205th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society

May 9-May 14, 2004


F2 - State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors XL


Monday, May 10, 2004

Conference Room 12, Level 3

Wide Bandgap Devices and Technology I: Nitride UV Sources

Co-Chairs: N. Buckley and E.B. Stokes

10:00209 Deep UV Light Emitting Diodes Based on Short Period Superlattices of AIN/AlGaN - H. Temkin, S.A. Nikishin, and M. Holtz (Texas Tech University)
10:30210 Time-Resolved Optical Studies of Nitride Semiconductors for Ultraviolet Light Emitters - M. Wraback, G. Garrett, A. Sampath, C. Collins, and P. Shen (U.S. Army Research Laboratory)
11:00211 AlGaN-Based Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors For Spin Polarized UV Emission - C. Abernathy, R. Frazier, G. Thaler, B. Gila, S. Pearton, and F. Ren (University of Florida)
11:30212 Recent Advances in III Nitride UV Photonics - H. Jiang and J. Lin (Kansas State University)

Wide Bandgap Devices and Technology II: Nitride and SiC

Co-Chairs: F. Ren and J. Campbell

14:00213 GaN-Based Optoelectronic Devices on Si grown by MOCVD - H. Ishikawa and T. Egawa (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
14:30214 Gateless AlGaN/GaN HEMT Response to Block Co-Polymers - F. Ren (University of Florida)
15:00215 High Indium Content InAlAs/InGaAs HBT Technology for Low-Power, High-Speed Applications - C. Monier, A. Cavus, R. Sandhu, M. Lange, P. Chang, D. Sawdai, V. Gambin, and A. Gutierrez (Northrop Grumman Space Technology)
15:30 Twenty-Minute Intermission
15:50216 Formation of Oxidized Ohmic Contacts on p-GaN Using Au-based Metals - W.-T. Lin (National Cheng University), S.C. Chung (National Cheng Kung University), and J.R. Gong (Feng Chia University)
16:10217 Dual SiC Photodiode Devices for Simultaneous Two Band Detection - P. Sandvik, D. Brown, J. Fedison, K. Matocha, and J. Kretchmer (General Electric Global Research Center)
16:40218 4H-SiC Avalanche Photodiodes - J. Campbell, X. Guo, and A. Beck (University of Texas)

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Growth and Processing of III-V Devices

Co-Chairs: M. Wraback and V. Gambin

09:00219 Regrowth in High-Performance InP-based DHBT Devices - V. Gambin, D. Mensa, M. Lange, A. Cavus, P.-C. Chang, D. Sawdai, A. Gutierrez-Aitken, and A. Oki (Northrop Grumman Space Technologies)
09:30220 Mass Production of GaAs Based Optoelectronic Devices in an AIX 2600G3 Reactor in the 49x2" Configuration - C. Sommerhalter (AIXTRON Inc.), B. Schineller, T. Schmitt, K. Christiansen, C.-S. Chiu, and M. Heuken (AIXTRON AG)
09:50 Twenty-Minute Intermission
10:10221 Growth of High-Quality GaAs Epitaixial Layers on Si Substrate by Using a Novel GeSi Buffer Structure - E.Y. Chang, G. Luo, and T.-H. Yang (National Chiao Tung University)
10:30222 Reduction of Interfacial Contact Resistances through use of Refractory Metals and Regrowth Layers - H. Quach (University of California, Los Angeles), V. Gambin, D. Mensa, D. Sawdai (Northrop Grumman Space Technologies), and M. Goorsky (University of California, Los Angeles)
10:50223 Indium Phosphide (InP) Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) Passivation with Bisbenocyclobutene (BCB) - L. Dang, E. Kaneshiro, J. Wang, C. Monier, J. Eldredge, K. Sato, P. Chang, D. Sawdai, A. Gutierrez, R. Bhorania (Northrop Grumman), and M. Goorsky (University of California, Los Angeles)
11:10224 Effects of SI3N4 Passivation on the Electrical Behavior of 0.1 ým pHEMTs - J.-H. Oh, W.-S. Sul, H.-J. Han, M.-S. Son, J.-K. Rhee, and S.-D. Kim (Dongguk University)
11:30225 Effects of Silicon Nitride Passivation on the Electrical Behavior of 0.1 um pHEMTs - J.-H. Oh, W.-S. Sul, H.-J. Han, M.-S. Son, J.-K. Rhee, and S.-D. Kim (Dongguk University)

Advanced Compound Semiconductor Technology and Materials

Co-Chairs: P.C. Chang and N. Buckley

14:00226 New Technological Bricks for Advanced Laser Structures - S. Garidel, J.-P. Vilcot, and D. Decoster (Institut d'Electronique, de Microelectronique et de Nanotechnologies)
14:20227 850nm Transmission Type Electro-Absorption Modulator on SiO2 Substrate - C. Lethien, J.-P. Vilcot, and D. Decoster (UMR CNRS 8520)
14:40228 Improvement the DC and RF Characteristics of Pseudomorphic Heterojunction Dual V-Groove Gate Doped-Channel FET - S.-W. Tan, M.-K. Hsu, M.-Y. Chu, A.-H. Lin, T.-S. Lin, and W.-S. Lour (National Taiwan Ocean University)
15:00229 On the Multiple-State Switches of an InGaP/GaAs Double Heterostructure-Emitter Bipolar Transistor - J.-H. Tsai, K.-P. Zhu, Y.-C. Chu, and S.-Y. Chiu (National Kaohsiung Normal University)
15:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission
15:40230 Characteristics and Modeling of Heterojunction Phototransistor with dc Base Bias - S. Tan (National Taiwan Ocean University), H. Chen (National University of Kaohsiung), W. Chen, and W. Lour (National Taiwan Ocean University)
16:00231 AlGaN/GaN -Based Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Diode -Based Hydrogen Gas Sensor - B.S. Kang, F. Ren, B. Gila, C. Abernathy, and S. Pearton (University of Florida)
16:20232 Sensitivity of Pt/ZnO Schottky Diode Characteristics to Hydrogen - S. Kim, B. Kang, K. Ip, Y. Heo, D. Norton, S. Pearton, and F. Ren (University of Florida)
16:40233 Electrical and Optical Characterization of Niobium and Rhenium Doped Molybdenum Diselenide - S.-Y. Hu, M.-C. Cheng, K.-K. Tiong (National Taiwan Ocean University), P.-C. Yen, Y.-S. Huang (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), and C.-H. Ho (National Dong Hwa University)
17:00234 Electrical and Optical Properties of Polymer Field-Effect Transistors Fabricated on a Paper-based Flexible Substrate - J.Y. Seong (Kyunghee University), Y.H. Kim, D.G. Moon, J.I. Han, W.K. Kim (Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)), and K.S. Chung (Kyunghee University)
17:20235 Impacts of Junction Formation and Band-gap Grading of CuInxGa1-xSe2 Solar Cells on Device Performance - C.-H. Huang (National Dong Hwa University)