202nd Meeting - Salt Lake City, UT

October 20-25, 2002


C1 - Battery/Energy Technology Joint General Session

Battery/Energy Technology

Monday October 21, 2002

Imperial Ballroom C, Main Level, Grand America Hotel

Novel Chemistries & Synthesis

Co-Chairs: W. van Schalkwijk and B. Barnett

10:0061 Pseudo Storage of Hydrogen and its Regeneration by Applying the Redox of Modified Iron Oxide - K. Otsuka, T. Kaburagi, C. Yamada, and S. Takenaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
10:1562 Methanol Tolerant Electro catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Using Non-Platinum Macro Cycles for Fuel Cell Cathode - P. Atanassov and S. Mukherjee (University of New Mexico)
10:3063 Preparation of Carbon-Supported LaMn03 Electrocatalyst by Reverse Homogenous Precipitation Method - N. Yamazoe, S. Imaizumi, K. Shimanoe, Y. Teraoka, and N. Miura (Kyushu University)
10:4564 Lightweight Hydride Forming Materials for Rechargeable RECHARGEABLE NiMH Batteries - M. Ouwerkerk, D. Beelen, H. van Hal, and W. Keur (Philips Research Laboratories)
11:0065 Synthesis of Lightweight Materials for Electrodes in NiMH Batteries - D. Beelen, H. van Hal, W. Keur, and M. Ouwerkerk (Philips Research Laboratories)
11:1566 Formation and Electrochemical Behavior of Iron Oxides as Supercapacitor material - K.W. Chung and K.B. Kim (Yonsei University)
11:3067 A Boron-Based Anion Receptor Additive to Improve the Thermal Stability of LiPF6-Based Electrolyte for Lithium Batteries - X. Sun, H.S. Lee, X.Q. Yang, and J. McbReen (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Programs, Systems, and Analysis

Co-Chairs: S. Baxter and W. van Schalkwijk

2:0068 Environmental Burdens of Large Lithium-Ion Batteries Developed in a Japanese National Project - K. Ishihara, N. Kihira, N. Terada, and T. Iwahori (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI))
2:1569 Battery Recycling in the U.S. - R.J. Brodd (Broddarp of Nevada, Inc.)
2:3070 Prospects on the Application of PEM Fuel Cell System in China - Z.-F. Ma (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
2:4571 A Fuel Cell Monitoring and Control System for a Personal Mobility Vehicle - R. Fields, E.J. Rowley, M. Wilson, and C. Zawodzinski (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
3:0072 Meso-scale Vapor Feed Direct Methanol Fuel Cells - J. Wainright, A. Venkatesan, and R. Savinell (Case Western Reserve University)
3:15 Thirty-Minute Intermission -
3:4573 Lithium-Limited Batteries For Implantable Cardioverter- Defibrillators - A. Crespi, S. Somdahl, K. Hokanson, M. Jain, and P. Skarstad (Medtronic, Inc.)
4:0074 Further Experiments on a Single-Chamber Solid Oxide Fuel Cell - T.W. Napporn (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal), F. Morin (Institut de Recherche d'Hydro-Quebec), and M. Menier (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal)
4:1575 Aluminum/Air Electric Vehicle Life Cycle Analysis - S. Yang and H. Knickle (University of Rhode Island)
4:3076 Performance Testing of Commercial Ultracapacitors using PNFV (FreedomCAR) Power Assist Test Procols - R. Wright, D. Jamison, J. Belt (INEEL), and T. Duong (U.S. Department of Energy)
4:4577 A Dynamic Lumped Parameter Pulsed Power Predictive Battery Model - J.L. Morrison (Montana Tech), D.L. Suhr (University of Arizona), and R. Fenton (Montana Tech)
10:0078 A Novel Air Electrode - L. Mao, K. Arihara (Tokyo Institute of Technology), T. Sotomura (Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.), and T. Ohsaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
10:1579 Gas-Diffsion Electrode using the Electrophoresis - N. Furuya (Yamanashi University)
10:3080 Development of Cathode Electrode for PEM Fuel Cell using Pulse Electrodeposition - H. Kim, B. Haran, and B. Popov (University of South Carolina)
10:4581 Performance of Co Coated Nickel Cathode Prepared by Tape Casting for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells - P. Ganesan, H. Colon-Mercado, B. Haran, R. White, and B. Popov (University of South Carolina)
11:0082 Material and Electrochemical Characterization of Manganese Oxide Thin Films Fabricated by ESD Technique for Supercapacitor Application - K.-W. Nam and K.-B. Kim (Yonsei University)
11:1583 Ruthenium Oxide Thin Film Electrode With High Rate Capability For Supercapacitor Application - I.-H. Kim and K.-B. Kim (Yonsei University)
11:3084 Structural and Surface Composition Modifications of a Thermally-Prepared RuO_2 Electrode Occurring During H2 Evolution - D. Rochefort, C. Chabanier, E. Irissou, P. Dabo, D. Guay (INRS), J.-F. Pelletier, and M.B. Sutton (McGill University)
11:4585 High Power Density Thermal Batteries Using Nanostructured Materials - M. Au (Westinghouse Savannah River Company) and T. Yadav (Nanomaterials Research Corporation)

