205th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society

May 9-May 14, 2004


M13 - Fullerenes Poster Session

Fullerenes, Nanotubes, and Carbon Nanostructures

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Salons E and F, Level 3

Poster Session

Co-Chairs: P.V. Kamat and F. D'Souza

o439 Enhanced Electron Injection in Organic-Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes (OPLED) with Alq3 Buffer Layer - C.J. Huang, C.C. Lee, T.H. Meen, and W.R. Chen (Southern Taiwan University of Technology)
o440 Isolation and Characterization of C60F26, C60F28, and C60F30 - J. Street (Southampton University), A. Abdul-Sada, and R. Taylor (Sussex University)
o441 Isolation and Characterization of C60F10O - A. Darwish (Sussex University), J. Street (Southampton University), and R. Taylor (Sussex University)
o442 Pyrolysis of Fluorofullerenes - A. Darwish, A. Abdul-Sada, and R. Taylor (Sussex University)
o443 Synthesis of Novel Chlorin Fullerene Dyads for Investigation of Light Induced Electron Transfer - F.-P. Montforts, J. Ceron, O. Kutzki, Y. Abel (University of Bremen), S. Smirnov, and I. Vlassiouk (New Mexico State University)
o444 Two Isomers of C_78Br18 in the Bromination Products of Fullerene Mixtures - S. Troyanov (Moscow State University, Chemistry Department), A. Turnbull (BESSY, Protein Structure Factory), L. Sidorov (Moscow State University, Chemistry Department), and E. Kemnitz (Humboldt University, Institute of Chemistry)
o445 Novel Formation of a Fluorinated Aziridino[60]fullerene (C60F16NCH2OCH2CH2OMe) - G. Burley, A. Darwish (Sussex University), J. Street (Southamton University), and R. Taylor (Sussex University)
o446 Novel Ring Expansion Reactions of the Open–Cage Diketone Derivatives of C60 by the Addition Reactions of Hydrazones - S.-I. Iwamatsu, S. Murata, T. Kuwayama (Nagoya University), K. Kobayashi, and S. Nagase (Institute for Molecular Science)
o447 Synthesis of Open-Cage Fullerene Derivatives by the Reaction of C60 with Triazines - M. Murata, Y. Murata, and K. Komatsu (Kyoto University)
o448 Diversion of the Prevost-Woodward Hydroxylation of Alkenes. Isolation and Characterization of the First Ring-Fused Fullerene 1,3 Dioxolanes - P. Troshin and R. Lyubovskaya (Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics)
o449 Some New Aspects of Halogenation of Fullerenes - P. Troshin and R. Lyubovskaya (Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics)
o450 A Facile Approach to Synthesis of Variety of Fullerene Ligands with Pyridinyl Chelating Groups - P. Troshin (Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics)
o451 Preparation and Characterization of Nanocrystalline V_2O5 Thin Films - S. Viswanathan, D.B. Tech Lee (Multimedia University), and V. Murugan (Center for Materials for Electronics Technology)
o452 Influence of Ion Bombardment on the Spectrum of Plasmon Excitations in Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes - M. Brzhezinskaya, E. Baitinger (Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University), and V. Shnitov (Russian Academy of Sciences)
o453 Formation and Structure Control of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes using Plasma - Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition - T. Kato, T. Hirata, G.-H. Jeong, R. Hatakeyama, and K. Tohji (Tohoku University)
o454 One Step Metal Particle Deposition and Solubilization of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes - T. Nelson, G. Kumar, K. Vinodgopal, and P. Kamat (University of Notre Dame)
o455 Nanocarbon Formation by Using Arc Discharge Plasmas in DNA Dispersed Organic Solvents - T. Okada, T. Kaneko, R. Hatakeyama, and K. Tohji (Tohoku University)
o456 Elasto-mechanical Properties of Silicon Nanowires - I. Ponomareva, L. Chernozatonskii (Russian Academy of Sciences), M. Menon (University of Kentucky), and D. Srivastava (NASA Ames Research Center)
o457 Calculation on Solvent Dispersions of Carbon Nanotubes - F. Torrens (Universitat de Valencia-Inst. Ciencia Molecular)
