202nd Meeting - Salt Lake City, UT

October 20-25, 2002


R1 - Solid-State Ionic Devices III

High Temperature Materials/Sensor/Battery

Monday October 21, 2002

Imperial Ballroom D, Main Floor, Grand America Hotel

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Co-Chairs: S.C. Singhal and E.D. Wachsman

10:00731 Materials Thermodynamics: A Bridge from Fundamentals to Applications - H. Yokokawa (National Institute of Advanced Indusstrial Science and Technology)
10:30732 Intermediate Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Challenges and Opportunties for the Materials Scientist - H.U. Anderson, X.-D. Zhou, and F. Dogan (University of Missouri-Rolla)
11:00733 Electrode Materials and Architecture for High Performance SOFC’s - P. Singh, G. Coffey, and L. Pederson (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
11:30734 Materials and Electrochemistry in the Development of SOFC Electrode Materials - S.P. Jiang (Nanyang Technological University)

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anodes

Co-Chairs: E.D. Wachsman and S.C. Singhal

2:00735 Electrode Polarization in Anode-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - A.V. Virkar (University of Utah)
2:30736 Efficient SOFC Anode Operation at a Double Perovskite Anode, Without Nickel or Copper Additions - J.T.S. Irvine and S. Tao (University of St. Andrews)
3:00737 Fuel Flexibility of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - K. Eguchi (Kyoto University)
3:30738 Direct Hydrocarbon Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - S.A. Barnett, B.D. Madsen, and J. Liu (Northwestern University)
4:00 Ten-Minute Intermission -
4:10739 Scandia Stabilized Zirconia (ScSZ) SOFCs for The Direct Oxidation of Hydrocarbon Fuels - S. An, C. Lu, W. Worrell, J. Vohs, and R. Gorte (University of Pennsylvania)
4:30740 Thin-film Samaria-Doped Ceria SOFCs for Direct Oxidation of Hydrocarbon Fuels - C. Lu, R. Gorte, J. Vohs, and W. Worrell (University of Pennsylvania)
4:50741 Low Temperature Reduction Kinetics of SOFC Anodes - N. Tikekar, T.J. Armstrong, and A.V. Virkar (University of Utah)
5:10742 Electrical and Thermal Properties of Strontium Titanate-Based Composites - O. Marina and J. Stevenson (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
5:30743 Anodic Concentration Polarization in SOFCs - R.E. Williford, L.A. Chick, G.D. Maupin, S.P. Simner, J.W. Stevenson, and M.A. Khaleel (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
5:50744 New Electrode Materials for H2S Removal and Sulfur-tolerant SOFC's - S. Li, M. Liu, A. Burke, and J. Winnick (Georgia Institute of Technology)
6:10745 Mechanical Characterization of Honeycomb Electrode Support Structures - D. Beeaff and G. Hilmas (University of Missouri - Rolla)

Tuesday October 22, 2002

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes

Co-Chairs: M. Liu and A. Virkar

8:00746 Electrode Materials For Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - J.M. Ralph, C. Rossignol, and R. Kumar (Argonne National Laboratory)
8:20747 Characterization of Cathode Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - Z. Byars, W. Huebner, and H. Anderson (University of Missouri-Rolla)
8:40748 Ceria Infiltration Yields Enhanced Electrode Properties in Composite La0.8Sr0.2FeO3-d/Ceria Cathodes - G. Coffey, C. Goddard, J. hardy, L. Pederson, P. Rieke, and E. Thomsen (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
9:00749 Influence of Cerium Oxide Interlayer Morphology on the Oxygen Reduction Currents at Lanthanum Strontium Ferrite Cathodes - G. Coffey, L. Pederson, P. Rieke, and E. Thomsen (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
9:20750 Novel Cathodes for Honeycomb SOFCs with Zirconia Electrolytes - C. Xia and M. Liu (Georgia Institute of Technology)
9:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
10:00751 LSGM-LSC Composite Cathodes for Anode Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - T.J. Armstrong and A.V. Virkar (University of Utah)
10:20752 Diluent Gas effects on the Oxygen Reduction Currents at Lanthanum Strontium Ferrite Cathodes - G. Coffey, L. Pederson, P. Rieke, and E. Thomsen (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Synthesis and Fabrication of Solid-State Cells

Co-Chairs: H. Anderson and S. Visco

10:40753 Thin Films: Application to Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - H. Tuller, J. Lappalainen, T. Stefanik, J. Hertz, and D. Kek (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
11:10754 Development of Metal-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - S.J. Visco, C.P. Jacobson, and L.C. DeJonghe (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
11:30755 Nano-Particles and Nanostructured Electrodes Fabricated by Combustion CVD - Y. Liu and M. Liu (Georgia Institute of Technology)
11:50756 One Step Processing to Fabricate Planar SOFC’s - U. Pal, S. Vinod, S. Gopalan, C. Manning, C. Schumacher, and S. Nishant (Boston University)

