202nd Meeting - Salt Lake City, UT

October 20-25, 2002


U2 - Physical Electrochemistry General Session

Physical Electrochemistry

Tuesday October 22, 2002

Grand Ballroom A, First Floor, Little America Hotel

General Session: Electrode Processes

Co-Chair: V. Birss

8:40884 Structure and Tribological Properties of Electrodeposited Hard Au for Electroformed Ni Microdevices - J. Kelly, P. Somuri, T. Headley, and N. Yang (Sandia National Laboratories)
9:00885 Potential Induced Reconstructions of Au Layers Deposited on Pt(111) - E. SIBERT (University of Poitiers), R.J. Behm (University of Ulm), O. Magnussen (University of Kiel), F. Ozanam (Ecole Polytechnique), and F. Maroun (Universite P. and M. Curie)
9:20886 Charge Transfer and Proton Doping of Polyaniline in Solid State with Triflate Salts: effect on Spectroscopic and Electronic Properties - K. Potje-Kamloth (Dresden University of Technology), B. Polk, M. Josowicz, and J. Janata (Georgia Institute of Technology)
9:40887 Volume Changes of Aryl Amine Polymers Upon Redox Switching - L. Lizarraga, E.M. Andrade (Universidad de Buenos Aires), D. Posadas (Universidad Nacional de La Plata), and F.V. Molina (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
10:00 Twenty-Minute Intermission -
10:20888 Detection of DNA Hybridization at a Gold Electrode Using Electrochemical Detection - E. Hvastkovs and D. Buttry (University of Wyoming)
10:40889 Development of beta-Microirradiation Probe - M. Josowicz, J. Summerour, T. Orlando, and J. Janata (Georgia Institute of Technology)
11:00890 Impedance Response of Porous Electrodes - S. Devan, V.R. Subramanian, and R.E. White (University of South Carolina)
11:20891 Kinetic Study of Electrooxidation of Formic Acid on Spontaneously-Deposited Pt/Pd Nanoparticles - M. Zhao and R. Masel (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
11:40892 Electrocatalytic Effects on the Anodic Oxidation of Sulfide Ions - B. Ateya, F. AlKharafi, and A. Al-Azab (Kuwait University)

General Session: Climate Change

Co-Chair: V. Birss

2:00893 Selective Separation and Concentration of Carbon Dioxide Using Electrochemically Modulated Complexation - C. Koval (University of Colorado at Boulder), D. DuBois (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), R. Noble, J. Poshusta, and P. Scovazzo (University of Colorado at Boulder)
2:20894 Correlation between F2 Concentration in the PE-CVD Cleaning Exhaust Gas and Fluorine Radical Concentration in the Cleaning Plasma - K. Abe, S. Okura, H. Murata, M. Sakamura, K. Kameda, E. Wani, K. Sakai, and T. Beppu (Resarch Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth,Semiconductor CVD Chamber Cleaning Project)
2:40895 Fluorine Radical Concentration Quenching observed for PE-CVD Chamber Cleaning by Optical Emission Spectroscopy - K. Kameda, E. Wani, H. Murata, S. Okura, M. Sakamura, K. Abe, Y. Mitsui, K. Sakai, T. Beppu, and A. Sekiya (Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth)
3:00 Twenty-Minute Intermission -

General Session

Co-Chair: V. Birss

3:20896 Characterization of Oxygen Sentor in Molten LBE Alloy - S. Colominas, J. Abella, and L. Victori (Universitat Ramon Llull)
3:40897 Enhanced Photocurrent and Photovoltage of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with TiO2 Film Deposited on Indium-Doped Zinc Oxide Substrate - J.-G. Doh (Korea University), M.G. Kang, N.G. Park (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), and K.-J. Kim (Korea University)
4:00898 Generation of Hexavalent Chromium Compounds in Passive Film on 316L Stainless Steel Particles by Gaseous Ozone Oxidation - K. Takahashi (Industrial Technology Center of Okayama Prefecture), K. Koike (Iwatani International Corp.), and S. Fukuzaki (Industrial Technology Center of Okayama Prefecture)
4:20899 Preparation and Application of Single Wafer Type LPCVD Nitride Films for Semiconductor Devices - S.-H. Jung, H.-K. Kim, D.-S. Park, M.-Y. Lee, H.J. Cho, S.-H. Woo, and Y.W. Song (Hynix Semiconductor Inc.)
4:40900 The Determination of Charge Transfer and Crystallization Overpotentials by the Method of Polarization Curve Differentiation - N.P. Yurchenko and V.V. Trofimenko (Dniepropetrovsk National University)
5:00901 A Regular Procedure of Getting of Characteristic Features of Discharge Processes in a Lithium Battery for Different Discharge Stages - A. Shekhtman (KVANT Moscow Russia)