204th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society, Co-sponsored in Part by the Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society

October 12-October 16, 2003


C1 - Electrolytes for Lithium Ion Batteries

Battery/Physical Electrochemistry/Energy Technology

Monday, October 13, 2003

Ireland B, Ground Level

Co-Chairs: K.M. Abraham and J. Yamaki

10:00272 Prediction of Electrolyte Transport Properties Using a Solvation-based Chemical Physics Model - K. Gering (INEEL) and T. Duong (U.S. DOE)
10:15273 Effect of Viscosity on Conductivity of Mixed Carbonate Electrolytes for Li-Ion Batteries - B. Ravdel, K. Abraham, and J. DiCarlo (Lithion, Inc.)
10:30274 How Conductivities of Carbonate Electrolytes of LiBF4, LiPF6, and LiBOB Differ and Why - M. Ding, K. Xu, and R. Jow (Army Research Laboratory)
10:45275 Effect of Electric and Magnetic Fields on the Ion-Transport Properties of Polymer Electrolytes - E. Livshits, R. Kovarsky, N. Lavie, D. Golodnitsky, and E. Peled (Tel-Aviv University)
11:00276 In-situ Ionic Conductivity Measurement of La0.55+xLi0.35TiO3 Ceramic at Different Li Insertion Levels - P. Patil, D. Cocke (Lamar University), C. Wang, and J. Appleby (Center for Electrochemical Systems and Hydrogen Research)
11:15277 The Ionic Mobilities in Lithium Electrolyte Solution Coexisting with Porous Solid Materials - M. Mizuhata, F. Ito, and S. Deki (Kobe University)
11:30278 Advanced Ether-Thioether Polyphosphate Electrolytes Through Computational Design - B. Dixon, R.S. Morris (Phoenix Innovation, Inc.), and P. Smith (Naval Surface Warfare Center)
11:45279 Ionic Conductivity of Colloidal Electrolytes - B. Kumar and S. Rodrigues (University of Dayton Research Institute)

Co-Chairs: M. Alamgir and M.C. Smart

2:00280 Battery Technology Award Address: Functional Electrolyte: Additives for Improving the Cycleability of Cathode Materials - M. Yoshio (Saga Universiy), H. Yoshitake, and K. Abe (Ube Industries ind.,)
2:15281 In Situ SAXS Studies of the Structural Changes of Dilithium Phthalocyanine (Li2Pc) Solid State Electrolyte Used In Rechargeable Systems - G. Sandi (Argonne National Laboratory), R. Kizilel, H. Joachin, H. Yang (Illinois Institute of Technology), L. Scanlon (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base), L. Lucente (University of Dayton Research Institute), W. Feld (Wright State University), P. Balbuena (University of South Carolina), S. Seifert (Argonne National Laboratory), and A. Turner (University of Dayton Research Institute)
2:30282 Novel Polyether/Poly(methyl methacrylate) Gel Polymer Electrolytes Prepared by In-Situ Synthesis - J.J. Xu, J. Lee, and R. Santhanam (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)
2:45283 Anion Effect On Ionic Conductivity And Electrochemical Performance of New Single Ion Conductors Based On Comb-Branched Trimethylene Oxide Containing Polyepoxide - X. Sun, C. Reeder, G. Liu, J. Kerr, Y. Han, and J. Xie (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
3:00284 Attenuation of Aluminum Corrosion in LiTFSI Electrolyte Using Silica Nanoparticles - Y. Li, X. Zhang, P. Fedkiw, and S. Khan (North Carolina State University)
3:15285 Performance Characterization of High Power, Gel Polymer Lithium-Ion Cells for NASA and DoD Applications - M. Smart, R. Bugga, L. Whitcanack, K. Chin, S. Surampudi (California Institute of Technology), J.-S. Yu (LG Chem), M. Alamgir (Compact Power, Inc.), and E. Plichta (U. S. Army CERDEC, C2D)
3:30286 Single-Ion-Conductive Solid Polymer Electrolytes - R. Kovarsky, D. Golodnitsky, E. Peled (Tel-Aviv University), G. Appetecchi, B. Scrosati (University of Rome “ La Sapienza”), A. Blazejczyk, W. Wieczorek (Warsaw University of Technology), and L. Scanlon (Air Force Research Laboratory)
3:45287 Rheological and Electrochemical Studies of in-situ Crosslinked Comb-branched Polymer Electrolytes - J. Xie, G. Liu, X. Sun, C. Reeder, Y. Han, and J. Kerr (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
4:00288 In situ FTIR Measurement for Electrochemical Oxidation of Electrolyte on LiCoO2 Cathode Active Material Used in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries - T. Matsushita (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Y.H. Rho (Japan Science and Technology Corporation), and K. Kanamura (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Co-Chairs: T.R. Jow and K.M. Abraham

