reactions - P. Nguyen and H.J. Schafer (Organisch-Chemisches Institut der Universitat Munster) GIF
10:50983 Enantioselective Enzymatic Oxidation with Indirect Electrochemical NAD+ Regeneration - I. Schroeder (Research Center Juelich GmbH), D. Vasic-Racki (University of Zagreb), C. Wandrey, and A. Liese (Research Center Juelich GmbH) PDF
11:15984 Electrochemistry of -N(CF3)2 Compounds - I. Nikolai, H. Volker, K. Andreas (Merck KGaA), K. Andriy, and S. Peter (Gerhard-Mercator-University of Duisburg) PDF
11:40985 Electrochemical Studies of Diels-Alder Reactions in a Room-Temperature Molten Salt - G. Cheek (United States Naval Academy) and W. O'Grady (Naval Research Laboratory) PDF

Co-Chairs: J. Becker and J.Y. Nedelec

1:30986 Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Cyclohexane by a High Valent Ruthenium Porphyrin Cation Radical - C.-Y. Chen and S.-H. Cheng (National Chi Nan University) PDF
1:55987 Electrochemical Reactions in the Precoat-Layer-Cell - C. Merk, G. Huber, and A. Weiper-Idelmann (BASF AG) PDF
2:20988 Organic Reduction Studies of Arylhydrazono (2,3-b)- 1H-1,4-benzodiazepine -5-methy1-7ones at Mercury and Glassy Carbon Electrodes - P. Sharma (Devi Ahilya University) PDF
2:45989 Electrochemical Behavior of 6,6'-BIS(2-Hydroxyphenyl)-2,2'-Bipyridine and Its Complexes with Nickel(II) and Cobalt(II) - D. Goken and D. Peters (Indiana University) PDF
3:10990 Electrochemical Behavior of Some Substituted 3-Arylazo-8-aldehydo-4-methy1 Coumarins (Benzopyrones) under Various Voltammetric Conditions - A. Kumar (Devi Ahilya University) PDF
3:35 Twenty-Five Minute Intermission
4:00991 Addition of Water, Hydroxide Ions and Alcohols to Some Azomethine Bonds - P. Zuman (Clarkson University) PDF
4:25992 Polarographic and Kinetic Study of the Lack of Delocalization in Some Azines - J. Ludvik, H. Krysova, J. Jirkovsky, J. Urban, E. Satana (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), and P. Zuman (Clarkson University) PDF
4:50993 Electrochemical Studies of the Fries Rearrangment in a Room-Temperature Molten Salt - G. Cheek (United States Naval Academy) PDF
5:15994 Extraction and Differential Pulse Voltammetric Determination of Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, Cadmium and Lead in Various Environmental and Biological Samples after Pre-concentration using 2-Mercapto-4-Methyl-5-Phenylazopyrimidine-CTMAB- Naphthalene Adsorbent - A. Kumar (Devi Ahilya University Indore) PDF

Thursday, March 29, 2001

Co-Chairs: M. Workentin and J. Simonet

10:00995 A Comparison of the Electrochemical Behavior of Ortho and Para Nitro Dioxanes and Dioxolanes on Mercury and High Surface Area (Porous) Electrodes - J. Lessard, J.M. Chapuzet, R. Labrecque, G. Martin (Universite de Sherbrooke), S. Antonello, and F. Maran (Universita di Padova) PDF
10:25996 Major vs. Minor Electronic Substituent Effects. Influence on the Kinetics of Radical Anion Reactions - M.F. Nielsen (University of Copenhagen) PDF
10:50997 Dissociative Electron Transfer in Peptide Systems - S. Antonello, F. Formaggio, A. Moretto, C. Toniolo, and F. Maran (University of Padova) PDF
11:15998 Electron Transfer Studies of Helical Ferrocenoyl-Oligoproline-Cysteamine Bound to Gold - M.M. Galka and H.-B. Kraatz (University of Saskatchewan) PDF
11:40999 The Mechanism of Reduction of Diphenyl and Dimethyl-Substituted Anthracenyl Endoperoxides and the Determination of Relevant Thermochemical Parameters - R. Donkers and M. Workentin (The University of Western Ontario) PDF

Co-Chairs: J. Lessard and D.G. Peters

1:301000 Stability and Persistency of Anion Radicals of Spirobifluorene Derivatives - G. Fioravanti, L. Mattiello, and L. Rampazzo (University of Rome "La Sapienza") PDF
1:551001 New Aspects Concerning Unstable Intermediates Involved in Anodic Oxidation of Carboxylates - S.I. Rosca, E.M. Ungureanu, R. Stan, and G. Stanciu ("Politehnica" University of Bucharest) PDF
2:201002 An Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance and Microelectrode-Based Study of the Electrochemistry of Acetohydroxamic Acid on Gold in Acid Solution - S. Shackleford, C. Boxall (University of Central Lancashire), S. Port, and R. Taylor (BNFL) PDF
2:451003 Effect of RuO2 Chemical State on Electroorganic Synthesis at Zeolite-Supported Nanoelectrodes - V. Cepak and D. Rolison (Naval Research Laboratory) PDF
3:101004 Electrochemical Sensing of Halides with New Boronic Ester-Substituted Redox-Active Receptors in Solution and Attached to an Electrode Surface - J. Simonet, B. Fabre, and M. Nicolas (Universite de Rennes 1) PDF
3:35 Twenty-Five Minute Intermission
4:001005 Designing Air and Water Stable n-dopable Model Compounds and Polymers II: Annulation Effects on Electrode Potentials of Conducting Polymers - M. Alexander Jr., C. Specker, and D. Dudis (Air Force Research Laboratory) PDF
4:251006 Interactions of Metal Ions with Functionalized Self Assembled Monolayers: In Situ Atr-Ftir Studies - I. Stefan (Case Western Reserve University), D. Mandler (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), and D. Scherson (Case Western Reserve University) PDF
4:501007 Polyamine Precursors Synthesis on Conducting Polythiophenes. A New Solid-Phase Methodology Involving Electron as Cleavage Reagent - J.-F. Pilard, G. Marchand, S. Dubey, J. Rault-Berthelot, and J. Simonet (Universite de Rennes 1) PDF
5:151008 Enhancement of Conductivity Stability of Copper(I)-modified Polypyrrole Exposed to Water - Y.-C. Liu (Van Nung Institute of Technology) and B.-J. Hwang (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) PDF
5:401009 Selective Transport of Biomolecules through Cationic Membranes for use in Drug Delivery Systems - J. Jones and S. Perusich (Auburn University) PDF
6:051010 Electrochemical Reactions of Sulfur(S8) in Various Organic Solvents and at Various Electrode Material - Y. Jung, S.H. Choi, Y. Choi, and H. Lim (Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.) PDF