2001 Joint International Meeting - the 200th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Inc. and the 52nd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry - San Francisco, California

September 2-7, 2001


G1 - Chemical and Biological Sensors and Analytical Methods

ECS Cosponsors - Sensor/Physical Electrochemistry/Organic and Biological Electrochemistry; ISE Cosponsor - Analytical Electrochemistry/Bioelectrochemistry

Monday, September 3, 2001

Yosemite Room C, Grand Ballroom Level

Ampenometric Sensors

Co-Chairs: W.R. Heineman and S. Bruckenstein

10:40852 Voltohmmetry - An Alternative Detection Principle at Ultrathin Metal Electrodes in Solution - H. Emons, O. Glueck, and M.J. Schoening (Research Center Juelich) PDF
11:00853 New Voltammetric Sensors for Alkaline Cations Based on Ionophores Incorporated into a Self-assembled Thiol Monolayer - H. Aoki, Y. Umezawa (The University of Tokyo), S. Rondinini, and A. Vertova (The University of Milan) PDF
11:20854 Electrocatalytic Sensing Using Novel Interfaces of Well-Ordered Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Monolayers - D. Martel, A. Kuhn (Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie et de Physique de Bordeaux), P.J. Kulesza, M. Chojak, A. Lewera (University of Warsaw), and M.A. Malik (Technical University of Czestochowa) PDF
11:40855 Features and Conditions for Subtactive ASV Using Silver and Gold Electrodes - Y. Bonfil, M. Brand, and E. Kirowa-Eisner (Tel-Aviv University) PDF

Co-Chairs: J.R. Stetter and P. Vanysek

2:00856 Integration of Chemical and Electrochemical Devices with Silicon Microelectronics Enabling Microsensors and Reactors. - P. Kohl (Georgia Institute of Technology) PDF
2:40857 Multiple Colors and High Coloration Efficiencies in Electrochromic Hetrocyclic Conductive Polymers - M. Wilson and D. Rauh (EIC Laboratories, Inc.) PDF
3:00858 Ion Sensing with Poly(pyrrole) Based Membranes - Comparison Between Amperometric and Potentiometric Operation Mode - A. Michalska, S. Walkiewicz, and K. Maksymiuk (University of Warsaw) PDF
3:20859 Amperometric Urea Biosensor Using Polypyrrole with Different Dopants - L.H. Dall'Antonia and S. Cordoba de Torresi (Universidade de Sao Paulo) PDF
3:40 Forty-Minute Intermission
4:20860 Amperometric Determination of Urea and Acetic Acid Using Electrodes Coated with Tri-enzyme/Polydimethylsiloxane-Bilayer Membranes - F. Mizutani, T. Sawaguchi, S. Yabuki, and S. Iijima (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) PDF
4:40861 Interferences in Amperometric Gas Sensors for CO - J. Stetter and Y.-T. Chao (Illinois Institute of Technology) PDF
5:00862 Amperometric Ammonia Sensor Using Polypyrrole and Substituted Polypyrrole with Different Dopants - L.H. Dall'Antonia, M. Vidotti Miyata, S. Cordoba de Torresi (Universidade de Sao Paulo), and R. Torresi (Instituto de Quimica de Sao Carlos) PDF
5:20863 Determination of the Concentration of Gaseous Impurities in Air Using a System of Uncalibrated Sensors of Amperometric Type - V. Chviruk, O. Linyucheva, and O. Buket (National Technical University of Ukraine) PDF

