204th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Co-sponsored in Part by the Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society

October 12-October 16, 2003


AB1 - Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems General Session


Monday, October 13, 2003

Great Hall East, Ground Level

Co-Chairs: P.J. Hesketh and J. Stetter

10:00 Introductory Remarks
10:051452 Development of Small Volume Electrochemical Bead-based Immunoassay for Bioterrorism Agents in Water - Z.P. Aguilar, H.B. Halsall, C.J. Seliskar, and W.R. Heineman (University of Cincinnati)
10:251453 Immunoassay and Sequence-Specific DNA Detection on a Microchip Using Enzyme-Amplified Electrochemical Detection - S. Ragsdale, K. Dill, and D. Montgomery (CombiMatrix Corporation)
10:451454 Biosensors from Micro- and Nano-Scale Structures - S. Tadigadapa (Pennsylvania State University)
11:051455 Wafer-Level Fabrication Method for Mass Production of Reproducible Biosensors - D.-H. Shin, S.K. Kang, H. Kim, Y.S. Kim, H. Yang, and Y.T. Kim (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI))
11:251456 A Magnetoelastic Ricin Sensor - C. Grimes and M. Pishko (The Pennsylvania State University)
11:451457 In vitro and In vivo Studies of Needle Type Glucose Sensors Using Electropolymerization Procedure - M. Yasuzawa, S. Inoue, S. Furukawa, H. Takaoka (The University of Tokushima), J. Murakami, T. Shimizu, and S. Imai (Toyo Precision Parts MFG. Co., Ltd.)
12:051458 Microfluidic Channels for Microbead-Based Electrochemical Immunoassay System with Comb Interdigitated Array - S.K. Kim, R. Luharuka, P.J. Hesketh (Georgia Institute of Technology), and C.M. Li (Motorola Inc.)

Co-Chairs: G.W. Hunter and C. Bruckner-Lea

1:301459 Electrochemical Methanol Sensor Made of Nafion-impregnated PETE Membrane - J. Shim, I.-G. Koo, W. Her, and W.-M. Lee (Ajou University)
1:501460 RF-Sputtered SiGe Thin Film for Thermoelectric Hydrogen Sensor - K. Tajima, F. Qiu, W. Shin, N. Izu, I. Matsubara, and N. Muryama (Synergy Materials Research Center)
2:101461 H2S Sensor Using Pd Modified Au Electrode Prepared by Electrodeposition - S.-W. Roh, S. Yao, and J. Stetter (Illinois Institute of Technology)
2:301462 Odor Sample Concentration to Enhance Electronic Nose Performance - C.M. Thomas and J.F. Schneider (Argonne National Lab)
2:501463 Conducting Polymer Based Micro-sensor for Real-Time Detection of Hydrazine Leakage - H. Yang and B.A. Chin (Auburn University)
3:101464 Chemical Sensors For Fuel Cell Systems - C. Holt, A.-M. Azad, S. Swartz, G. Arkenberg, and W. Dawson (NexTech Materials, Ltd.)
3:30 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
3:501465 Development and Environmental Applications of a Nitrate Selective Microsensor Based on Doped Polypyrrole Films - T. Bendikov, J. Kim, and T. Harmon (University of California, Los Angeles)
4:101466 Study of Reversible Reaction of the Electrode and Mixed Ionic and Electronic Conduction of Lithium Phosphate Electrolyte in Electrochemical CO2 Gas Sensor - C. Lee, S. Akbar, R. Ramamoorthy, and P. Dutta (Center for Industrial Sensors and Measurements (CISM), The Ohio State University)
4:301467 Characterization and Application of Novel Mixed Valence Polynuclear Compound Modified Surfaces - M. Jiang, J. Stirmen, and J. Wardeska (East Tennessee State University)
4:501468 Synthesis and Simulation of Tapered Optical Fibers for Sesning Applications - R. Guo, H. Liu, B. Wang, S. Singhania, and M. Gu (Pennsylvania State University)
5:101469 Four-Terminal Electrochemical Etch Stop Technique for Low Stress Perforated Silicon Structure Fabrication - Q. Zhang, C. Ren, Z. Wang, and H. Feng (Institute of Microelectronics)
5:301470 Piezoelectric Bimorph Cantilevers for High Sensitivity Sensor Applications - J. Wan and B.A. Chin (Auburn University)
5:501471 Enhancement of Nonlinear I-V Characteristics at Au/solution Interfaces by Random-pulse Voltammetry - J. Peck, W. Cai, R. Hamers, and D. van der Weide (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Exhibit Hall, Ground Level

Technical Exhibit and Poster Session, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Co-Chair: P.J. Hesketh

o1472 Potentiometric Stripping Analysis of Cd (II) and Pb (II) in Soil Extracts with Screen-Printed Electrodes Modified with –SH Containing Compounds - B. Bello Rodriguez, J.A. Bolbot, and I.E. Tothill (Cranfield University)
o1473 Conducting Polymer Modified Microelectrodes for Neural Stimulation - D. Zhou and R. Greenberg (Second Sight, LLC)
o1474 A Thick-film Diffusion-type Gas Sensor for Vinyl Monomer - M.-C. Chuang and M.-C. Yang (National Cheng Kung University)
o1475 Substrate Temperature Dependence of Carbon Black-Organic Polymer Composite Vapor Sensors for Vapor Characterization - Y. Yang, Y.S. Kim, S.-C. Ha, Y.J. Kim, H. Yang, and Y.T. Kim (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
o1476 Making High Aspect Ratio Photomask With A Thick Epoxy Material - H. Chen, F. L'Hereec, I. Sasaki, and J. Janata (Georgia Institute of Technology)
o1477 Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical (MEM)-Based Resonators, Filters, and Oscillators - Y. Gurbuz (Sabanci University)