202nd Meeting - Salt Lake City, UT

October 20-25, 2002


K2 - Seventh International Symposium on Magnetic Materials, Processes and Devices


Monday October 21, 2002

Grand Ballroom C, First Floor, Little America Hotel

Overview of Magnetic Device Fabrication

Co-Chairs: L. Romankiw and Y. Kitamoto

10:00491 Status and Future of Magnetic Data Storage Technology - M. Kryder (Seagate Research)
10:30492 Tunneling Magnetoresistance Heads for Ultrahigh Density Magnetic Recording - T. Lin, D. Mauri, and P. Rice (IBM)
11:00493 Spin Electronics: Industrial Prospects in Randon Access Memory - K. Ounadjela (Cypress Semiconductor)
11:30494 Advances in European Magnetic MEMS Technology - H.H. Gatzen (Hanover University)

Magnetic Storage Media

Co-Chairs: M. Russak and K. Ouchi

2:00495 Evolution of Advanced High Performance Magnetic Recording Media - M. Russak (Komag, Incorporated)
2:30496 Review on Recent Perpendicular Recording Devices and Their Performances - K. Ouchi (Akita Research institute of Advanced Technology)
3:00497 Multilayer Superlattice Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Media for Ultra-High Areal Densities - J.H. Judy, W. Peng, R.H. Victora (University of Minnesota), and W. Zhu (Seagate Technology)
3:30498 Fabrication of CoNiP Dot Arrays for Patterned Magnetic Recording Media with Electroless Deposition Process - J. Kawaji, F. Kitaizumi, T. Homma, and T. Osaka (Waseda University)
3:45499 FePt Nanoparticle-assembly for Magnetic Recording Media - Y. Kitamoto, H. Sakuma, A. Jogo, T. Taniyama, and Y. Yamazaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
4:00 Panel Discussion- Present and Future Directions in Magnetic Storage Technology and MEMS

Tuesday October 22, 2002

Alloy Plating I (Co Ni-Fe Systems)

Co-Chairs: K. Ohashi and C. Bonhote

8:15 Introductory Remarks -
8:30500 The Electrodeposition Conditions of CoNiFe Films, the Crystal Structure, and the Evaluation of Magnetic Moments - M. Saito and K. Ohashi (NEC Corp.)
8:45501 Electroplated High Moment CoNiFe - M. Ramasubramanian, C. Bonhote, E. Velasco, E.I. Cooper, and L.T. Romankiw (IBM)
9:00502 Magnetic Properties of Electroplated CoNiFe Alloys - J.A. Medina, T. Jiang, and T. Dinan (Read-Rite Corporation)
9:15503 Pulse Plating of Soft High Magnetic Moment Materials-Properties and Application - S. Brankovic, X. Yang, and E. Johns (Seagate Technology)
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission -
10:00504 Electrodeposition of Soft CoFeCr Films with High Magnetic Saturation and High Resistivity - C. Locatelli (CEA) and D. Comte (ALDITECH)
10:15505 Development of High-performance Soft Magnetic Thin Films by Electroless Deposition and their Application to Magnetic Recording Head Core - T. Osaka and T. Yokoshima (Waseda University)
10:45506 Electrodeposition and Performance Evaluation of High Moment NiFe Films - M. Ramasubramanian, J. Lam, A. Hixson-Goldsmith, A. Medina, T. Dinan, N. Robertson, T. Harris, and S. Yuan (IBM)
11:00507 Domain Studies of Electroplated High Moment CoFe and NiFe on Test Structures - H. Xu, Y. Hsu, and J. Heidmann (IBM)
11:15508 Electroplated 2.4 Tesla CoFe Films - C. Bonhote, E.I. Cooper, L.T. Romankiw, and H. Xu (IBM)
11:45509 In Situ Surface Measurements and Rotating Cylinder Hull Cell- A Powerful Combination of Methods for Investigation of Iron Group Metal Alloys - C. Bonhote, P. Kern, and L.T. Romankiw (IBM)