o458 Computations on N_2@C60 and N@C60 - Z. Slanina (Institute for Molecular Science), F. Uhlik (Charles University), K. Kobayashi, and S. Nagase (Institute for Molecular Science)
o459 Excited Electronic States and Relative Stabilities of C80 Isomers - Z. Slanina (Institute for Molecular Science), F. Uhlik (Charles University), L. Adamowicz (University of Arizona), K. Kobayashi, and S. Nagase (Institute for Molecular Science)
o460 Design of a Fuzzy Logic Controller of a Lead Acid Battery Connected to a Photovoltaic Arry - F. Lakhdari, A. Daoud, and A. Midoun (university of science and technologies (USTO))
o461 Concentration Features of Luminescence in Aqueous Molecular–Colloidal Solution of Fullerene C_60 - V. Kurnosov, A. Avdeenko, L. Buravtseva, A. Peschansky, O. Pyshkin, P. Zinoviev (B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), G. Andrievsky, L. Derevyanchenko, and V. Klochkov (Institute for Therapy of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine)
o462 Electron Affinities of Some Trifluoromethylated [60] Fullerene Derivatives - A. Borshchevsky, A. Astakhov, V. Aleshina, A. Goryunkov, V. Markov, E. Dorozhkin, L. Sidorov, and O. Boltalina (Moscow State University)
o463 DFT Calculations of 19F NMR Chemical Shifts in Fluorinated Fullerenes - I.N. Ioffe, P.A. Khavrel, O.V. Boltalina, and L.N. Sidorov (Moscow State University)
o464 Quantitative HPLC Analysis of Fullerenes and Their Fluorinated Derivatives. - O. Boltalina, A. Goryunkov, M. Kuzhnetsov, N. Tamm, A. Pimenova, and G. Petuhova (Department of Chemistry, Moscow State University)
o465 Defects in Carbon Nanotubes: A Photoemission Spectroscopy Study - A. Chakraborty (University of Durham), R. Woolley (University of Nottingham), V. Dhanak (CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory), and M. Hunt (University of Durham)
o466 Hydrated C60 Fullerenes Prevent Process of Experimental Atherosclerosis Development and Facilitate the Atherosclerotic Lesions Reversion - O. Babak, G. Andrievsky, V. Galchinskaya, V. Klochkov, I. Kondakov, and G. Shitova (Institute for Therapy of Ukrainian AMS)
o467 Preparation of the Carbon Nanotubes Mixed Metal and Resin for Dental Materials - M. Uo, T. Akasaka, R. Iosif, F. Watari, A. Yokoyama (Hokkaido Universiry), M. Omori, Y. Sato, and K. Tohji (Tohoku University)
o468 Electrochemical Investigation of “Axial” Substituted Zirconium(IV) and Hafnium(IV) Phthalocyanines - R. Zhan, Z. Ou, K. Kadish (University of Houston), and L. Tomachynski (Institute of General and Inorganic chemistry)
o469 Electrochemistry and Spectroelectrochemistry of Substituted Copper Corroles - H. Zhao, Z. Ou, J. Shao (University of Houston), I. Wasbotten, A. Ghosh (University of Tromso), and K. Kadish (University of Houston)
o470 Electrochemical and Spectroelectrochemical Characterization of Substituted Free-Base Corroles - J. Shen, J. Shao, Z. Ou, K. Kadish (University of Houston), and D. Gryko (Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Science)
o471 Electrocatalytic Reduction of O2 to H2O by an Adsorbed Cofacial Bis-Cobalt Porphyrin-Corrole - L. Fremond, K. Kadish (University of Houston), F. Burdet, C. Gros, J.-M. Barbe, and R. Guilard (Universite de Bourgogne)
o472 Electrochemistry of Dione- and Tetraone- Porphyrins - W. Ee, Z. Ou, J. Shao, K. Kadish (University of Houston), and M. Crossley (University of Sydney)
o473 Electrochemistry and Spectroelectrochemistry of Dichlorotin(IV) and Dihydroxotin(IV) Porphyrins - W. Ee, Z. Ou, J. Shao, K. Kadish (University of Houston), and M. Crossley (The University of Sydney)
o474 Linking of (TPP)Ru and [Ru2(L)4]n+ or [Rh2(L)4]n+ Units (n = 0,1 or 2) Through Diphosphine Ligands - S. Ulaganathan and K. Kadish (University of Houston)
o475 Superexchange Interactions in Alkali Doped Fullerides - A.V. Nikolaev and K.H. Michel (University of Antwerpen)
o476 Study of Nucleophylic Substitution in C_60Br8 by Aromatic Amines - N. Ovchinnikova, N. Shustova, and M. Yurovskaya (Moscow State University)