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

Quartz Crystal Devices/Sensor Systems

Co-Chairs: R.A. Hillman and J. Vetelino

8:30864 Kinetics of Redox Switching of Electroactive Polymers Using the Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance. II. Identifying the Rate Limiting Step for the Redox Switch of Poly(vinylferrocene) in Aqueous Sodium Hexafluorophosphate Solutions - I. Jureviciute (Institute of Chemistry,), S. Bruckenstein (University at Buffalo/SUNY), and A.R. Hillman (University of Leicester) PDF
8:50865 Combined QCM and Electrochemical Impedance Measurements for Biosensor Applications - A. Sabot, C. Sumner, and S. Krause (University of Sheffield) PDF
9:10866 A Novel Tool Based on Ac-QCM Transducers for Improving Antigens/Antibodies Interactions. - S. Al-Sana, C. Gabrielli, and H. Perrot (Universite P. et M. Curie) PDF
9:30867 The Application of a Bulk Acoustic Wave Sensor for Pesticide Detection in Liquids - G. Chen, C. Zhang, D. Frankel, R. Bushway, and J. Vetelino (University of Maine) PDF
9:50868 An Acoustic Wave Sensor for Monitoring Ammonium in Water - C. Zhang, C. Kim, P. Millard, and J. Vetelino (University of Maine) PDF
10:10 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:40869 Liquid Dielectric Constant Measurement Based on Thickness Shear Mode Quartz Resonators - C. Zhang and J. Vetelino (University of Maine) PDF
11:00870 Electrochemical Time-of-Flight Investigations of the Diffusion Processes in Complex 2D and 3D Molecular Systems - K. Slowinska, M. Johnson, M. Wittek, G. Moeller, and M. Majda (University of California at Berkeley) PDF
11:20871 Correction of Sensor Inaccuracy Arising from Drift Based on a Signal Processing Technique - S. Jamasb (Conexant Systems Inc. and University of California Irvine), S.D. Collins, and R.L. Smith (University of California Davis) PDF
11:40872 "High Order" Hybrid Sensor Module Based on an Identical Transducer Principle - A. Poghossian (Research Centre Juelich), L. Berndsen (University of Applied Sciences Aachen), J. Schultze (Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry,), H. Lueth (Research Centre Juelich), and M. Schoening (University of Applied Sciences Aachen) PDF

Biological Sensors

Co-Chairs: C.J. Bruckner-Lea and P. Krysinski

2:00873 Flexible, Flat-form, Microfabricated Sensors for Substrate Concentrations and Enzyme Activities - R.P. Buck (University of North Carolina), S. Ufer (Duke University), E. Lindner, R. Gyursanyi (University of Memphis), G. Nagy, and L. Nagy (University of Pecs) PDF
2:20874 Renewable Surface Biosensors with Optical Detection - C. Bruckner-Lea, E. Ackerman, B. Dockendorff, D. Holman, and J. Grate (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) PDF
2:40875 Microscaled Living Bioelectronic Systems-Coupling Beetles to Silicon Transducers - M. Schoening (University of Applied Sciences Aachen), P. Schroth (Research Centre Juelich GmbH), H. Hummel (University Giessen), B. Weibbecker (University Ulm), H. Lueth (Research Centre Juelich GmbH), and S. Schuetz (University Ulm) PDF
3:00876 Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Studies of Bilayer Lipid Membranes Tethered to the Surface of Gold - P. Krysinski, B. Palys, A. Zebrowska (University of Warsaw), and Z. Lotowski (University of Bialystok) PDF
3:20877 Chiral Analysis of Amino Acids Using Composite Bienzyme Biosensors - R. Dominguez, B. Serra, A.J. Reviejo, and J.M. Pingarron (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) PDF
3:40878 Biosensors Based on Protein Adsorption on Nanoporous TiO_2 Films - E. Topoglidis, C.J. Campbell, A.E.G. Cass, and J.R. Durrant (Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine) PDF
4:00 Forty-Minute Intermission
4:40879 Detection Mechanism Of Carbon-Epoxy Enzyme Based Sensors - M. Khurana (Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine), C.P. Winlove (University of Exeter), and D. O'Hare (University of Brighton) PDF
5:00880 Biosensors From Conductive Polymer Transducers and Sol-Gel Encapsulated Bioindicator Molecules - F. Yamagishi, T. Stanford, and C. van Ast (HRL Laboratories, LLC) PDF
5:20881 Simultaneous Voltammetric Determination of Aluminum and Iron in High Salt Content Matrices: Application to Dialysis Fluids - C. Locatelli and G. Torsi (Univ of Bologna) PDF

