2001 Joint International Meeting - the 200th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Inc. and the 52nd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry - San Francisco, California

September 2-7, 2001


Q1 - Fullerene Nanotechnology

ECS Cosponsor - Fullerenes

Monday, September 3, 2001

Franciscan Room D, Ballroom Level

Co-Chairs: M. Takata and D. Guldi

10:401484 Well-defined Polymer Grafted Fullerene C60 - M. Claude, A. Fabrice, N. Richard, and P. Claude (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) PDF
11:051485 Comparable Study of Fullerene, Diamond, Graphite and Other Carbon Powders - O. Voronov, G. Tompa, P. Yan (Diamond Materials Inc.), B. Kear (Rutgers University), K. Livi (Johns Hopkins University), and R. Loutfy (Materials & Electrochemical Research (MER)Corporation) PDF
11:301486 Alkali-Specific Effects on the Spin Susceptibilty of Fullerides - S. Garaj, T.-N. Le, and L. Forro (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) PDF

Co-Chairs: L. Degiorgi and C. Mathis

2:001487 A New Solution Route to the Synthesis of Lanthanide Fullerides - Y. Dubitsky (Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi S.p.A.), P. Durand, M. Rosseinsky, I. Watts (University of Liverpool), and A. Zaopo (Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi S.p.A.) PDF
2:251488 The Novel Structure of Ih-La2@C80 - M. Takata, E. Nishibori, M. Sakata, A. Taninaka, and H. Shinohara (Nagoya University) PDF
2:501489 Isolation and Characterization of a Fourth Fullerene C78 Isomer - K. Yamamoto (Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation) PDF
3:151490 Electrochemical Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Electrodes and the Development of Chemical/Biosensors - J. Li, A. Cassell (Eloret Corporation), L. Delzeit (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), C. Nguyen, J. Han (Eloret Corporation), and M. Meyyappan (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) PDF
3:40 Twenty-Minute Intermssion
4:001491 Template Synthesis and Electrochemical Study of Carbon Nanotube Array Electrodes - J. Zhao, C. Gu, and Y. Yang (Xiamen University) PDF
4:251492 Charge Dynamics of Fullerenes and Nanotubes - L. Degiorgi, B. Ruzicka (ETH Zurich), and L. Forro' (EPF-Lausanne) PDF
4:501493 Electrochemical Properties and Applications of Carbon Nanotube Electrodes - J. Barisci, G. Wallace (University of Wollongong), and R. Baughman (Honeywell Int) PDF
5:151494 Electron Transport in Carbon Based Nanostructured Materials - S. Stafstrom, A. Hansson, M. Hjort, and M. Paulsson (Linkoping University) PDF

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

Co-Chairs: K. Hummelen and D. Guldi

8:301495 Materials Based on Fullerene Derivatives - M. Prato (University of Trieste) PDF
8:551496 Fullerene-Containing Liquid-Crystalline Polymers - R. Deschenaux (Universite de Neuchatel) PDF
9:201497 Derivatives of C60F18: Annulenic Fullerenes - R. Taylor, X.-W. Wei, A. Abdul-Sada (Sussex University), O. Boltalina (Moscow State University), A. Darwish (Sussex University), and J. Street (Southampton University) PDF
9:451498 Practical and Mechanistic Aspects of Electrochemically-Induced Reactions of Fullerenes - L. Echegoyen, M. Carano, and R. Alvarado (University of Miami) PDF
10:10 Thirty-Minute Intermission
10:401499 Redox Properties of Multiply-charged Fullerene Oligoadducts - M. Carano (Universita' di Bologna), T. Da Ros (Universita' di Trieste), M. Marcaccio (Universita' di Bologna), M. Prato (Universita' di Trieste), F. Paolucci, S. Roffia (Universita' di Bologna), and K. Kordatos (Universita' di Trieste) PDF
11:051500 Recent Advances in Donor-C60 Systems based on Pyrazoline[60]Fullerene. - F. Langa, E. Baraja, P. de la Cruz, J.L. Delgado, E. Espildora, M.J. Gomez-Escalonilla, and V. Lopez-Arza (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha) PDF
11:301501 Synthesis and Properties of Multiple C60/extended-TTF Systems - L. Sanchez, M.C. Diaz, B. Illescas, N. Martin (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), and D.M. Guldi (University of Notre Dame) PDF