8:00289 Thermal Decomposition of LiPF_6 in Carbonate Solvents - B. Lucht, C. Campion (University of Rhode Island), B. Ravdel, J. Dicarlo, and K. Abraham (Lithion Inc.)
8:15290 Thermal Stability of Methyl Difluoroacetate Electrolyte as a Novel Candidate for Lithium Cells - J.-I. Yamaki, T. Tanaka, I. Watanabe, M. Egashira, and S. Okada (Kyushu University)
8:30291 Non-Flammable, Solid State Lithium Battery Electrolytes - B. Dixon, R.S. Morris (Phoenix Innovation, Inc.), and S. Dallek (Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carederock Division)
8:45292 Reduction of Li-Ion Battery Solvents and Gases through Redox Catalysis - J. Kerr (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
9:00293 Battery Technology Award Address: Thermal Stability of Lithium-Ion Cells - J.-I. Yamaki (Kyushu University)
9:30294 A High Voltage Lithium-ion Cell with Lithium Trifluoromethanesulfonylimide as the Electrolyte Salt - H. Dai, M. Lewittes (DuPont Central Research and Development), M. Doyle (DuPont Microcircuit Materials), and M. Roelofs (DuPont Central Research and Development)
10:00295 Lithium (Malonato Oxalato) Borate: A New Asymmetric Chelatoborate Salt - W. Xu (Arizona State University), A.J. Shusterman (Reed College), R. Marzke, and C.A. Angell (Arizona State University)
10:15296 The Formation Potential of Graphite/Electrolyte Interface in LiBOB-based Electrolytes - K. Xu, S. Zhang, and T.R. Jow (Army Research Laboratory)
10:30297 Chemical Analysis of SEI formed in LiBOB- and LiPF6-based Electrolytes - K. Xu, U. Lee, S. Zhang, and T.R. Jow (Army Research Laboratory)
10:45298 Borinates: A New Family of Anion Complexing Agents - J.M. James, H.-S. Lee, and X.-Q. Yang (Brookhaven National Laboratory), and J. Mc Breen (Brookhaven National Lab)
11:00299 Comparison of PC+EA and PC+DEC Solvents and Their Electrolytes of LiBOB for Their Physicochemical Properties Pros and Cons of Using a Linear Ester for a Linear Carbonate - M. Ding and R. Jow (Army Research Laboratory)

Exhibit Floor, Ground Level

Technical Exhibit and Poster Session, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Co-Chairs: M. Wakihara and J. Xu

o300 New Borate Ester Based Polymer Electrolyte for Battery Application - I. Kottegoda, Z. Bakenov, H. Ikuta, Y. Uchimoto, and M. Wakihara (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
o301 Polymer Electrolytes Based on Epoxidised Natural Rubber (ENR-50) for Lithium-Ion Polymer Batteries - R. Idris, H.-S. Kim, and S.-I. Moon (KERI)
o302 Electrochemical Characteristics of Nanoparticle-dispersed PEO Composite Electrolytes - Z. Guo, H. Liu, and S. Dou (ISEM, University of Wollongong)
o303 Inhibition of Lithium Dendrites with Fumed Silica-Based Composite Electrolytes - X.-W. Zhang, Y. Li, and P. Fedkiw (NC State University)
o304 Preparation of Composite Electrolyte PEGDA with Mg-Al LDH - M.S. Cho, B. Shin, J.D. Nam, and Y.K. Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)
o305 Lithium Electrochemical Plating/Stripping Behavior in Thermally Cross-linked Gel Polymer Electrolyte - Y. Kang, N. Cho (Korea Research Institute Chemical Technology), J.S. Kim (Chungnam National University), and C. Lee (Korea Research Institute Chemical Technology)
o306 Polymer Electrolyte for Rechargeable Lithium-Sulfur Battery - S.-S. Hwang, M.D. Cho, and S.M. Lee (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)
o307 In situ FT-IR Spectroscopy Analysis of the Oxidation of Organic Electrolyte Containing Vinylene Carbonate on the LiCoO2 Thin Film for Lithium Batteries - A. Inoue (Center for Analytical Chemistry and Science, Inc.), S. Kinoshita, N. Maekita (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation), H. Oota, T. Nakamura, T. Akai (Center for Analytical Chemistry and Science, Inc.), and K. Kanamura (Tokyo Metropolitan Univercity)
o308 Variable-Temperature 7Li Solid-State NMR Study to Determine Li-Ion Mobility and Its Correlation with Conductivity in Polymer Electrolytes Based on P(VdF-HFP)/ P(EO-EC) Blends for Li-Ion Secondary Batteries - S.-Y. Kwak, J.-D. Jeon (Seoul National University), and C.A. Fyfe (Unversity of British Columbia)
o309 Synthesis and Characterization of Comb-Shaped Single Ion Conductors Containing Alkyl Sulfonate - X.-G. Sun, G. Liu, and J. Kerr (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)