Continental Ballrooms 4,5,6, Ballroom Level

Student Poster Session

Co-Chairs: P. Vanysek and P.J. Hesketh

o882 Electrochemical Determination Of Interaction Between An Alkylating Anticancer Drug And DNA In Solution And At The Electrode Surface - A. Erdem, K. Kerman, D. Ozkan, O. Kucukoglu, E. Erciyas, and M. Ozsoz (New Mexico State University) PDF
o883 Characterization, Modeling, and Correction of Drift in Complementary pH ISFET's - S. Jamasb (Conextant Systems and University of California, Irvine), S.D. Collins, and R.L. Smith (University of California, Davis) PDF
o884 Mass Transport in Swollen Thermoresponsive Hydrogels: Theoretical Model and Electroanalytical Studies - M. Ciszkowska and W. Zhang (Brooklyn College, CUNY) PDF
o885 Alkali Metal Ion Coordination of Novel Poly(thiophene)s 3,4-Functionalized with Crown-Ether Moieties. - G. Zotti, S. Zecchin, G. Schiavon (Istituto CNR di Polarografia ed Elettrochimica , Preparativa), and A. Berlin (Centro CNR Sintesi e Stereochimica Speciali , Sistemi Organici) PDF
o886 Voltammetric Determination of Chloramphenicol at Electrochemically Activated Carbon Fiber Microelectrodes - L. Agui, P. Yanez-Sedeno, and J.M. Pingarron (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) PDF
o887 Preparation, Characterization and Application of Alkanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers Modified With Tetrathiafulvalene and Glucose Oxidase at a Gold Disk Electrode - S. Campuzano, R. Galvez, M. Pedrero, F.J. Manuel de Villena, and J.M. Pingarron (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) PDF
o888 Theoretical Model of an Acoustic Wave Liquid Conductivity Sensor - C. Zhang and J. Vetelino (University of Maine) PDF
o889 Detection of Ammonia Using a Zirconia-Based Potentiometric Sensor with a Tungsten-Oxide Electrode - D. Kubinski, R. Soltis, J. Visser, and M. Parsons (Ford Research Laboratory) PDF
o890 Tantalum Capacitive Microelectrode Array for a Neural Prosthesis - D. Zhou and B. Greenberg (Second Sight, LLC) PDF
o891 Use of the C-PVC Electrode for the Electrooxidation of Dopamine, Ascorbic Acid and, Uric acid - R. Aguilar, M. Dávila, M.D.L.P. Elizalde, R. Silva (Universidad Autónoma de Puebla), J. Mattusch, and R. Wennrich (Center for Environmental Research) PDF
o892 Study on Hydrogen Detection by Schottky Diode Sensors - H.-I. Chen, Y.-I. Chou, and C.-K. Hsiung (National Cheng Kung University) PDF
o893 Synthesis of SnO2 Nanosized Powder by Mechanochemical Method for Sensing of H2S - U. Kersen (University of Helsinki) PDF
o894 Simultaneous Determination of Phenolic Compounds by Multicomponent Biosensors - R. Freire, M. Ferreira, N. Duran, and L. Kubota (Institute of Chemistry - Unicamp) PDF
o895 Studies of the Permeabilities of Sol-gel Ceramic Films on Glassy Carbon Electrodes to Fe(CN)63-, Fe3+ and Hydroquinone - F. Chen (NUS) PDF
o896 Amperometric Sensors for Determination of Concentration of Hydrogen Halogenids in Environmental Air - V. Chviruk, O. Linyucheva, and E. Zaverach (National Technical University of Ukraine) PDF
o897 Sensor Chip Patterning: Advantages of Micro- and Nanopatterns by Means of Porous Silicon Technology - A. Kurowski, J.W. Schultze (Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet Duesseldorf), H. Lueth, and M.J. Schoening (Research Center Juelich) PDF
o898 Effect of Electrochemical Reduction on the Stability of Complexes of Alkali Metal Ions with Crown Ether Derivatives - J.M.C. Costa (University of Coimbra), P.M.S. Rodrigues (Polytechnic Institute of Guarda), and M.C.C. Costa (Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra) PDF
o899 Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide - H.T. Mishima, S. Pettinichi, H.J. Boggetti (Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero), and E. Pastor (Universidad de la Laguna) PDF
o900 A Novel pH Sensor - L. Galicia, A. Rojas-Hernandez, and M.T. Ramirez-Silva (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Iztapalapa) PDF
o901 Glucose Quantification in Commercial Serums by Means of Amperiometric Bienzimatic Biosensor Based on a Biocomposite Rigid Matrix - B. Rivera (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico), M.T. Ramirez-Silva (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa), and A. Morales-Perez (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) PDF
o902 Enzyme Sensor Based on an Electrochemically Deposited Osmium Redox Polymer - K. Maruyama, Y. Mishima, and J. Motonaka (The University of Tokushima) PDF
o903 Development of Amperometric Immunosensors Using Positively Charged Ferrocene Polymer - M. Yasuzawa, H. Hamada, K. Oga, H. Mitsui, and A. Kunugi (The University of Tokushima) PDF
o904 Porous Silicon Sensors with Membrane Structure for Organic Vapor Sensing - S.J. Kim, S.H. Lee (Kyungnam University), and C.J. Lee (Kunsan National University) PDF
o905 Electropolymerized Fe-Protoporphyrin IX And Cu-Protoporphyrin IX Mimicking Cytochrome-c Oxidase Activity - J.M. Vago, V. Campo Dall' Orto, and I.N. Rezzano (University of Buenos Aires) PDF
o906 Potential Relaxation of the Superionic System Sensitive to CO_2 Concentration - A. Ukshe, L. Leonova (Institut of Problems of Chemical Physics), I. Treglazov (Moscow State University), and Y. Dobrovolsky (Institut of Problems of Chemical Physics) PDF
o907 Fabrication of Chemical Gas Sensing System with Stererlithography - A. Tse, L. Seals, J. Gole, D. Rosen, and P. Hesketh (Georgia Institute of Technology) PDF
o908 Immunosensor for Herbicide 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid - M. Hepel, J. Halamek (State University of New York at Potsdam), and P. Skladal (Masaryk University) PDF

