2001 Joint International Meeting - the 200th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Inc. and the 52nd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry - San Francisco, California

September 2-7, 2001


B1C - Batteries: Poster Session

ECS Cosponsors - Battery/Energy Technology; ISE Cosponsors - Electrochemical Energy Conversion/Electronically and Ionically Conducting Phases

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

Continental Ballrooms 4,5,6, Ballroom Level

Batteries and Supercapacitors Poster Session

Co-Chairs: E.S. Takeuchi and G.A. Nazri

o261 (PEO)10LiCF3SO3 Composite Electrolytes with Micro-Sized Titanium Oxide Powder Prepared by Ball Milling - K.-W. Kim, J.-H. Shin, H.-J. Ahn, and J.-H. Ahn (Gyeongsang National University) PDF
o262 Development of the Redox Flow Batteries with Mini-Size for Electricity Storage System - B. Fang, Y. Wei, T. Irai, S. Iwasa, and M. Kumagai (Institute of Research & Innovation) PDF
o263 Sol-Gel Preparation of Li-V Oxides - K. Ozawa (National Research Institute for Metals), M. Eguchi (Ibaraki University), and Y. Sakka (National Research Institute for Metals) PDF
o264 Platinum-loaded Carbon Electrochemical Capacitors Prepared by Plasma CVD Method - K. Okajima, T. Toya, N. Sakumoto, and M. Sudoh (Shizuoka University) PDF
o265 Sonochemically Synthesized Vanadyl Phosphate Dihydrate Cathodes - N.-G. Park and S.H. Chang (ETRI) PDF
o266 Preparation and Electrochemical Characterization of Gel Polymer Electrolytes Based on Porous Polymer Membranes for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries - D.-W. Kim, J.-M. Ko, and J.-H. Chun (Hanbat National University) PDF
o267 Study on Factors Affecting Electrochemical Performance of Organic/V2O5 Hybrid Cathode Materials - S.-G. Kang and Y.H. Song (Hoseo University) PDF
o268 Ionic Conducting Behavior in Polyether Poly(urethane urea) based Solid Polymer Electrolyte - H.-L. Wang and T.-C. Wen (National Cheng Kung University) PDF
o269 Improvement of the Cycle Life of AA-Ram Cells (Rechargable Alkaline Manganese Dioxide) - A. Stani, W. Taucher-Mautner, and K. Kordesch (Graz University of Technology) PDF
o270 Performance of Capacitors Using Organic Electrolytes - M. Tsushima, Y. Che, and T. Morimoto (Asahi Glass Co. Ltd) PDF
o271 Pyrolysis/Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy Analysis of Li-ion Cell Anode - T. Sasaki, M. Inaba, T. Abe, and Z. Ogumi (Kyoto University) PDF
o272 Reduction of Manganese Dioxide on Gold Electrode - Z. Rogulski, H. Siwek (Industrial Chemistry Research Institute), I. Paleska (Warsaw University), and A. Czerwinski (Industrial Chemistry Research Institute) PDF
o273 Results of Diagnostic of Lithium Ion Batteries after Accelerated Cycle and Calendar Life Test - G. Henriksen, J. Liu, C. Chen, J. Luo, I. Bloom, D. Vissers, and K. Amine (Argonne National Laboratory) PDF
o274 Electrochemical Characterization of Zr0.9Ti0.1Mn0.66V0.46Ni1.1 Alloys for Battery Applications - W. Triaca, H. Peretti (Exactas Instituto de Investigaciones), H. Corso, A. Bonesi (Centro Atomico Bariloche), and A. Visintin (Exactas Instituto de Investigaciones) PDF
o275 Behavior of Electroplated Sn in Li/Sn cells - S. Beattie and J. Dahn (Dalhousie University) PDF
o276 Cathode Materials with Zero Strain for Lithium-Ion Batteries - J. Cho (Samsung SDI Co. Ltd.), Y. Kim, T. Kim, and B. Park (Seoul National University) PDF
o277 Selective Recovery of Lithium from Aqueous Solution by Spinel-type Manganese Oxide Adsorbent - H.-I. Chen, M.-J. Lo, and Y.-I. Chou (NCKU) PDF
o278 Study on Electrochemical and Thermal Stability of Modified LiMn Spinel compounds for Lithium Ion Batteries - M. Okada (TOSOH Corporation) PDF