Alloy Plating II

Co-Chairs: G. Zangari and E.J. Podlaha

2:00510 Pulse Plating of High Moment CoFe Thin Films - C.-P. Chen, K. Lin, and J.-W. Chang (Headway Technologies, Inc.)
2:30511 Effect of Carbon Inclusion on Properties of Electrodeposited CoNiFeMo-based Soft Magnetic Thin Films - T. Yokoshima, A. Kawashima, T. Nakanishi, T. Osaka (Waseda University), M. Saito, and K. Ohashi (NEC Corporation)
2:45512 Thermo-mechanical Properties of Electrodeposited HMM for Magnetic Recording - V.R. Inturi, I. Tabakovic, M. Chander, D. Macken, D. Olson, and M. Kief (Seagate Technology)
3:00513 Effect of Magnetic Field on NiFe Alloy Electrodeposition - I. Tabakovic, S. Riemer, V. Vas'ko, V. Sapozhnikov, and M. Kief (Seagate Technology)
3:30 Fifteen-Minute Intermission -
3:45514 The Inhibition of Anomalous Codeposition of Iron-Nickel Deposits Using Pulse-Reverse Electroplating - C.-C. Hu and P. Tsay (National Chung Cheng University)
4:00515 Electrodeposition of Magnetic Thin Films of Iron Group - V Alloys - B. Yoo, D. Park, N. Myung, P. Sumodjo, M. Schwartz, and K. Nobe (University of California)
4:15516 A Model to Describe Pulsed Electrodeposition of GMR FeCoNiCu Alloys - Q. Huang and E. Podlaha (Louisiana State University)
4:30517 Composition Modulation in Ferromagnetic Layer in Ni-Co(Cu)/Cu Multilayer - S.M.S.I. Dulal, E.A. Charles, and S. Roy (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
4:45518 Giant Magnetoresistance of Ni-Co(Cu)/Cu Multilayers Plated from a Citrate Electrolyte - S.M.S.I. Dulal, E.A. Charles (University of Newcastle upon Tyne), L. Peter, I. Bakonyi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), and S. Roy (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
5:00519 Nucleation Mechanisms of Iron Electrodeposition - B. Pesic and D. Grujicic (University of Idaho)

Grand Ballrooms B and C, Main Floor, Grand America Hotel

Poster Session

Co-Chair: S. Krongelb

o520 Nano-oxidation of Ferromagnetic Thin Films as Direct Surface Modification using AFM - Y. Takemura (Yokohama National University) and J.-I. Shirakashi (Akita Prefectural University)

Wednesday October 23, 2002

Grand Ballroom C, First Floor, Little America Hotel


Co-Chairs: M.G. Allen and J.W. Judy

10:00521 Magnetic Micromachined Structures for RF MEMS Applications - M. Allen (Georgia Institute of Technology)
10:30522 RF Soft Magnetic Applications as Integrated Passives - M. Yamaguchi, K.-H. Kim, S. Ikeda, and K.-I. Arai (Tohoku University)
11:00523 Ferromagnetic MEMS Arrays for Reconfigurable Frequency Selective Surfaces - J. Zendejas, J. Gianvittorio, B. Yoo, Y. Rahmat-Samii, K. Nobe, and J.W. Judy (University of California)
11:15524 Technology for the Development of Magnetic Micro Stir-bar Mixers for Fluid Lab-on-a-chip Applications - C. Liu, K. Ryu, and L.-H. Lu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
11:30525 Development of Electroplated Magnetic Materials for MEMS - N. Myung (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Heads for Magnetic Storage

