2001 Joint International Meeting - the 200th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Inc. and the 52nd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry - San Francisco, California

September 2-7, 2001


O1 - Seventh International Symposium on Cleaning Technology in Semiconductor Device Manufacturing

ECS Cosponsors - Electronics/Dielectric Science and Technology

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

Franciscan Room A, Ballroom Level

Organic Contamination and Removal, and BEOL Processing

Co-Chairs: J. Ruzyllo and T. Ohmi

2:001405 Influence of Molecular Weight of Organic Contaminants upon Adsorption Behaviors onto Silicon Surfaces - M. Nagase, M. Kitano, Y. Wakayama, Y. Shirai, and T. Ohmi (Tohoku University) PDF
2:201406 The Removal of Organic Contamination by O3/DI-water Processes: A Theoretical Study - F. De Smedt, H. Vankerckhoven, C. Vinckier (University of Leuven), S. De Gendt, M. Claes, and M. Heyns (IMEC) PDF
2:401407 Impact of Organic Contamination on Device Performance - D. Riley (International SEMATECH), J. Guan (Advanced Micro Devices), G. Gale (Tokyo Electron America, Inc.), G. Bersuker, J. Bennett, P. Lysaght, and B. Nguyen (International SEMATECH) PDF
3:001408 Removal Of Light And Heavy Organics By Ozone Processes - A. Sehgal and M.R. Yalamanchili (SCP Global Technologies, Inc.) PDF
3:201409 Surface Preparation Challenges with Cu/Low-k Damascene Structures - B.K. Kirkpatrick (Texas Instruments) PDF
3:501410 Post Etch/Ash Cleaning of Dual Damascene Structures: Single Wafer Megasonics with STG Dry - Y. Fan and B. Fraser (Verteq, Inc.) PDF
4:101411 Removal of Photoresist by O3DI-Water Processes: Determination of Degradation Products - H. Vankerckhoven, F. Desmedt, C. Vinckier (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), B. Vanherp, M. Claes, S. Degendt, and M. Heyns (IMEC) PDF
4:301412 Corrosive Behavior of Tungsten in EKC265 Solution - H. Zhang (National University of Singapore), J.H. Ye (Institute of Materials Research and Engineering), B.H. Chen (National University of Singapore), Y.M. Chooi, and C.L. Cha (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd) PDF
4:501413 Ozonated HF Applications in a Spray Processing Tool - M. Claes, E. Rohr, S. De Gendt, M. Heyns (IMEC vzw.), S. Lagrange, and E. Bergman (Semitool Inc.) PDF

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Metals Removal

Co-Chairs: R.E. Novak and D. Riley

9:401414 A Study of Metallic Contamination Removal and Addition Using Modified SC-1 Solutions - C. Beaudry (Applied Materials), H. Morinaga (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation), and S. Verhaverbeke (Applied Materials) PDF
10:001415 Engineering Tools for Designing a Metallic Removal Solution - S. Verhaverbeke (Applied Materials) PDF
10:301416 Different Adsorption Behaviors of Platinum Group Metals on Silicon Surfaces - G.-M. Choi, K. Kitami, I. Yokoi, and T. Ohmi (Tohoku University) PDF
10:501417 Co-deposition Mechanism of Trace Cu and Fe on H-Si(100) Surface in Buffered Fluoride Solutions - T. Homma, T. Kono, T. Osaka (Waseda University), M. Chemla (University P. & M. Curie), and V. Bertagna (University of Orleans) PDF
11:101418 Micro-contaminations of Copper and Silver on Silicon Wafer Surfaces - X. Cheng, C. Gu, C.-J. Lin, and Z.-D. Feng (Xiamen University) PDF
11:201419 Ionic Contamination of the Silicon Wafer from Wafer Cleaning Process - H. Omoregie, S. Buffat, and D. Sinha (SCP Global Technologies) PDF
11:401420 Titanium and Cobalt Etching by SC1 and SC2 in VLSI Technology - L. Liu, A. Walter, and S. Bay (Mattson Technology, Inc) PDF