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Yosemite Room C, Grand Ballroom Level

Environmental Sensors/Potentiometric Sensors

Co-Chairs: H.B. Mark and K. Vytras

8:30909 Soybean as an Environmental Biosensor: Action Potentials and Excitation Waves - A. Volkov, J. Mwesigwa, and T. Shvetsova (Oakwood College) PDF
8:50910 Solid Phase Microextraction of Anions of Environmental Interest: Applications of Conducting Polymer Microfiber Electrodes for Injection System for HPLC and FIA - H.B. Mark, Jr., O. Ceylan, T. Gbatu, A. Galal, J.F. Rubinson, and J.A. Caruso (University of Cincinnati) PDF
9:10911 Electropolymerised Architecture Entraping a Trilcunary Keggin-Type Polyoxmetalate for Assembling a Glucose Biosensor - G.L. Turdean ("Babes Bolyai" University), A. Curulli (Centro Studio CNR per l'Elettrochimica e la Chimica Fisica delle Interfasi (CNR-CECFI)), I.C. Popescu, C. Rosu ("Babes Bolyai" University), and G. Palleschi (Università di Roma Tor Vergata) PDF
9:30912 Online Measurement of Glucose in a Rotating Wall Perfused Vessel Bioreactor using an Amperometric Glucose Sensor - Y. Xu, A. Jeevarajan, J. Fay, T. Taylor (Wyle Life Sciences), and M. Anderson (NASA) PDF
9:50913 Polyaniline as A Non-enzymatic Sugar Sensor: Potentiometric Sensors Based on the Inductive Effect on the pKa - E. Shoji and M.S. Freund (California Institute of Technology) PDF
10:10 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:40914 Fabrication and Properties of Needle Type Glucose Sensors Using Electropolymerization Procedure - M. Yasuzawa, T. Yamada, H. Takaoka, S. Inoue, A. Kunugi (The University of Tokushima), and S. Imai (Toyo Precision Parts MFG. Co., Ltd.) PDF
11:00915 Recent Applications of Carbon Paste Electrodes in Potentiometry and Stripping Analysis - K. Vytras, I. Svancara (University of Pardubice), E. Khaled (National Research Centre), J. Jezkova (University of Pardubice), K. Kalcher (Karl-Franzens University), J. Konvalina, and R. Metelka (University of Pardubice) PDF
11:20916 Comparing Different Approaches for Assembling Selective Electrodes for Heavy Metals - I. Turyan, M. Atiya, G. Shustak, and D. Mandler (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) PDF
11:40917 Detection of Glucose by Electroreduction at a Semiconductor Electrode:An Implantable Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensor - S. Khan and S. Shah (Duquesne University) PDF

