2001 Joint International Meeting - the 200th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Inc. and the 52nd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry - San Francisco, California

September 2-7, 2001


L1A - Thin Film Materials, Processes and Reliability: Patterning of Low- and High-k Films and Damage Control in ULSI Device Fabrication

ECS Cosponsors - Dielectric Science and Technology/Electronics

Monday, September 3, 2001

Continental Parlor 7, Ballroom Level

Plasma Damage

Co-Chairs: M. Yang and M. Engelhardt

10:401292 Effects of Arsenic Concentration Profile on Electric Properties of Gate Oxide in MOS Devices - K.-S. Chang-Liao (National Tsing Hua Univ.) and C.-S. Chuang (Nat'l Tsing Hua Univ.) PDF
11:001293 Suppression of Plasma Charging Damage in MOSFETs with Gate Oxynitride by Two-step Nitridation - P.-J. Tzeng, B.-F. Wu, and K.-S. Chang-Liao (National Tsing Hua University) PDF
11:201294 Effects of Ion Bombardment on Developed Photoresist Morphology during Reactive Etch Processes for sub 0.25 micron Semiconductor Devices - M. Naeem, R. Wise (IBM Microelectronics Division), T. Wang (Cypress Semiconductor), G. Worth, D. Dobuzinsky (IBM Microelectronics Division), Z. Lu (Infineon Technologies), and H. Abdul-Ridha (Conexant) PDF
11:401295 Plasma Charging Damage Performance Assessment with Scaled-up Process From 200 mm To 300 mm Dielectric Etch Chambers - S. Ma, C. Bjorkman, B. Mays, T. Kropwenicki, T. Feng, Q. Li, U. Dadu, M. Chang, and H. Shan (Dielectric Etch Division) PDF

Plasma Processes

Co-Chairs: G.S. Mathad and M.D. Naeem

2:001296 Electrical Properties of Tantalum Oxide Films on Plasma Nitrided Silicon Substrates - Y.-S. Lai and J.-S. Chen (National Cheng Kung University) PDF
2:201297 Patterning with 193nm Resists - V. Bakshi, G. Smith, T. Alzaben, J. Beach, K. Spurlock, R. Berger, S.-T.L. Dorris, D. Holladay, and J. Woehl (International SEMATECH) PDF
2:401298 Impact of Chemistry and Process Kit Characteristics on Etch Rate Non-Uniformities in Pattern Transfer - M. Engelhardt (Infineon Technologies) PDF
3:001299 Effective Dual Damascene Process using IMD film Gap Fill Properties for Deep Sub-micron interconnects Technologies. - S.-K. lee, H.-K. Ryu, C.-H. Park, S.-I. Kim, J.-W. Kim, I.-W. Kim, and H.-K. Yoon (Hyundai Electronics Industries Co. Ltd) PDF
3:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission
3:401300 Effect of CHF3 Addition on RIE Process of Aluminum Using Inductive Coupled Plasma - S. Saito, K. Sugita (Chiba University), and J. Tonotani (Toshiba Corporation) PDF
4:001301 Atomic Layer Etching of Si(100) for Reducing Etching Damage - B. Kim, S. Chung, and S. Cho (Sungkyunkwan University) PDF
4:201302 Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching of PbZrXTi1XO3Thin Films in Cl2C2F6 and HBr plasmas - C.W. Chung, Y.H. Byun, and H.I. Kim (Inha University) PDF

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