Particle Removal and Oxide Build-Up

Co-Chairs: T. Hattori and S. Verhaverbecke

2:001421 Optimization of a Brush Scrubber for Nano-Particles - K. Xu, R. Vos, S. Arnauts (IMEC vzw), W. Schaetzlein, U. Speh (Mattson), and P. Mertens (IMEC vzw) PDF
2:201422 Sub 100nm Particle Removal with Deionized Water and A Megasonic Frequency of 835kHz - J. Lauerhaas, K. Xu, G. Vereecke, R. Vos, K. Kenis, P. Mertens (IMEC vzw), Y. Wu, T. Nicolosi (Verteq, Inc.), and M. Heyns (IMEC vzw) PDF
2:401423 Effect of H2O2 and IPA Addition in Dilute HF Solutions on Surface Etching and Particle Removal Efficiency - D.-H. Eom (Hanyang University), H.-S. Song (Dong-Woo Fine-Chem. Co. Ltd.), and J.-G. Park (Hanyang University) PDF
3:001424 Evaluation of New Megasonic System for Single Wafer Cleaning - K. Takeuchi, A. Tomozawa, A. Onishi, A. Tanzawa (Hitachi Tohbu Semiconductor Ltd.), T. Azuma, S.-I. Umemura (Hitachi Ltd.), Y. Wu, M. Bran, and B. Frazer (Verteq, Inc.) PDF
3:201425 Activity of HF Solutions and Particle Removal Using HF Solutions - S. Nelson, J. Sabol, and K. Christenson (FSI International Inc.) PDF
3:401426 A New Approach for Study of Particle Adhesion and Removal Relevant to Post CMP Cleaning - L. Su-Youn, L. Sang-Ho (Hanyang University), S. Hyung-Soo (Dongwoo Fine Chem, R&D Center), and P. Jin-Goo (Hanyang University) PDF
4:001427 Effect of Wafer Backside on Particle Addition Behaviour of HF-RCA Sequence - M. Strada, D. Lodi, E. Bellandi, and M. Alessandri (STMicroelectronics) PDF
4:201428 Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Studies of the Growth of Chemical Oxide in SC1 and SC2 - P. Sebastien, G. Francois, B. Kathy (STMicroelectronics), R. Nicolas, R. Dominique (DTS/SCPC CEA Grenoble), and B. valerie (Universite d'Orleans) PDF
4:401429 Electrochemical Study of Ultra-Thin Silicon Oxides - B. Valerie, E. Rene (Universite d'Orleans), P. Sebastien, L. Didier (STMicroelectronics), and C. Marius (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie) PDF

Thursday, September 6, 2001

Novel Non-Aqueous Cleaning Techniques

Co-Chairs: B. Kirkpatrick and M. Heyns

8:301430 A Surface Chemistry Approach to the Development of Gas Phase Wafer Cleaning Processes - A. Muscat, C. Finstad, A. Thorsness, and G. Montano-Miranda (University of Arizona) PDF
9:001431 Vacuum Clustered Dry Cleaning for Pre-Gate Surface Preparation - B. Schwab, R. Gifford, and J. Butterbaugh (FSI International, INC.) PDF
9:201432 Etching of Silicon Native Oxide Using Ultra Slow Multicharged Arq Ions - V. Le Roux, G. Machicoane, G. Borsoni, M. Korwin-Pawlowski, N. Bechu, S. Kerdiles, R. Laffitte, L. Vallier (X-ion), P. Roman, and J. Ruzyllo (Pennsylvania State University) PDF
9:401433 Gas-Phase Surface Conditioning in a High-k Gate Stack Cluster - P. Roman (PRIMAXX, Inc.), D.-O. Lee, J. Wang, C.-T. Wu, V. Subramanian (Pennsylvania State University), M. Brubaker, P. Mumbauer, R. Grant (PRIMAXX, Inc.), and J. Ruzyllo (Pennsylvania State University) PDF
10:001434 Effect of Composition and Post-Deposition Annealing on the Etch Rate of Hafnium and Zirconium Silicates in Dilute HF - J. Chambers, A. Rotondaro, M. Bevan, M. Visokay, and L. Colombo (Silicon Technology Research) PDF
10:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:401435 Effects of Supercritical CO2 on the Electrical Characteristics of Semiconductor Devices - C. O'Murchu, A. Mathewson (NMRC), and E. Francais (Separex) PDF
11:001436 CryoKinetic Cleaning on Cu/Low-k Dual Damascene Structures - B. Kirkpatrick, E. Williams, S. Lavangkul (Texas Instruments), and J. Butterbaugh (FSI International) PDF
11:201437 Estimation of Evaporating Water Film Thickness During Different Drying Processes - W. Fyen, F. Holsteyns, P. Mertens (Imec), J. Lauerhaas (Verteq Inc.), and M. Heyns (Imec) PDF
11:401438 Influence of Ambient Oxygen and Moisture on the Growth of Native Oxide on Silicon Surfaces in Mini-environments - K. Saga, H. Kuniyasu, and T. Hattori (Sony Corporation) PDF