Co-Chairs: J.W. Chang and M. Ramasubramanian

2:00526 Trends and Process Considerations for Making New Generations of Magnetic Recording Heads - E. Johns (Seagate Technology), U. Tran (Sparkolor, Inc), J. Jayashankar, A. Eckert, S. Batra, and R. Rottmayer (Seagate Technology)
2:30527 Focused Ion Beam Write Pole Nanofabrication - B. Miller, G. Brown, M. Strayer, and S. Stone (FEI Company)
3:00528 Identifying and Reducing Lapping Variables in GMR/TMR Head Manufacturing Processes - S. Griffin and S.Y. Kuo (Engis Corporation)
3:30 Fifteen-Minute Intermission -
3:45529 Highly Sensitive CPP Elements using Spin Valve Film with Partially Oxidized Magnetic Layer for Over 150 Gb/in2 Read Heads - K. Nagasaka, Y. Seyama, H. Oshima, R. Kondo, Y. Shimizu, and A. Tanaka (Fujitsu Laboratories Limited)
4:15530 Reliability of CPP Mode Spin Valve Heads - S. Kao, C. Luo, and J.W. Chang (Headway Technologies)
4:30531 Development of Advanced CIP Spin Valve GMR Materials - M. Li, S. Liao, C. Horng, K. Ju (Headway Technologies, Inc), M. Sano, Y. Tsuchiya, K. Noguchi, and K. Terunuma (TDK Corporation)
5:00532 Enhanced Magnetoresistance in Co/Cu Multilayers due to the Insertion of Ni Layers - K. Tanahashi, T. Endo, T. Sugimoto, T. Sasaki, S. Shinriki, A. Kanemoto, M. Eguti, K. Motoi, K. Imai, K. Suzuki, T. Sawada, and N. Kimura (Hokkaido Institute of Technology)

Thursday October 24, 2002

Actuators and MEMS

Co-Chairs: S. Krongelb and C. Liu

8:30533 Thermally-Degraded and Electromigration-Induced Failures in Spin-valve Heads - C. Luo, S. Kao, and J.-W. Chang (Headway Technologies Inc.)
9:00534 Small Actuator for Large Capacity: A MEMS Microactautor for Hard-Disk Drive Tracking Servo - T. Hirano (IBM)
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission -
10:00535 A Large-Displacement Electromagnetic MEMS Actuation System - M. Neal, A.L. Sidman, and J. Borski (Advanced Microsensors)
10:15536 Optimizing the Magnetic Properties of Electroplated Permalloy for Flux Guides in Micromotors - M. Fohse and H.H. Gatzen (Hanover University)
10:30537 Effect of Etch Holes on the Performance of Ferromagnetic MEMS - W.-J. Ouborg (University of California), N. Myung (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), K. Nobe, and J. Judy (University of California)
10:45538 Ni Electroplating in SU-8 Microforms for Fabricating Self Supporting Microstructures - T. Kohlmeier and H.H. Gatzen (Hanover University)
11:00539 Plastic Deformation Magnetic Assembly Method and Its Applications - C. Liu, J. Zou, J. Chen, Z. Fan, and F. Delcomyn (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
11:30540 Silicon Optical MEMS: Three Dimensional Micromachining and Integration - K. Hane and M. Sasaki (Tohoku University)

Alloy Plating III and Special Materials

Co-Chairs: M. Abe and P. Kern

2:00541 Co-Pt Permanent Films and Micromagnets by Electrodeposition - I. Zana and G. Zangari (University of Alabama)
2:30542 Electrodeposition of FeCo Nanowires - I. Shao, R. Cammarata, and P. Searson (The Johns Hopkins University)
2:45543 Ultrahigh Frequency Ferrite Films and Ferrite/Metal Composites Prepared by Wet Chemical Processes - M. Abe (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
3:15544 High Rate Deposition (> 60 nm/min) of Highly Permeable Ni-Zn Ferrite Films from Aqueous Solutions - N. Matsushita, T. Nakamura, and M. Abe (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
3:30545 Models for Roughness Evolution in Magnetic Film Electrodeposition with and without Additives - M. Haataja and D.J. Srolovitz (Princeton University)
3:45546 Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy to Measure Corrosion Protection of Thin-Film Media - M. Amaria (Maxtor Corporation)
4:00547 Characterization of Amorphous Ni-P Coating by Small Angle X-Ray Scattering - D. Tatchev (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), R. Kranold (Rostock University), and S. Armyanov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
4:15548 Factors Affecting the Electroless Deposition of Ni-Cu-P Coatings - J. Georgieva and S. Armyanov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
4:30 Comments and Closing Remarks -


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