202nd Meeting - Salt Lake City, UT

October 20-25, 2002


I1 - Copper Interconnects, New Contact Metallurgies and Low-K Interlevel Dielectrics

Dielectric Science and Technology/Electronics/Electrodeposition

Monday October 21, 2002

Grand Ballroom B, First Floor, Little America Hotel

Copper Deposition

Co-Chairs: G.S. Mathad and C. Reidsema-Simpson

10:00408 Superconformal Film Growth - T. Moffat, D. Wheeler, B. Baker, and D. Josell (NIST)
10:20409 Additive Behavior during Copper Electrodeposition in Acidic Solution Containing Cl-, PEG and SPS - M. Tan and J. Harb (Brigham Young University)
10:40410 ULSI Wiring Formation by Copper Electroplating - S. Miura, K. Oyamada, S. Watanabe, M. Sugimoto, H. Kouzai, and H. Honma (Kanto Gakuin University)
11:00411 Copper Superfilling by PEG-Cl Suppression Breakdown - M. Hayase, M. Taketani, K. Aizawa, T. Hatsuzawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology), and K. Hayabusa (Ebara Research Co., Ltd.)
11:20412 Superfill of Submicrometer Features from a Silver-Cyanide Electrolyte - B. Baker, T. Moffat, D. Josell, and D. Wheeler (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
11:40413 Multi-Scale Simulations of Copper Electrodeposition onto a Resistive Substrate - T. Drews (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), S. Krishnan (Indiana University), J. Alameda (National Center for Supercomputing Applications), D. Gannon (Indiana University), R. Braatz, and R. Alkire (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Copper Deposition

Co-Chairs: C. Reidsema-Simpson and G.S. Mathad

2:00414 Suppression by PEG and Halide Ion in Copper Electroplating - M. Hayase, M. Taketani, T. Hatsuzawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology), and K. Hayabusa (Ebara Research Co.,Ltd.)
2:20415 Effect of Suppressors on Copper Electrochemical Deposition Fill Efficiency - J. Flake, C. Simpson, and E. Acosta (Motorola)
2:40416 "Seedless" Copper ECD on TiN Barrier Layers - S. Kim and D. Duquette (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
3:00417 In Situ Microscopic Observation of Spontaneous Recrystallization at Room Temperature in Electrodeposited Copper Metallization - D.N. Buckley, S. Ahmed, and M. Serantoni (University of Limerick)
3:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
3:40418 Microstructural Evolution of Electroplated Copper During Self-Annealing - P. Freundlich, M. Militzer, and D. Bizzotto (The University of British Columbia)
4:00419 Vibrational Spectroscopy of Polyethelyne Glycol and Brighteners on Copper - B. Baker, C. Yang, L. Richter, and T. Moffat (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
4:20420 Self-annealing Effect of Electrolessly Deposited Copper Thin Films Based on Co(II)-ethylenediamine as a Reducing Agent - J.J. Kim, C.H. Lee, and S.H. Cha (Seoul National University)
4:40421 Electroless CU Deposition on Plasma Treated Tantalum Nitride - Y.S. Lee, S.W. Hong, and J.-W. Park (Hanyang University)
5:00422 Microstructure and Adhesion Strength of Electroless-plated Cu Film on Self-catalyzed Cu Seeded by MEVVA - U.-S. Chen, J.-H. Lin, W.-J. Hsieh, and H.C. Shih (National Tsing Hua University)

Tuesday October 22, 2002

Contacts, Barrier, and Low-k Inter Level Dielectric Films

Co-Chairs: B. Baker and Y. Kuo

9:00423 Base Contact Issues of Si/SiGe-HBTs with Emphasis on Source/Drain Contacts of CMOS Devices - J. Hohaus and H.-U. Schreiber (Ruhr-Universitat Bochum)
9:20424 Comparison of Amorphous and Crystalline Tantalum Nitrides as Diffusion Barriers in Cu/FSG Structure - C.-C. Chang and J.-S. Chen (National Cheng Kung University)
9:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
10:00425 Development and Characterization of a PECVD Silicon Nitride for Damascene Applications - A. Lee, N. Rajagopalan, M. Le, B.H. Kim, and H. M'Saad (Applied Materials, Inc.)
10:20426 Copper-Barrier and Hard-Mask Elaboration by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition using Organosilane Precursors - B. Remiat (STMicroelectronics), F. Gaillard (Applied Materials), J. Durand (Institut Europeen des Membranes de Montpellier), F. Fusalba (STMicroelectronics), V. Jousseaume, and C. Lecornec (CEA Grenoble)
10:40427 Plasma Modification of the Low k Polyimide Film to Further Reduce Its k Value - T. Chung, Y. Kuo, and H. Nominanda (Texas A and M University)
11:00428 Structural Properties and Defect Characterisation of Plasma Deposited Carbon Doped Silicon Oxide Low-k Dielectric Films - T. Wong, V. Ligatchev, and R. Rusli (Nanyang Technological University)
11:20429 The Effect of TEOS / MTES Ratio on the Structural and Dielectric Properties of Porous Silica Film - S. Yu, T.K.S. Wong, X. Hu, and K. Pita (Nanyang Technological University)
11:40430 Evaluatuion of Activating Process for Fine Pattern Deposition - T. Nishiwaki, Y. Watanabe, S. Watanabe, K. Tashiro, and H. Honma (Kanto Gakuin University)