Novel Non-Aqueous Cleaning Strategies

Co-Chairs: R.L. Opila and A.J. Muscat

2:001439 Single-Wafer Spin Cleaning with Repetitive Use of Ozonized Water and Dilute HF "SCROD" - T. Osaka, A. Okamoto, H. Kuniyasu, and T. Hattori (Sony corporation) PDF
2:301440 Effect of pH Values in Ozonized Ultrapure Water on Cleaning Efficiency - I. Yokoi, G.-M. Choi, and T. Ohmi (Tohoku University) PDF
2:501441 Advanced Single Chemistry Alkaline Cleaning in a STEAG Single Tank Tool - B. Onsia (IMEC), E. Schellkes (Mattson Wet Products), R. Vos, S. De Gendt (IMEC), O. Doll, A. Fester, B. Kolbesen (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University), M. Hoffman (Ashland Specialty Chemical), Z. Hatcher (SEZ America), K. Wolke (Mattson Wet Products), P. Mertens, and M. Heyns (IMEC) PDF
3:101442 The Effect of Surfactants in Dilute HF Solutions - M. Jackson (Rochester Institute of Technology), C. Spivey, B. Hong, and E. Mori (General Chemical Corp.) PDF
3:301443 Diluted NH4F-Based Wet Chemistry for Pre-Gate Clean - J.H. Ye, T.H. Bok (Institute of Materials Research and Engineering), S.F.Y. Li, E. Teo, D. Poon, B.J. Cho (National University of Singapore), A. See, S.Y.M. Chooi, and L. Chan (Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd,) PDF
3:501444 Improved Post-Etch Via Clean with Fluoride-based Semi-Aqueous Chemistry Using an Intermediate Rinse - J. Diedrick, M. Fussy (FSI International), R. Small, and W. Robertson (EKC Technology) PDF
4:101445 Improvement of SC-1 Bath Stability by Complexing Agents - H. Saloniemi, T. Visti, S. Eranen (VTT Electronics), A. Kiviranta (VTT Chemical Technology), and O. Anttila (Okmetic Oyj) PDF
4:301446 Advanced Pre-Gate Cleans for High Quality Ultra-Thin Oxides and Nitrided Gate Stacks - E. Baiya, J. Rosato (SCP Global Technologies), D. Acock, and J. Smythe (ZiLOG, INC) PDF
4:501447 Prevention of Si Etching in Diluted SC1 Solutions - E. Bellandi, M. Strada, D. Lodi, M. Alessandri, F. Pipia, S. Petitdidier, and D. Levy (STMicroelectronics) PDF
5:101448 New Short Cycle Wet Cleaning Concept for a 300 mm Fabrication Line - S. Verhaverbeke and K. Truman (Applied Materials) PDF
5:401449 InSitu Pre-Epi Clean Process for Next Generation Devices - I. Kashkoush, G. Chen, R. Ciari, and R. Novak (Akrion LLC) PDF

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