Solid State Sensors

Co-Chairs: F. Garzon and J. Stetter

2:00757 Micro-Ceramic Gas Sensor Arrays - M. Heule and L.J. Gauckler (ETH Zurich)
2:30758 High-Temperatrure Potentiometric NOx, Sensors Based on Stabilized Ziroconia with Oxide Sensing Electrodes - E. Di Bartolomeo, M.L. Grilli, N. Kabbuathong, and E. Traversa (University of Rome)
3:00759 A Concept of Chemical Potential Pumping Effect and the NOx Sensing Mechanism of Perovskite-Type Oxide Mixed Conductors - J. Mizusaki, K. Yashiro, T. Kawada, and H. Ohama (Tohoku University)
3:30 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
3:50760 Selective Potentiometric Detection of NOx by Differential Electrode Eliquibria - E.D. Wachsman (University of Florida) and P. Jayaweera (SRI International)
4:10761 All Solid-State Potentiometric NOx Sensors - S. Yao and J. Stetter (Illinois Institute of Technology)
4:30762 The Role of Heterogeneous Catalysis in the Gas-Sensing Selectivity of High-Temperature Mixed Potential Sensors - E. Brosha, R. Mukundan, and F. Garzon (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
4:50763 Mixed Potential Hydrocarbon Sensors Based on A Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Electrolyte and Ceramic Electrodes - R. Mukundan, E. Brosha, and F. Garzon (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
5:10764 Hydrocarbon Sensor for Monitoring Exhaust Gas Using Oxygen Pumping Current - T. Ishihara, M. Fukuyama, K. Kabemura, H. Nishiguchi, and Y. Takita (Oita University)
5:30765 Platform for Amperometric, Thin-film Electrochemical Gas Sensors Incorporating Microfabrication and Micromachining Techniques - B. Ward, C.C. Liu (Case Western Reserve University), G. Hunter (NASA Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field), and D. Makel (Makel Engineering Inc.)

Wednesday October 23, 2002

Transport Modeling and Electrokinetics

Co-Chairs: M. Liu and S. Mukerjee

10:00766 Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Conductive Transport in Proton-Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells - A. Gulla, D. Budil, and S. Mukerjee (Northeastern University)
10:20767 Modeling the Performance and Stability of High Conductivity Bilayered Electrolytes for Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - K. Duncan and E. Wachsman (University of Florida)
10:40768 An Analytical Model for Permeation Fluxes in MIECs - S. Gopalan (Boston University)
11:00769 Investigations into Electrode Kinetics using Micropatterned Electrodes - E. Koep, B. Rauch, and M. Liu (Georgia Institute of Technology)
11:20770 Impedance Diagrams of Semiconductor/Oxide/Electrolyte (SOE) Structures to Derive Equivalent RC Components of the Semiconductor Space Charge - M. Chemla (University Pierre and Marie Curie), V. Bertagna, R. Erre (University of Orleans), F. Rouelle (University Pierre and Marie Curie), S. Petitdidier, and D. Levy (STMicroelectronics Company)
11:40771 Investigations into SOFC Interfaces using in situ Potential-dependent FTIR Emission Spectroscopy - X. Lu, P. Faguy, and M. Liu (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Ceramic Membranes and MIECs

Co-Chairs: M. Carolyn and D. Taylor

2:00772 Ceramic Membranes for Oxygen Separation - H. Bouwmeester (University of Twente)
2:30773 Oxygen Non-stoichiometry in SrFeO3-x - J. Yoo and A.J. Jacobson (University of Houston)
3:00774 Biaxial Stress Testing as a Tool for Determining the Strength of Ceramic, Ion Transport Membranes - C. Lewinsohn, M. Wilson, and D. Taylor (Ceramatec, Inc.)
3:20775 Effect of Nonstoichiometry on the Volume of LaMnO_3+d-based Perovskite Oxides - S. Miyoshi, J.-O. Hong, K. Yashiro, A. Kaimai, Y. Nigara (Tohoku University), K. Kawamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology), T. Kawada, and J. Mizusaki (Tohoku University)
3:40776 Effects of Atmosphere and Dopant on Crystal Structure and Conductivity of La1-xSrxCuO2.5-y Perovskite - H.-C. Yu and K.-Z. Fung (National Cheng Kung University)

Anion Transport in Solids

Co-Chairs: M. Liu and H. Anderson

4:10777 Lattice Parameter and Defect Structure of Cerium Oxide Doped with Neodymium - Y. Ikuma, N. Okamura, and E. Shimada (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)
4:30778 Impedance Spectroscopy of Undoped Cerium Oxide - P. Jasinski, T. Suzuki, and H.U. Anderson (University of Missouri Rolla)
4:50779 Analysis of the Grain Boundary Conductivity for Nanocrystalline Doped CeO_2 Using the Brick Layer Model - T. Suzuki, P. Jasinski, and H.U. Anderson (University of Missouri-Rolla)
5:10780 Diffusion Coefficient in CaAl12O19 by Using Solid-state Reaction and Ionic Conductivity Measurement - H. Kan (Tokyo Institute of Technology), M. Nanko (Nagaoka University of Technology), K. Kawamura, and T. Maruyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
5:30781 Oxide Ion Conductivity in Lanthanum Oxide-fluoride, LaO1-XF1+2X - M. Enoki, M. Ando, T. Ishihara, and Y. Takita (Oita University)
5:50782 Chloride Ion Conducting Behavior in Lanthanum Oxychloride Basic Solid Electrolyte - N. Imanaka, S. Tamura, K. Okamata, and G.-Y. Adachi (Osaka University)