Tuesday October 22, 2002

Conductive Media

Co-Chairs: R. McConnell and V. Battaglia

2:0086 Performance of Titanium Alloy and Co Plated Titanium Alloy for MCFC Current Collector - H. Colon-Mercado, P. Ganesan, B. Haran, R. White, and B. Popov (University of South Carolina)
2:1587 Stainless Steels in Bipolar Plates - Surface Resisitive Properties of Various Stainless Steel Grades during Cyclic Current Load - A. Iversen (AvestaPolarit AB)
2:3088 Acrylic Acid-Sodium Styrene Sulfonate Copolymer Separator Coatings for Alkaline Electrolytes - M. Schubert, J. Myers, G. Thrasher, and C. Randell (Energizer Battery Company)
2:4589 Studies on Durability of MEA for PEMFC - E. Endoh, S. Terazono, and W. Hardiyanto (Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.)
3:0090 DMFC Membrane: Drag Pressure Inverse to that of Nafion in Methanol-Water System - A. Aramata (Harbin Institute of Technology) and A. Yamagishi (University of Tokyo)
3:15 Thirty-Minute Intermission -
3:4591 TiO_2 and ZrO2 Composite Nafion Membranes for Application in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells at High Temperature - V. Baglio, A. Di Blasi, A. AricÚ, V. Antonucci (CNR-TAE Institute), F. Serraino Fiory, S. Licoccia, and E. Traversa (University "Tor Vergata" of Rome)
4:0092 Physical and Electrochemical Properties of Ce_0.8Gd0.2-yPryO2-d (y=0-0.05) - R. Torrens (The University of Waikato), N. Sammes (University of Connecticut), and G. Tompsett (University of Massachusetts)
4:1593 Mechanism of the Ionic Conductivity of Lithium-Containing Solid Polymer and Inorganic Electrolytes - E. Shembel, V. Redko (Ener1, Inc.), V. Khandetsky (Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University), Y. Kalynushkin, O. Chervakov, T. Pastushkin, P. Novak (Ener1, Inc.), and P. Grebenkin (Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University)
4:3094 Li and H2 Diffusion in Carbon Nanotubes for Li-Batteries and Hydrogen Storage: A Predictive Model - Y.M. Malozovsky, S. Venkatachalam, T. Reese, and R. Bobba (Southern University and A and M College)
4:4595 Multiphase Conductive Networks: Simulations and Closed-Form Solutions for Selection of Conductive Anode Additives - C.-W. Wang, Y.-B. Yi, and A.M. Sastry (University of Michigan)

Wednesday October 23, 2002

Catalytic Mechanisms and Performance

Co-Chairs: V. Battaglia and S. Baxter

10:0096 Electrochemical Characterization of Platinum-loaded Carbons - D. Stevens and J. Dahn (Dalhousie University)
10:1597 Carbon Supported Electrocatalysts for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells - R. Bhatia, P. Napolitano, J. Brewster, J. Plakio, P. Atanassova, M. Hampden-Smith (Superior MicrPowders LLC), and A. Fisher (Motorola Inc.)
10:3098 Cathodic Polarization of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell and Its Portable Electronics Application - H. Chang, S.J. Lee, S. Lee, and C. Pak (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
10:4599 Electrocatalytic Reduction of Oxygen in Aqueous Media - K. Arihara, L. Mao (Tokyo Institute of Technology), P. Liddell, E. Marino-Ochoa, A. Moore (Arizona State University), T. Sotomura (Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.), and T. Ohsaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
11:00100 A Pt-WOx Electrode Structure for Thin Film Fuel Cells - Y.-E. Sung, K.-W. Park, K.-S. Ahn, J.-H. Choi, and Y.-C. Nah (Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology)
11:15101 The Chracteristics of Alkaline Fuel Cell Electrode Prepared by Electrophoretic Deposition - K. Hayashi (Toagosei Co., Ltd.) and N. Furuya (Yamanashi University)
11:30102 Influence of Cathode Synthesis Method on the Long-term Performance of Li/ Silver Vanadium Oxide Batteries - K. Chen, A. Crespi, C. Schmidt, and P. Skarstad (Medtronic, Inc.)
11:45103 Micalorimetry and XRD Study of HOPG-LiC6 Reactivity with Organic Electrolytes - M. Holzapfel, F. Alloin, and R. Yazami (California Institute of Technology)