Sensor Systems

Co-Chairs: D. Burke and M.J. Schoeming

2:00918 Visualization of Micro-Structured Enzyme Patterns Using Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) - M. Mosbach, S. Gaspar, C. Kurzawa, E. Bonsen, E. Csoeregi, and W. Schuhmann (Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum) PDF
2:20919 SECM Imaging of Patterned Mammalian Cells - M. Nishizawa, T. Kaya, K. Takoh, K. Nishimura, Y. Takii, and T. Matsue (Tohoku Universty) PDF
2:40920 Anomalous Responses of Gold Sensor Electrodes Due to the Presence of Metastable Surface States - D. Burke and A. O'Mullane (University College Cork) PDF
3:00921 Interpretation of Variable Diffusivity Observed at the Prussian Blue Electrode during the Insertion/Extraction Processes - L.-C. Chen and K.-C. Ho (National Taiwan University) PDF
3:20922 Prussian Blue and its Analogues for Design of Chemical and Biological Sensors - A. Karyakin, L. Lukachova, and E. Karyakina (M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University) PDF
3:40923 Wiring Efficiency in Layer-by-Layer (PAA-Os)n(GOx)n Self-assembled Glucose Biosensors - E. Calvo, C. Danilowicz, A. Wolosiuk, M. Otero (Universidad de Buenos Aires), E. Forzani, and M. Lopez Teijelo (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba) PDF

Thursday, September 6, 2001

Sensor Systems

Co-Chairs: R.C. Hughes and R.T. Kurnik

8:30924 Particle-based Electrochemical Detection of DNA Hybridization - J. Wang (NMSU) PDF
8:50925 Bio/Nano Sensors - C. Martin, S.B. Lee, B. Raines, D. Mitchell, M. Wirtz, and E. Steinle (University of Florida) PDF
9:10926 Chemical Sensing with an Integrated Preconcentrator/chemiresistor Array - R. Hughes, R. Manginell, and R. Kottenstette (Sandia National Labs) PDF
9:30927 Discrimination Performance and Exploitation of Spatiotemporal Information and Geometric Optimization of Signal/Noise Performance Using Arrays of Carbon Black-Polymer Composite Vapor Detectors - S. Briglin, M. Burl, M. Freund, P. Tokumaru, T. Vaid, and N. Lewis (California Institute of Technology) PDF
9:50928 Development of Polymer Coatings with High Surface-to-volume Ratio for Chemical sensor Application - N. Levit, D. Pestov, and G. Tepper (Virginia Commonwealth University) PDF
10:10 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:40929 Multiwell Microfluidic Plates for Evaporation-controlled Sub-microliter Assays : Design and Results - P. Vanysek, T. Boone, T. Dang, H. Geiger, M. Zhao, C. Klapperich, H. Lee, D. Nicewarner, R. Kurnik, S. Singh, and V. Xiao (ACLARA Biosciences, Inc.) PDF
11:00930 Simulation of Stacking for Concentration of Samples in a MicroFluidic Device - R. Kurnik, T. Boone, I. Gibbons, J. Wei, and S. Williams (ACLARA BioSciences) PDF
11:20931 Electrodes Integrated Microfluidic Plastic Chips - M. Zhao (ACLARA BioSciences Inc.), R.M. Crooks (Texas A&M University), U. Nguyen, and A.J. Ricco (ACLARA BioSciences Inc.) PDF
11:40932 A New Micro-fluidic Device for Protein Separation Fabricated on a Silicon Substrate - H. Ho and Y. Kuo (Texas A&M University) PDF

Sensor Systems

Co-Chairs: E.T. Zellers and N. Yamazoe

2:00933 Ni(salen) Polymer Modified Electrodes as Sensors for Metal Ions - C. Freire, C. Sousa, M. Martins (Faculdade de Ciencias do Porto), R. Hillman, and R. Hillman (University of Leicester) PDF
2:20934 Chemiresistor Vapor Sensor Array Employing Monolayer-Encapsulated Metal (MenM) Nanoclusters - E. Zellers and Q.-Y. Cai (University of Michigan) PDF
2:40935 NO2 Sensing Properties of FET Device Attached with NaNO2-based Binary Auxiliary Phase - S. Nakata, K. Shimanoe, N. Miura, and N. Yamazoe (Kyushu University) PDF
3:00936 Identification of Critical Mass Transport Processes in Solid State Sensors - A. Shapurko (Russian Academy of Sciences), K. Nietering, and R. Soltis (Ford Research Laboratory) PDF
3:20937 The Effect of Tin in Pt Electrode for CO Electrochemical Sensors - K.-I. Tsceng and M.-C. Yang (National Cheng Kung University) PDF
3:40938 On-Line Electrochemical Sensors for Monitoring Time-Dependent Water-polymer Interactions in Industrial Lubricants - V. Lvovich (The Lubrizol Corporation) and M. Smiechowski (Case Western Reserve University) PDF
4:00 Twenty-Minute Intermission
4:20939 RF Sputtered and Sol-gel Prepared Comparison of MoO3-TiO2 Microstructure and Gas Sensing Properties - E. Comini (INFM), K. Galatsis, W. Wlodarski (RMIT University), P. Siciliano, A. Taurino (Istituto per lo Studio di Nuovi Materiali per l'Elettronica), and G. Sberveglieri (INFM) PDF

