204th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Co-sponsored in Part by the Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society

October 12-October 16, 2003


AC1 - Emerging, Sensing, and Actuating Materials and Technology

Sensor/High Temperature Materials/Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Great Hall East, Ground Level

Co-Chairs: J.F. Schneider and P.J. Hesketh

8:001478 A Room-Temperature, Self-cleaning, High-performance Hydrogen Sensor Based on Nanoporous Titania - O. Varghese, G. Mor, M. Paulose, and C. Grimes (The Pennsylvania State University)
8:201479 A Simple and Versatile Sol-Gel Method for the Synthesis of Nanocrystallyne Ssemiconducting Oxides for Gas Sensors - S. Licoccia, F. Serraino Fiory, C. D'Ottavi, M.L. Di Vona, E. Di Bartolomeo, and E. Traversa (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
8:401480 Novel Thermoelectric Gas Sensors using Selective Catalytic Reaction - W. Shin, M. Matsumiya, F. Qiu, K. Tajima, N. Izu, N. Sawaguchi, and N. Murayama (AIST)
9:001481 EIS Study of Humidity Sensor Based on Meso-structured Porous Silica Thin Film Material - V. Esposito (University of Rome), D. Zanetti de Florio (Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares), J. Mio Bertolo, A. Bearzotti (Area di Ricerca Roma Tor Vergata), P. Falcaro (Universita di Padova), P. Innocenzi (Universita di Sassari), and E. Traversa (University of Rome)
9:201482 Solid-State Carbon Dioxide Sensor Based on a Conducting Polymer Composite - M. Irimia-Vladu and J. Fergus (Auburn UNiversity)
9:401483 Modeling and Sensing Hydrogen at Lower Operating Temperatures using Nanocrystalline Tin Oxide Thin Films - S. Shukla, S. Seal (University of Central Florida), L. Ludwig, and C. Parish (Kennedy Space Center)
10:001484 The Relationship between the Gas Sensing Response and the Phase Transitions occurring in MoO_3 and WO3 Thin Film Detectors - A. Prasad and P. Gouma (State University of New York at Stony Brook)
10:20 Fifteen-Minute Intermission
10:401485 Electrochemically Grown Individually Addressable Nanowires for Sensor Arrays - N. Myung, M. Yun, and R. Vasquez (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
11:001486 Palladium Nanowire Synthesis on Graphite Electrode Step-Edges via Electrodeposition: Molecular Modeling and Experimentation - D. Srinivasagupta, O. Ortiz, S. Bhansali, V. Bhethanabotla, and B. Joseph (University of South Florida)
11:201487 Template Assisted Electrodeposition of Palladium Nanoparticles - D. Bera, S. Kuiry, S. Patil, and S. Seal (University of Central Florida)
11:401488 Highly Selective Transport of Ions Using Electrochemically-Modulated Nanovalves - F. Buyukserin, P. Kohli, M. Wirtz, and C.R. Martin (University of Florida)
12:001489 Positive Temperature Coefficient in Mg Doped ZnTiO_3 Ceramics - Y.S. Chang, Y.H. Chang, and I.G. Chen (University of Cheng Kung)

Exhibit Hall, Ground Level

Technical Exhibit and Poster Session, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Co-Chair: P.J. Hesketh

o1490 Organic Thin Films with Tunable Dielectric Properties - M. Rogers, L. Sterner, P. Stevenson (Luna Innovations, Inc.), D. Topasna (Virginia Military Institute), and M. Vercellino (Luna Innovations, Inc.)
o1491 Detection of NO_2 by a Au/YSZ/Pt(Air) Cell: Temperature Dependence of the O2 Cross-Sensitivity and an Emperical Estimate of Behavior - D. Kubinski, R. Soltis, J. Visser, and M. Parsons (Ford Research and Advanced Engineering)




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