2001 Joint International Meeting - the 200th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Inc. and the 52nd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry - San Francisco, California

September 2-7, 2001


I1 - Semiconductor- and Photo-Electrochemistry

ECS Cosponsors - Energy Technology/Industrial Electrolysis and Electrochemical Engineering/Physical Electrochemistry/Battery; ISE Cosponsors - Interfacial Electrochemistry/Electrochemical Energy Conversion

Monday, September 3, 2001

Franciscan C, Ballroom Level

Dye Sensitization

Co-Chairs: B.A. Gregg and N.S. Lewis

2:001073 Electron and Electrolyte Transport in the Dye Sensitized Nanocrystalline Cell - F. Qiu, A. Walker, A. Fisher, A. Savin, and L. Peter (University of Bath) PDF
2:301074 Electron Transfer Dynamics in Nanocrystalline Titanium Dioxide Solar Cells Sensitized with Ruthenium or Osmium Polypyridyl Complexes - D. Kuciauskas, M. Freund, J. Winkler, H. Gray, and N. Lewis (California Institute of Technology) PDF
2:501075 Sensitization of TiO2 by a New Polypyridine Dye. Role of the Electron Donor. - M.C. Bernard, H. Cachet (UPR 15, CNRS, UPMC), P. Falaras (NCSR "Demokritos"), A. Hugot -Le Goff (UPR 15, CNRS, UPMC), T. Stergiopoulos, I. Arabatzis (NCSR "Demokritos"), I. Lukes, and M. Kalbac (Charles University) PDF
3:101076 Highly Porous, High Surface Area TiO_2 for Photovoltaic Applications - J. Pietron and D. Rolison (Naval Research Laboratory) PDF
3:30 Ten-Minute Intermission
3:401077 Electrostatic Layer-by-layer Assembly of Amphoteric Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells - L.A. Samuelson (Natick Soldier Center), J.-A. He, L. Li, R. Mosurkal, and J. Kumar (University of Massachusetts Lowell) PDF
4:101078 A Solid-State TiO2/InHCF Solar Cell with an Output Voltage above 1.0 Volt - L.-C. Chen, Y.-C. Hsu, and K.-C. Ho (National Taiwan University) PDF
4:301079 Dye-sensitized Photoelectrochemcial Cells Based on Nanocrystalline SnO2 Films: Implications on Nature of Charge Recombinations and Transport in Dye-sensitized Semiconductor Nanostructures - K. Tennakone, P. Bandaranayake, V. Jayaweera, J. Bandara (Institute of Fundamental Studies), A. Konno, A. Kumara, and S. Kaneko (Department of Materials Science) PDF
4:501080 The Relationship Between Squaraine Dye Morphology ans Sensitization Behavior on SnS2 Electrodes - B. Parkinson and N. Takeda (Colorado State University) PDF
5:101081 Nanostructured Interfaces in Polymer Based Solar Cells - D. Ginley, B. Gregg, A. Breeze, G. Rumbles, P. Parilla, J. Perkins, and H. Branz (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) PDF

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

Photoelectrochemistry of Silicon

Co-Chairs: L.M. Peter and N.S. Lewis

8:301082 Analysis of the Peak Current Observed During Anodic Dissolution of Si in HF Solutions - M.R.L. Mellier and J.E.A.M. van den Meerakker (Philips Research Laboratories) PDF
9:001083 The Study of Hydrogen Evolution at p-Si (111) by Intensity Modulated Photocurrent Spectroscopy and Light Modulated Microwave Reflectivity - S. Ushiroda, M. Cass, N. Duffy, S. Pennock, A. Walker, and L. Peter (University of Bath) PDF
9:201084 Effects of Interfacial Charge Transfer on the Effective Surface Recombination Velocity of Si/Liquid Contacts - F. Gstrein, D.V. Michalak, W. Royea, and N. Lewis (California Institute of Technology) PDF
9:401085 Metal Deposition onto a Porous Silicon Layer by Immersion Plating from Aqueous and Nonaqueous Solutions - F.A. Harraz, T. Tsuboi, T. Sakka, and Y.H. Ogata (Kyoto University) PDF
10:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:301086 Modification of Si(111) Surfaces with Covalently-Attached Alkyl Chains - A. Bansal, J. Haber, and N. Lewis (California Institute of Technology) PDF
11:001087 Time Domain Impedance Spectroscopy for Probing the Potential Dependent Termination of the Silicon (100) Surface in Aqueous KOH - P. Raisch, W. Haiss, R. Nichols, and D. Schiffrin (The University of Liverpool) PDF
11:201088 Time Resolved Microwave Reflectivity Studies on the photodissolution of n-Si in fluoride solutions - N. Duffy, L. Peter, S. Ushiroda, and S. Pennock (University of Bath) PDF
11:401089 The Effect of Si-doping in Photocatalysts Studied by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Band Bending Theory - M.E. Rincon, W. Martinez (UNAM), and I. Gonzalez (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana - Iztapalapa) PDF

