202nd Meeting - Salt Lake City, UT

October 20-25, 2002


Q1 - Combinatorial Chemical Electrode Arrays in Electrochemical Systems

Energy Technology/Organic and Biological Electrochemistry/Sensor/Physical

Thursday October 24, 2002

Grand Ballroom B, First Floor, Little America Hotel

8:00717 A Comparison of Novel Combinatorial and Traditional Electrochemical Methods - M. Fleischauer, J. Topple, V.K. Cumyn, and J.R. Dahn (Dalhousie University)
8:30718 64 Electrode Combinatorial Electrochemical Cell - J. Dahn, T. Hatchard, A. Bonakdarpour, M. Fleischauer, S. Trussler, V. Cumyn, A. Barkhouse, and J. Topple (Dalhousie University)
9:00719 Single Bath Electrodeposition of a Combinatorial Library of Binary Cu1-xSnx Alloys - S.D. Beattie and J. Dahn (Dalhousie University)
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission -
10:00720 Fabrication and Characterization of Multielectrode Arrays Using Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy - C. Zoski (Georgia State University)
10:30721 Combinatorial Electrochemistry: An Old Idea with New Potential. - D. Montgomery (CombiMatrix Corporation)
11:00722 Laser Activated Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry (LAMIMS) for High Throughput Evaluation of Heterogenous Catalysts - E. Smotkin (Illionois Institute of Technology)
11:30723 Scanning Electrochemical and Mass Spectral Imaging of Multi-Component Electrode Gradients and Arrays - A. Hillier and S. Jayaraman (University of Virginia)

Grand Ballroom B, Main Floor, Little America Hotel

2:00724 Combinatorial Microelectrochemistry - Instrumentation, Features, and Application Fields - V. Ryabova, T. Erichsen, S. Reiter, S. Neugebauer (Universitaet Bochum), B. Speiser (Universitaet Tuebingen), and W. Schuhmann (Universitaet Bochum)
2:30725 High Throughput Discovery and Focus Testing of Electrocatalysts for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells - B.C. Chan, G. Chen, J. Blough, R. Ramnarayanan, K. Jambunathan, and T.E. Mallouk (The Pennsylvania State University)
3:00726 Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopic Studies of Supported Bifunctional Electrocatalysts Developed by a Combinatorial Method - G. Chen, C. Waraksa, D. Macdonald, and T. Mallouk (The Pennsylvania State University)
3:30727 Array Memebrane Electrode Assemblies for High Throughput Screening of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Anode Catalyts - E. Smotkin (NuVant Inc.)
4:00728 Combinatorial Research on Electrocatalysts for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells - D. Chu and R. Jiang (U. S. Army Research LAboratory)
4:30729 Combinatorial Synthesis of Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts by Spray Pyrolysis - P. Napolitano, D. Dericotte, R. Bhatia, P. Atanassova, M. Hampden-Smith, and T. Kodas (Superior MicroPowders LLC)
5:00730 High Throughput Discovery of Sulfonated Polyphosphazenes as Potential PEM Materials - A. Andrianov (Parallel Solutions)