199th Meeting - Washington, DC

March 25-30, 2001


Z1 - Electrodes Based on Conducting Polymers

Physical Electrochemistry Division/Battery Division

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Room 5, Meeting Room Level


Co-Chairs: J. Ferraris and D. Belanger

2:001053 New Trends in Electrochemical Supercapacitors - C. Arbizzani, A. Di Fabio, A. Giorgi, M. Mastragostino, and F. Soavi (University of Bologna) PDF
2:401054 Performance Study of Electrochemical Capacitors Based on Poly (phenyl)thiophene Derivatives - L. Li, D. Loveday, D. Mudigonda, and J. Ferraris (The University of Texas at Dallas) PDF
3:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
3:301055 Quinone-Introduced Supramolecular Oligomers for Supercapcitors - S. Suematsu and K. Naoi (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology) PDF
3:501056 Electrochemical Characterization of Chemically Synthesized Polythiophene Derivatives for Application in Electrochemical Capacitors - P. Soudan, H.A. Ho, L. Breau, and D. Belanger (Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM)) PDF
4:101057 Performance Study of Electrochemically Modified Carbon Substrate for Electrochemical Capacitor Electrodes Using Poly-3(3,4-difluorophenyl)Thiophene - A. Scott, D. Mudigonda, D. Loveday, and J. Ferraris (The University of Texas at Dallas) PDF
4:301058 X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Studies of Electronically Conducting Polymer in the N-Doped State - E. Naudin (UQAM), D. Guay (INRS Energie et Materiaux), L. Breau, and D. Belanger (UQAM) PDF
4:501059 Carbon Fiber Substrates for Conductive Polymers - Z. Zhou, S. Lipka (Florida Atlantic University), A. Scott, and J. Ferraris (The University of Texas at Dallas) PDF

Thursday, March 29, 2001

Applications, Spectroscopy and Imaging

Co-Chairs: M. Mastragostino and B. Garcia

8:301060 Oxide/PPY and Polyanion/PPY Composite Films for Corrosion Protection of Iron - B. Garcia, H. Nguyen Thi Le, A. Lamzoudi, C. Deslouis (Universite P. et M. Curie), and Q. Le Xuan (ITT) PDF
9:001061 "Ink-Jet Printing Processible Electrochromic Polymers as a Means of Tailoring Colors of Electrochromic Devices" - T. Dam and J. Ferraris (The University of Texas at Dallas) PDF
9:201062 Multi-Colored Electrochromic Alternating Donor-Acceptor Copolymers: EDOT, EDOP, Cyanovinylenes, and Pyridines - C.J. DuBois, Jr., C. Thomas, K. Zong, and J. Reynolds (University of Florida) PDF
9:401063 Lewis Acid Behaviour of p-Doped Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) - V. Noel, H. Randriamahazaka, and C. Chevrot (University of Cergy-Pontoise) PDF
10:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:301064 Photopolymerized Polypyrrole Films as Vapor Sensors - M. Breimer, Y. Gelfand, and O. Sadik (State University of New York at Binghamton) PDF
10:501065 Carbon Dioxide Sensor Based on PVA / Polyaniline-Based Composite Polymer Film - J. Fergus, N. Harris, D. Tambe, and M. Irimia-Vladu (Auburn University) PDF
11:101066 AFM Study of the Surface Morphology oF Polypyrrole Films. - T. Hernandez-Perez (UNAM), M. Morales, N. Batina (UAM-Iztapalapa), and M. Salmon (UNAM) PDF
11:301067 Effect of Preparation Conditions for Roughening Gold Substrate by Oxidation-reduction Cycle on the Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Polypyrrole - Y.-C. Liu (Van Nung Institute of Technology), B.-J. Hwang, and W.-J. Jian (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) PDF

Composites and Copolymers (PEDOT)

Co-Chairs: P.J. Kulesza and D.C. Loveday

1:301068 Synthesis of Low Band Polymers Through Donor-Acceptor Building Blocks - L. Michelini, D. Loveday, and J. Ferraris (The University of Texas at Dallas) PDF
2:001069 Electrochemical Charging and Redox Conductivity in Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Conducting Polymer Based Films - P.J. Kulesza, K. Miecznikowski, A. Kesik (University of Warsaw), and M.A. Malik (Technical University of Czestochowa) PDF
2:201070 Anion Transport in Prussian Blue Films in Acetonitrile and Propylene Carbonate Solutions - H. Lee, H. Yang, and J. Kwak (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) PDF
2:401071 Electrochemical and EQCM Characterization of Copolymers of PFPT and Bithiophene - F. Vilchez-Aguado, J. Gutierrez, D. Loveday, D. Mudigonda, and J. Ferraris (The University of Texas at Dallas) PDF
3:00 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
3:151072 Spectroelectrochemical Investigations fo Aniline-Thiophene Copolymers - R. Holze (Technische Universitaet Chemnitz), N. Pekmez, and K. Pekmez (Hacettepe University) PDF
3:351073 Semi-Interpenetrating Polymer Network Based on Modified Cellulose and Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) - H. Randriamahazaka, D. Teyssier, C. Chevrot, and P. Dassonville (University of Cergy-Pontoise) PDF
3:551074 Electrochemical Behaviour of 2-bromo and 2,5-dibCcomo 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene - C. Chevrot, H. Randriahamazaka, and F. Tranvan (Universsity of Cergy-Pontoise) PDF
4:151075 Active Zone and Reaction Dimensions Toward Redox Probe of Poly(3,4-ethylendioxythiophene) Modified Electrode - V. Noel, H. Randriamahazaka, and C. Chevrot (University of Cergy-Pontoise) PDF
4:351076 Conducting Polymer Iontophoresis Drug Delivery Electrodes - D. Cunningham (Abbott Laboratories) PDF
4:551077 Heterogeneity in Polyaniline Films - V. Ivanov, K. Tcheberiako, A. Nekrasov, and A. Vannikov (A.N.Frumkin Institute of Electrochemistry RAS) PDF
5:151078 Formation of Polyaniline on Aluminum Surface: Nucleation and Growth Mechanism (NGM) - A. Eftekhari (Koosha Institute of Chemical Research) PDF
5:351079 Release of Fe(CN)63- from Polyaniline Film - A. Eftekhari (Koosha Institute of Chemical Research) PDF