Photoelectrolysis and III-V Materials

Co-Chairs: H. Tributsch and N.S. Lewis

2:001090 Isostructural FeS2 and RuS2 in Solar Cells as Water Oxidation Photocatalysts and as Energy Source for Bacterial Oxidation - H. Tributsch (Hahn-Meitner-Institut) PDF
2:301091 Oxidation and Reduction of Water by Nitrogen-containing Materials in Visible Light - M. Hara, G. Hitoki, A. Kasahara, T. Takata, J. Nomura, and K. Domen (Tokyo Institute of Technology) PDF
2:501092 Visible-light Photocatalysis in Nitrogen-doped Titanium Oxides - R. Asahi, T. Morikawa, T. Ohwaki, K. Aoki, and Y. Taga (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.) PDF
3:101093 Study of Photoelectrochemical Cells for Hydrogen Production by Water Splitting Using CIGS2/CdS Heterojunction - N. Dhere, S. Chavan, C. Linkous (Florida Solar Energy Center), H. Mametsuka, and E. Suzuki (Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth) PDF
3:30 Ten-Minute Intermission
3:401094 Efficient Water Photooxidation at the (100) Face of n-TiO2 (Rutile) Exposed by Photoetching - T. Kisumi, A. Tsujiko, K. Murakoshi, and Y. Nakato (Osaka University) PDF
4:101095 Nondispersive Trap-Limited Electron Transport in Macroporous n-GaP - A. Roest and D. Vanmaekelbergh (Utrecht University) PDF
4:301096 Electrochemical Formation and Properties of n-GaAs / Au and n-GaAs / Ag Schottky Barriers. - W. Gomes, A. De Vrieze, S. Forment, K. Strubbe, and R. Van Meirhaeghe (Universiteit Gent) PDF
4:501097 The Cathodic Decomposition of InP followed by in situ Photoluminescence - A. Etcheberry, E.M. Khoumri, and I. Gerard (Institut Lavoisier) PDF
5:101098 Digital Simulations in Photoelectrochemistry: Simulations of the Steady-State, Transient, and Cyclic Voltammetric Behavior of Semiconducting Photolectrodes - S. Anz, O. Kruger, H. Gajewski, P. Santangelo, and N. Lewis (California Institute of Technology) PDF

Continental Ballrooms 4,5,6, Ballroom Level

Poster Session

Co-Chairs: M.E. Orazem and R.D. McConnell

__1099 Decomposition of Toluene by TiO2-based Photocatalysts Exited with Atmospheric Pressure Plasma - S. Chung, B. Kim, and S. Cho (Sungkyunkwan University) PDF
__1100 Enhanced Characteristics of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells by Modification of TiO2 Films - T.-S. Kang, J.-Y. Yu, M.-J. Joo, S.-H. Moon, and K.-J. Kim (Korea University) PDF
__1101 Electrochemistry of Spin Adduct - S.-Y. Kishioka and A. Yamada (Nagaoka Unversity of Technology) PDF
__1102 Evolution of Nano-Rod Structure of TiO2 by Photoelectrochemical Etching Technique - T. Sugiura, S. Yasuno, T. Yoshida, and H. Minoura (Gifu University) PDF
__1103 Sensitization of TiO2 by a New Polypyridine Dye. Characterization by UV-vis, FTIR, Raman and EI Spectroscopies - I. Arabatzis (Inst. Phys. Chem), M.C. Bernard, H. Cachet (CNRS, UPMC), P. Falaras (Inst. Phys. Chem), A. Hugot -Le Goff (CNRS, UPMC), M. Kalbac, I. Lukes (Charles University), and T. Stergiopoulos (Inst. Phys. Chem) PDF
__1104 Kinetics of Zn-Tetraphenylporphyrin Modified Electrode - M.I. Ionita (SC ZECASIN SA) PDF
__1105 Electrodepostion of ZnX (X=Se, Te) Semicondcutor Thin Films - G. Riveros, R. Henriquez, R. Schrebler (Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso), E. Dalchiele, R. Marotti (Instituto de Fisica), and H. Gomez (Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso) PDF
__1106 Isolation of Hydrogen from Water by Sonophotocatalysis Using Alternating Irradiation Method - H. Harada (Meisei University) and A. Kudo (Science University of Tokyo) PDF
__1107 ELectrodeposited CIS and CIGS THin-Film Photocatalysts for Hydrogen Production by Photoelectrolysis - S. Joseph, E. Calixto (Energy Research Center - UNAM), and R. Bhattacharya (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) PDF
__1108 Poly(p-phenylene terpthal-amide) Film as a Matrix FIlm for Electrochemic V2O5 and the Improvement of the ECD Properties - J. Yano, T. Hirayama (University of East Asia), S. Yamasaki, and S. Yamazaki (Yamaguchi University) PDF
__1109 Photo-Oxidative Degradation of Azo Dyes on Transition Metal Oxide Electrodes - M. Hepel and J. Luo (State University of New York at Potsdam) PDF