Friday, September 7, 2001

Semiconductor Sensors/Optical

Co-Chairs: A. Poghossian and C. Boxall

8:30940 Electrodeposition of Poly(1,8-diaminonaphthalene)Films for Toxic Chromate Extraction from Bathing Solution - A. Nasalska and M. Skompska (Warsaw University) PDF
8:50941 Mixed Potential Sensors for CO Monitoring - R. Mukundan, E. Brosha, and F. Garzon (Los Alamos National Laboratory) PDF
9:10942 Mixed Vanadium/Aluminum Oxide Films for Sensing of Organic Compounds - C. Baratto, G. Sberveglieri, I. Ricco (University of Brescia), G. Bernhardt, R. Lad, and J. Vetelino (University of Maine) PDF
9:30943 SnO2 Thin Films Doped or Catalyzed with Mo: Structural and Gas Sensing Properties - E. Zampiceni, E. Bontempi, G. Sberveglieri, and L.E. Depero (INFM and University of Brescia) PDF
9:50944 Detection of Dilute Chlorine Gas Using Indium Oxide Thin Film Sensors - J. Tamaki, E. Nishimura, C. Naruo, Y. Yamamoto, and M. Matsuoka (Ritsumeikan University) PDF
10:10 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:40945 Simulation of Microdisc Problem in Spherical Co-ordinates. Application to Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence - I. Svir, A. Oleinick, and V. Golovenko (Kharkov State Technical University of Radioelectronics) PDF
11:00946 Spectroelectrochemical Sensing Based on Multimode Selectivity Simultaneously Achievable in a Single Device. 12. Characterization of a Channel Waveguide - S. Ross, C. Seliskar, W. Heineman, S. Aryol, and J. Nevin (University of Cincinnati) PDF
11:20947 Photonic Lattices as Diffraction Based Chemical Sensors - R. Bailey, B.-C. Tzeng, X. Dang, G. Mines, K. Walters, and J. Hupp (Northwestern University) PDF
11:40948 The Micro-Optical Ring Electrode: Development of a Novel Electrode for Photo electrochemistry - F. Andrieux, S. Xiao, C. Boxall (University of Central Lancashire), and D. O'Hare (University of Brighton) PDF

Optical Sensors

Co-Chairs: C. Baratto and O. Hatozaki

2:00949 Chemical Sensing for Liquid-Property by Using A Hetero-Core Optic Fiber - K. Hirama, M. Iga, A. Seki, Y. Kubota, and K. Watanabe (SOKA University) PDF
2:20950 Molybdenum Induced Inhibition of Titania Films and Ethanol Sensing Properties - E. Comini, M. Ferroni, V. Guidi, G. Sberveglieri (INFM), A. Vomiero (INFN), and G. Roncarati (INFM) PDF
2:40951 Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) of Ru(bpy)32+ in the Presence of Tripropylamine : Effects of Additives on the ECL Reaction - O. Hatozaki, K. Komori, and N. Oyama (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology) PDF
3:00952 Nanoporous Platinum for Biomedical Sensores - D. Pugh and S. Corcoran (Virginia Technology) PDF
3:20953 Electrochromic Sensor for Hydrogen-Phosphate Ion with Spinel-Type Oxide-Based Thin-Film Electrode - Y. Shimizu, M. Shiotsuka, and S. Takase (Kyushu Institute of Technology) PDF
3:40954 A Porous Silicon Microcavity As An Optical And Electrical Multiparametric Chemical Sensor - C. Baratto (University of Brescia), Z. Gaburro (University of Trento), G. Faglia, G. Sberveglieri (University of Brescia), and L. Pavesi (University of Trento) PDF
4:00 Twenty-Minute Intermission
4:20955 ATR Bioanalytical Sensor with 3D Spatial Resolution - Y. Cheng, J.-H. Tu (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center), and C.-C. Chieng (Tsing-Hua University) PDF

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