Low-k Inter Level Dielectric Films

Co-Chairs: G.S. Mathad and B. Baker

2:00431 Electrical and Material Stabilities of Cu/FSG and Cu/OSG Couples at Elevated Temperatures - J.-S. Jeng, J.-S. Chen (National Cheng Kung University), G. Lin, and J. Su (Applied Materials Taiwan)
2:20432 Structural and Thermal Characterization of Spin-on Porous Low-k Dielectrics - S. Yu, T.K. Goh, T.K.S. Wong (Nanyang Technological University), C. He (Institute of Materials Research and Engineering), and S. Wu (Institute of Microelectronics)
2:40433 Processing and Characterization of DMDES TEFS Hybrid Thin Films - Z. Zhang, B. Gorman, D. Mueller, and R. Reidy (University of North Texas)
3:00434 Supercritical CO_2 Post-Etch Cleaning of a Patterned Porous Low-K Dielectric - D. Peters (Ashland Specialty Chemical Company), K. Masuda, K. Iijima, T. Yoshikawa (Kobe Steel, Ltd.), G. Asai, and Y. Muraoka (Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.)
3:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
3:40435 Plasma Curing of Porous MSQ Films - C. Waldfried, O. Escorcia, Q. Han, and I. Berry (Axcelis Technologies, Inc.)
4:00436 Etch Residue Removers Compatible with Porous Low-k Dielectrics - M. Egbe, J. Rieker, S. Ficner, and D. Durham (Ashland Specialty Chemical Company)
4:20437 HeH2 Plasma for Resist Stripping over Porous MSQ Low-k Films - Q. Han, C. Waldfried, O. Escorcia, and I. Berry (Axcelis Technologies, Inc.)
4:40438 Film Nanotechnology - T. Khoperia (Georgian Academy of Sciences)

Wednesday October 23, 2002

Reliability and Copper CMP

Co-Chairs: T.L. Ritzdorf and K.B. Sundaram

10:00439 Mechanisms of Copper Removal During Chemical Mechanical Polishing - T. Du, V. Desai (University of Central Florida), D. Tamboli (Ashland Specialty Chemical Company), V. Chathapuram, and K. Sundaram (University of Central Florida)
10:20440 Electrochemical View of Copper Chemical Mechanical Planarization - Y. Ein-Eli, E. Rabinovich, E. Rabkin, and D. Starosvetsky (The Technion-Israel institute of Technology)
10:40441 Electrochemical Planarization of Copper - L. Loparco and D. Duquette (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
11:00442 Enhancement of Post Copper CMP Cleaning Using CO_2 Cryogenic Technology - S. Banerjee, H. Chung (EcoSnow Systems, Inc.), R. Small, B. Scott, and L. Yao (EKC Technology, Inc)
11:20443 Post CMP Passivation of Copper Interconnects - J. Flake, S. Usmani (Motorola), J. Groschopf (AMD-Motorola Alliance), K. Cooper (Motorola), S.P. Sun (AMD-Motorola Alliance), S. Thrasher, C. Goldberg, O. Anilturk, and J. Farkas (Motorola)
11:40444 Abrasive Free Polishing For ULSI Cu Damascene Interconnect - J.V. Fang (National Chiao Tung University), M.V.S. Tsai, B.V.T. Dai (National Nano Device Laboratories), and M.V.S. Feng (National Chiao Tung University)


Co-Chairs: H.S. Rathore and T.L. Ritzdorf

2:00445 Copper Chemical Mechanical Planarization Processes with Carbon Dioxide - G. Denison, P. Visintin, and J. Desimone (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
2:20446 The Plasma Charging Damages for Gate Oxide and Hot-Carrier Degradation and Electromigration Properties in Cu Interconnects - D.-S. Su, J.J. Wang, C.T. Yang, D.H. Chen, H.C. Tseng, H. Chen, and S.Y. Lee (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company)
2:40447 Copper Barrier Polishing Chemistries for Low-K Films - R. Small, L. Yao, and K.Z. Kadowaki (EKC Technology, Inc.)
3:00448 Process Development for Copper CMP on Ultra Low-K Dielectrics - S. Hosali (Philips Semiconductors, Eindhoven), G. Martin (Motorola Inc.), A. Gonzalez (International SEMATECH), and S. Joshi (Texas Instruments)
3:20 Twwenty-Minute Intermission -
3:40449 A Comprehensive Study of Liner CMP for Advanced Cu/low k Planarization - T.-C. Tsai, Z.-H. Lin, S.-C. Hu, A. Yu, F. Yang, and L.-Y. Fang (United Microelectronic Corp.)
4:00450 Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Silicon Carbide and Low-k Carbon Doped Oxide Films - W. Chen, W. Gray (Dow Corning Corporation), and K. Block (Rodel, Inc.)
4:20451 Improvement of Planarization Efficiency of CU Electropolishing by Additives - S.-C. Chang (National Chiao Tung University), J.-M. Shieh (National Nano Device Laboratories), C.-C. Huang (National Chiao Tung University), B.-T. Dai (National Nano Device Laboratories), and M.-S. Feng (National Chiao Tung University)
4:40452 Microstructure and Interfacial Reaction of Cu(Ti)/SiO2 Interconnect - C.-J. Liu and J.-S. Chen (National Cheng Kung University)
5:00453 Proven Extensibility of Low Damage Cu/low k CMP Process for sub-0.13um ULSI Interconnects - T.-C. Tsai, S.-C. Hu, C.-L. Hsu, Z.-H. Lin, M.-H. Lin, and S.-H. Hsu (United Microelectronic Corp. Central Research and Development Division)