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Franciscan C, Ballroom Level

Nanostructures and Electrodeposition

Co-Chairs: D. Vanmaekelbergh and B.A. Parkinson

8:301110 Probing the Single-Electron Energy Spectrum of Electrodeposited Semiconductor Q-dots - Z. Hens (Utrecht University), E. Stoffels (Nijmegen University), and D. Vanmaekelbergh (Utrecht University) PDF
9:001111 Fluorescence Studies of Semiconductor Nanoparticle Modified Electrodes - J. Riley and L. Tull (University of Bristol) PDF
9:201112 Electron-Beam Induced Carbon Patterns Used as Mask for the Cadmium Sulfide Deposition on Si(100) - T. Djenizian (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg), B. Petite, L. Santinacci (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-Lausanne), and P. Schmuki (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) PDF
9:401113 Using an Electrochemical Field Effect Transistor to Determine Electron Mobilities in Quantum Dot Layers - A. Roest, D. Vanmaekelbergh (Utrecht University), and E. Meulenkamp (Philips Research Eindhoven) PDF
10:00 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:301114 Compound Deposition by Electrochemical Atomic Layer Epitaxy (EC-ALE) - J. Stickney, K. Varazo, B. Flowers, L. Ward, and R. Vaidyanathan (University of Georgia) PDF
11:001115 Photo-assisted Electrodeposition of CdTe Film from Basic Aqueous Electrolytes - K. Murase, M. Matsui, T. Hitaro, and Y. Awakura (Kyoto University) PDF
11:201116 Electrodeposition and Characterization of CuInS_2 Thin Films Used in Aprotic Electrochemical Photovoltaic Cells - F. Payment and B. Marsan (Universite du Quebec a Montreal) PDF
11:401117 Photoelectrochemical Characterization of High-Ga Content CIGS2 Thin Films - N. Dhere (Florida Solar Energy Center), J. Turner, A. Fernandez (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), H. Mametsuka, and E. Suzuki (Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth) PDF


Co-Chairs: K. Rajeshwar and B.A. Parkinson

2:001118 Template Synthesis of Semiconductor and Metal-Semiconductor Composites for Photoelectrochemical Applications - N. de Tacconi, K. Rajeshwar, C. Schwartz, and H. Arnott (The University of Texas at Arlington) PDF
2:301119 Fabrication and Electrochemical Characterization of Langmuir-Schaefer Films of Nafion/TiO2 Composite - P. Bertoncello (M&O Science and Technologies), H. Ding, M.K. Ram (Polo Nazionale di Bioelettronica), and C. Nicolini (M&O Science and Technologies) PDF
2:501120 The Rapid Assessment of Pigment Photoactivity - J. Searle (University of Wales Swansea) and D. Worsley (University of Wales, Swansea) PDF
3:101121 Detection of Superoxide Radicals on the Surface of Illuminated TiO2 Powders by Luminol in Air - Y. Nosaka, M. Nakamura, and T. Hirakawa (Nagaoka University of Technology) PDF
3:30 Ten-Minute Intermission
3:401122 Heterogeneous Titania-Based Photocatalytic Reduction of Tl(I) Ions: Novel Adsorption and Additive Effects - P. Kajitvichyanukul, R. Chenthamarakshan, K. Rajeshwar, and S. Qasim (The University of Texas at Arlington) PDF
4:101123 A Novel Semiconductor Nano-Patterning Approach Using AFM-Scratching Through Thin Oxide Layers - L. Santinacci (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne), T. Djenizian, and P. Schmuki (University of Erlangen) PDF
4:301124 Semiconductivity of Cr-Oxide Films Deposited on Stainless Steel - A.M. Simoes (Instituto Superior Tecnico), M.J. Carmezim (Instituto Politecnico de Setubal), M.O. Figueiredo (Univeristy Nova de Lisboa), and M.D.C. Belo (Instituto Superior Tecnico) PDF
4:501125 Molecular Level Pathways to Synthesis of High Quality Compound Semiconductor Films - S. Menezes (InterPhases Research) PDF
5:101126 Separation of CdTe and CdS Films from PV Modules - S. Menezes (InterPhases Research) PDF

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