Co-Chairs: L. Echegoyen and R. Deschenaux

2:001502 Fullerodendrimers with Peripheral Triethyleneglycol Chains: Synthesis, Photophysical Properties and Incorporation in Sol-Gel Glasses for Optical Limiting Applications - J.-F. Nierengarten (IPCMS - GMO - CNRS) PDF
2:251503 Subphthalocyanine-Fullerene Dyads and Related Systems - T. Torres and D. Gonzalez-Rodriguez (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) PDF
2:501504 Triplet State Properties of N-mTEG[60]Fulleropyrrolidine Mono and Bisadduct Derivatives in Fullerene Symposium - K. Kordatos, T. Da Ros, M. Prato (Universita di Trieste), S. Leach (Observatoire de Meudon), E.J. Land (Paterson Institute for Cancer Research), and R.V. Bensasson (Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle) PDF
3:151505 Fullerenes as Components of Artificial Photosynthetic Constructs - D. Gust, T.A. Moore, A.L. Moore, P.A. Liddell, G. Kodis, L. de la Garza (Arizona State University), J.S. Lindsey, and P.C. Clausen (North Carolina State University) PDF
3:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission
4:001506 Porphyrin-Fullerene Interaction in Solution and Solid: Dynamics of the Electron Transfer - N. Tkachenko, V. Vehmanen, T. Kesti (Tampere University of Technology), H. Imahori, S. Fukuzumi (Osaka University), and H. Lemmetyinen (Tampere University of Technology) PDF
4:251507 Charge-Transfer in Fullerene Porphyrin Ensembles - D. Guldi, A. Swartz, C. Luo (University of Notre Dame), M. Prato (Universita di Trieste), M. Scheloske, and A. Hirsch (Universitat Erlangen) PDF
4:501508 Porphyrin-Fullerene Linked System as Artificial Photosynthetic Model - H. Imahori, S. Fukuzumi (Osaka University), D. Guldi, C. Luo (University of Notre Dame), O. Ito, and M. Fujitsuka (Tohoku University) PDF
5:151509 Fullerene as an Electron Acceptor in Photoinduced Intra- and Interlayer Electron Transfer in LB Films - N. Tkachenko, V. Vehmanen, E. Vuorimaa, A. Efimov, R. Heczko, and H. Lemmetyinen (Tampere University of Technology) PDF

Continental Ballrooms 4,5,6, Ballroom Level

Poster Session

Co-Chairs: D. Guldi and R. Deschenaux

o1510 Palladium Electrodeposition on Cabon Multowall Nanotubes - V. Lazarescu (Institute of Physical Chemistry "I.G. Murgulescu"), C. Taschner, and L. Dunsch (Institute of Solid State and Material Research) PDF
o1511 Thermal Ionization in the Fluorofullerene Vapors - D. Ponomarev, O. Boltalina, A. Borshchevsky, and L. Sidorov (Moscow State University) PDF
o1512 Behavior of Hexagonal Close Packed Metastable Phase of Fullerite C60 under Pressure - I.V. Arkhangelskii, E.V. Skokan, E.P. Pavlova, N.N. Stepin, Y.A. Velikodnyi, N.V. Chelovskaya, N.B. Tamm, D.E. Izotov, and L.N. Sidorov (Lomonosov Moscow State University) PDF
o1513 Electron Affinity of Some Conventional and Trimetallic Nitride Endohedral Metallofullerenes - L.N. Sidorov, O.V. Boltalina, I.N. Ioffe, A.S. Ievlev (Moscow State University), H.C. Dorn (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), S. Stevenson (Luna NanoMaterials), and R.D. Bolscar (TDA Research, Inc.) PDF
o1514 Computer Simulation of Possible Hydrogen Atoms Storage in Single-Wall Closed Carbon Nanotube - V. Eltekov (Moscow State University) PDF
o1515 Model Narrow Nanotubes Related to C36, C32 and C20: Computational Structural Sampling - Z. Slanina (Institute of Chemistry) and F. Uhlik (Charles University) PDF
o1516 Supercapacitors Based on Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Electrodes - Y. Maksimov, N. Suetin, and M. Timofeyev (Moscow State University) PDF
o1517 Functionalized Cage Compounds: Computed NMR Shifts and Their Applications - Z. Slanina and T.J. Chow (Institute of Chemistry) PDF

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Franciscan Room D, Ballroom Level

Co-Chairs: N. Tkachenko and H. Imahori

8:301518 Electron Spin State of an Inclusion Complex of a Cyclic Dimer of Metalloporphyrin with Metallofullerene - T. Kato, N. Toyama (Institute for Molecular Science), T. Akasaka (University of Tsukuba), K. Tashiro, and T. Aida (The University of Tokyo) PDF
8:551519 New Fullerene Materials in Donor-Acceptor Photoactive Layers Expode Bulk-Heterojunction Principles - K. Hummelen (University of Groningen) PDF
9:201520 Unimolecular Rectifiers - R.M. Metzger (University of Alabama) PDF
9:451521 Photoinduced Intramolecular Multielectron Transfer in Starburst Hexadecaaniline Derivative of C60 - T. Canteenwala, S. Patil, P. Padmawar, M. Halder, and L. Chiang (National Taiwan University) PDF
10:10 Thirty-Minute Intermssion
10:401522 Electron Transfer from Biological System to Dioxygen Mediated by Fullerene Derivative - T. Mashino, N. Usui (Kyoritsu College of Pharmacy), K. Okuda, T. Hirota (Okayama University), and M. Mochizuki (Kyoritsu College of Pharmacy) PDF
11:051523 Aminoacid-linked C60 Fullerene Derivatives as Novel Inhibitors of Nitric Oxide Synthase - A. Papoiu, D. Wolff (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey), and S. Wilson (New York University) PDF
11:301524 A Monoclonal Anti-Fullerene Antibody Binds Single Wall Nanotubes (SWNTs) - B.F. Erlanger, B.-X. Chen (Columbia University), S.R. Wilson (New York University), M. Zhu, and L. Brus (Columbia University) PDF

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