o279 Physical and Electrochemical Properties of PEG Electroyte Gels Prepared via Sol-Gel Condensation - J. Koo and D. Kim (Sungkyunkwan University) PDF
o280 Electrochemical Magnesium Insertion to A_0.5Ti2(PO4)3 (A=Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) - K. Makino, Y. Katayama, T. Miura, and T. Kishi (Keio University) PDF
o281 The Effect of a Metal-Oxide Coating on the Cycling Behavior at 55oC in Orthorhombic LiMnO2 Cathode Materials - J. Cho (Samsung SDI Co. Ltd.), T.-J. Kim, Y. Kim, and B. Park (Seoul National University) PDF
o282 Lithium Intercalation and Deintercalation on SnO-Carbon Nanotube Composite - M.-H. Chen, G.-T. Wu, G.-M. Zhu, J.-K. You, and Z.-G. Lin (Xiamen University) PDF
o283 State Analysis of Electrolyte in Carbon Electrode for Double Layer Capacitor Studied by 19F NMR Spectroscopy - K.H. Min, Y. Takimoto, K. Yamada, T. Simoyama, K. Yamamoto, and S. Yonemori (Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.) PDF
o284 Electrochemical and Structural Properties of Layered LixMn1-yMyO2 (M = transition metal) Cathode Materials for Lithium Secondary Batteries - P. Sang Ho, S. Yang-Kook, S. Sun Sik, and A. Chang Bom (Hanyang University) PDF
o285 Electronic Structures and Electrochemical Properties of LiPF6-n(CF3)n (2) - F. Kita, S. Shinomoto, H. Sakata, H. Kamizori (Hitachi Maxell Ltd.), T. Sonoda, H. Nagashima (Kyushu University), N. Pavlenko, and Y. Yagupolskii (Ukrainian Academy of Science) PDF
o286 The Charge/Discharge Characteristics of a Amorphous LixV2O5-y Thin Film Cathodes Deposited by r.f.-sputtering and Lithium Ion Diffusivity Determined by GITT Method - S.-D. Lee, J.-Y. Eom, and H.-S. Kwon (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology) PDF
o287 Influence of an Annealing Ambient in Post-annealing Process of LiCoO2 Cathodes for Rechargeable Thin Film Batteries - K.-S. Ahn, K.-M. Song, H.-J. Ahn, W.-S. Kim, and Y.-E. Sung (Kwang-ju Institute of Science and Technology) PDF
o288 Synthesis and Charge-discharge Properties of SnO2 Nano-particles for Li Rechargeable Battery - K. Woo-Seong, A. Hyo-Jin, A. Kwang-Soon, S. Keun-Man (Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology), K. Shin-Kook, K. Seong-bae, C. Kwang-il (Anycel Inc.), and S. Yung-Eun (Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology) PDF
o289 Growth Mechanism of Lithium Phosporus Oxynitride(Lipon) by Rf Magnetron Sputter - S. Keun-Man, A. Kwang-Soon, A. Hyo-Jin, K. Woo-Seong, and S. Yung-Eun (Kwang-ju Institute of Science and Technology) PDF
o290 Investigation of LiMn_2O4 Cathodes in Liquid and in Gel Electrolyte by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy - A.-K. Hjelm and G. Lindbergh (Royal Institute of Technology, KTH) PDF
o291 Microporous PVdF Electrolytes for Lithium/Sulfur Batteries - K.-K. Jung, J.-H. Ahn, K.-Y. Kang, H.-J. Ahn, and K.-W. Kim (Gyeongsang National University) PDF
o292 Concentration Polarisation in Polymer Electrolytes - P. Georén (Royal Institute of Technology, KTH), J. Adebahr, P. Jacobsson (Department of Experimental Physics), and G. Lindbergh (Royal Institute of Technology, KTH) PDF
o293 Development of Lithium and Lithium -Ion "On-Chip" Microbattery - M. Nathan, E. Peled, D. Golodnitsky, V. Yufit, Y. Lavi, and M. Kastner (Tel Aviv University) PDF
o294 High-performance Electrode Materials for Lithium Rechargeable Batteries - H.-P. Lin, D. Chua, A. Choblet, M. Salomon (MaxPower Inc), J. Wolfenstine (Army Research Laborary), and V. Manivannan (MaxPower Inc) PDF
o295 Polymeric Microbattery Based on Polyaniline Composite - S. Neves and C. Polo Fonseca (Universidade Sao Francisco) PDF
o296 Porous LiCoO2 Film as a Battery Cathode - C. Polo Fonseca and S. Neves (Universidade Sao Francisco) PDF
