202nd Meeting - Salt Lake City, UT

October 20-25, 2002


H2 - Emerging Technologies in Nanoelectronics

Dielectric Science and Technology/Electronics

Wednesday October 23, 2002

Idaho Room, First Floor, Little America Hotel

Nanoscale Applications

Co-Chairs: D. Misra and S. Seal

2:00405 Funtionalized Peptide Nanotube Fabrications and Their Assemblies Into Device Configurations - H. Matsui, Y.-F. Chen, and R. Djilali (Hunter College)
2:30406 A Sample Characterization Scheme(SCS) of CMP Techniques in Shallow Trench Isolation Planarization for Nano-scale Manufacturing - Z.-H. Lin, S.-C. Hu, A. Yu, F. Yang, M.-H. Lin, and T.-C. Tsai (United Microelectronics Corp. Central Research and Development Division)
2:50407 Welding Silica-Aerogel-Supported Ruthenia Nanowires by Electrosorption of Gold Colloids—The Beginnings of an Inorganic Neural Net? - E. Lucas, J. Long, R. Stroud, and D. Rolison (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)