Thursday October 24, 2002

Proton Transport in Solids

Co-Chairs: S. Mukerjee and K. Swider-Lyons

8:00783 Inorganic/Nafion Composite Membranes for Hydrogen/Oxygen Fuel Cell Operation Above 120°C - A. Bocarsly, K. Adjemian, L. Krishnan, C. Yang, C. Marozzi, S. Kim, M. Yamashita, S. Srinivasan, and J. Benziger (Princeton University)
8:30784 Surface Potential Effects of Additives on Charge Storage in Hydrous Ruthenium Oxide - R. Wartena, J. Durdall, and K. Swider-Lyons (Naval Research Laboratory)
8:50785 Defect Structure and n-type Electrical Properties of SrCe_0.95Eu0.05O3-d - S.-J. Song, E.D. Wachsman (University of Florida), U. Balachandran, and S.E. Dorris (Argonne National Laboratory)
9:10786 Characterization of Indium-Doped Calcium Zirconate at Low Oxygen Partial Pressures Using Impedance Spectroscopy - V. Krishnan and J. Fergus (Auburn University)
9:30 Thirty-Minute Intermission -

Cation Transport in Solids

Co-Chairs: K. Swider-Lyons and G. Hunter

10:00787 Controlling the Defects and Vacancies in Nanostructured V2O5: Spectroelectrochemical Characterization - C. Rhodes, W. Dong, J. Long, and D. Rolison (Naval Research Laboratory)
10:30788 The Nuclear Microprobe: A Tool for Light Element Profiling - P. Berger, P. Trocellier, D. Boutard, H. Khodja, and J.-P. Gallien (CEA)
11:00789 Lithium Intercalation - P.J. Bouwman, B.A. Boukamp, H.J.M. Bouwmeester (University of Twente), and P.H.L. Notten (Philips Research Laboratory)
11:20790 'Li-B-P-O-N' Thin Film Electrolytes for Lithium Microbatteries - H.-W. Lee, J.-K. Lim (Kangwon National University), S.-J. Lee, H.-K. Baik (Yonsei University), and S.-M. Lee (Kangwon National University)
11:40791 Structure Stabilization and Ionic Conduction of LI-Doped Cation-Deficient Perovskite Solid Electrolytes - J.-S. Chen, C.-Y. Sun, and K.-Z. Fung (National Cheng Kung University)

Cation Transport in Solids

Co-Chairs: H.J.M. Bouwmeester and S. Mukerjee

2:00792 Effect of Li Addition on Structure Variation and Phase Separation of Highly Defective (LA, LI)TAO3 Solid Electrolytes - C.-Y. Sun and K.-Z. Fung (National Cheng Kung University)
2:20793 New Electrolytes for Lithium Ion Secondary Batteries - K. Sonoda, M. Deguchi, H. Koshina (Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd.), M. Armand, C. Michot, and M. Gauthier (Universite de Montreal)
2:40794 Investigation of The Electrochemical Performance of Interpenetrating Network Type Comb-shaped Siloxane Solid Polymer Electrolytes - B. Oh, D. Vissers, and K. Amine (Argonne National Laboratory)
3:00795 See C2 - Tuesday Evening Poster Session
3:20796 Ionic and Mixed (Ionic and Electronic) Conducting Behaviour of Polymer Gel Electrolytes Containing PVdF-HFP - H.P. Singh and S.S. Sekhon (Guru Nanak Dev University)
3:40 Twenty-Minute Intermission -

Solid-State Batteries and Novel Devices

Co-Chairs: M. Liu and K. Swider-Lyons

4:00797 Direct Thermal to Electric Conversion Through the Na+ and K+ Solid Electrolytes in AMTEC Devices - R. Sievers, J. Pantolin, and T. Hunt (Advanced Modular Power Systems)
4:30798 Highly Oriented Nanostructured Thin Films of LiCo1-xNixO2 (0 £ x £ 0.3) - K.I. Ganasekar, V. Subramanian, J.C. Jiang, and R. Bobba (Southern University and A and M College)
4:50799 Porous Silicon-Based Electrodes for Lithium Batteries - H.-C. Shin, Z. Shi, L. Seals, J. Gole, and M. Liu (Georgia Institute of Technology)
5:10800 Supercapacitors Built from Carbon Nanotubes/polymer Nanocomposite - V. Bertagna (University of Orleans), S. Delpeux, K. Jurewicz, F. Beguin, and E. Frackowiak (CRMD)
5:30801 Electrochemical Characteristics of M-Si Alloy Thin Film Anodes for Lithium Microbatteries - Y.-L. Kim, H.-Y. Lee (Kangwon National University), S.-J. Lee, H.-K. Baik (Yonsei University), and S.-M. Lee (Kangwon National University)