o297 Study on the Gas evolution and Recombination of Sealed Ni/MH Battery - G.-M. Zhu, Y.-C. Zhang, J.-K. You, and Z.-G. Lin (Xiamen University) PDF
o298 Composite Sn-based Anodes with Improved Cycle Life - L. Wang, J. Miller, M. Heath, M. Fay, C. Xu, and M. Wixom (T/J Technologies, Inc.) PDF
o299 Investigation of Lithium Diffusion in Oxid Film Electrodes by Optical and Electrochemical Pitt - F. Artuso, A. Camerucci, F. Decker (University of Rome "La Sapienza"), A.F. van Driel (Utrecht University), A. Lourenco (University of Campinas), and E. Masetti (ENEA-C.R. Casaccia) PDF
o300 Preparation and Characterization of Sputter Deposited LiCoO2 Thin Films for Thin Film Batteries - D. Ingersoll (Sandia National Laboratories), W. Zhou (North Carolina State University), J. Ruffner, and M. Rodriguez (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
o301 Characterization of Oriented LiCoO2 from Lithium-Ion Cells - D. Ingersoll (Sandia National Laboratories), W. Zhou (North Carolina State University), and M. Rodriguez (Sandia National Laboratories) PDF
o302 Lithium Intercalation/Deintercalation in Cobalt Doped Lithium Nickel Oxide Dependence on Charge Cut-off Voltage - J. Shim and K. Striebel (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) PDF
o303 UV-Cured Blend Polymer Electrolytes For Lithium Polymer Battery - Y.-T. Kim, M.-K. Song (Sogang University), B.-W. Cho (Korea Institute Science and Technology), and H.-W. Rhee (Sogang University) PDF
o304 High Temperature Lithium Secondary Batteries using ICPs/LiMn204 Composite CCathodes - Y.-T. Kim, J.-S. Hwang, M.-K. Song, and H.-W. Rhee (Sogang University) PDF
o305 Phase Change Material Composite Heat Sinks for Space Batteries - E. Darcy (NASA-Johnson Space Center), F. Derisavi-Fard (Friemann & Wolf), and T. Knowles (Energy Science Laboratories, Inc.) PDF
o306 New High Packing Natural Graphite for the Li-Ion Batteries With Increased Energy Density Characteristics - I. Barsukov, F.-X. Henry, and P. Zaleski (Superior Graphite Co.) PDF
o307 New Cell Structure in Lithium ion Polymer Battery - H.-M. Lee, J.-Y. Kim, B.-J. Choi, J.-H. Lee, H.-G. Kang, M.-Y. Son, S.-J. Lee, and S. Ahn (LG Chemical Ltd.) PDF
o308 Application of Nano-Cu Particle - Activated Porous Carbon Composites for Capacitor Electrode - M. Akinori, U. Md. Azhar, Y. Norimasa (Okayama University), K. Kenji, I. Satoshi, C. MARUMO (Kanebo Ltd.), and S. Yusaku (Okayama University) PDF
o309 Li-K XANES Spectra of the Carbon Materials Inserted Lithium - M. Fujita, J.-I. Tsuji, K. Taniguchi (Osaka Electro-Communication University), T. Yao, N. Ozawa (Kyoto University), and K. Kojima (Ritsumeikan University) PDF
o310 Ozone Modified Graphite as a Material of the Negative Electrode for a Lithium Battery - T. Kulova, L. Kanevsky, A. Skundin (Russian Academy of Sciences), D. Sklovsky (Moscow State University), and G. Bondarenko (Russian Academy of Sciences) PDF
o311 Electrochemical and Structural Studies of the LiCoO2 Prepared by Combustion Synthesis - E. Santiago and L.O. Bulhoes (Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos) PDF
o312 Cyclic Voltametry Studies Of LiMnxCuyO4 As Possible Candidates For Cathodes in Lithium Ion Batteries - N. Kamarulzaman (University Technology MARA), W.J. Basirun, M.R. Muhamad, and A.K. Arof (University Malaya) PDF
o313 Ag-Doped V2O5 Thin Film Cathode Prepared by Pulsed Laser Ablation for Rechargable Li-ion Batteries - Q.-Z. Qin and Y. Chu (Fudan University) PDF
o314 Superior Performance of Fluorocarbonate Electrolytes over the Li-ion Half Cells - G. Nagasubramanian (Sandia National Labs) PDF

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