205th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society

May 9-May 14, 2004


T1 - Physical Electrochemistry General Session

Physical Electrochemistry

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Salons E and F, Level 3

Poster Session

Co-Chair: G. Brisard

o812 A Practical Experimental Design to Sweep Current in Polarography without Sacrificing Precision - Q. Sun (Jining Medical College) and J. Xu (Jining Dongsheng Electronics, Inc.,)
o813 Potential Dependant Analysis of 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluorophosphate Ionic Liquid on Platinum Electrode by Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy - S. Rivera-Rubero and S. Baldelli (University of Houston)
o814 Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering of Polypyrrole Deposited on Roughened Gold Substrates Modified with Photocatalytic Nanoparticles - Y.-C. Liu (Van Nung Institute of Technology)
o815 Potential Dependant Sum Frequency Generation Study of 5-methylbenzotriazole on Polycrystalline Copper, Platinum, Gold, and Cu(111) - C. Romero and S. Baldelli (University of Houston)

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Conference Rooms 1 and 2, Level 3

Co-Chairs: G. Brisard and S. Djokic

10:00816 Etching Processes on ZnO(0001) Electrode Surfaces Studied by in situ STM - J. Inukai and K. Itaya (Tohoku University)
10:20817 Binding Energy of Ruthenium Submonolayers Deposited on a Pt(111) Electrode - A. Wieckowski, M. Wakisaka (University of Illinois), P. Bagus (University of North Texas), and C. Vericat (University of Illinois)
10:40818 Mechanistic CH_3OH Oxidation Studies: Preparation of PtRu Powders and Review of the Optimal Pt:Ru Ratio - C. Bock and B. MacDougall (National Research Council of Canada)
11:00819 Surface Spectroscopy of Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids at the Platinum-Liquid Electrochemical Interface - S. Baldelli and S. Rivera (University of Houston)
11:20820 Electrochemical Characterization on Packing Density of Alkylchlorosilane Monolayer - B.-M. Wang (National Chiao Tung University), B.-T. Dai, M.-S. Tsai (National Nano Device Laboratories), and G.C. Tu (National Chiao Tung University)
11:40821 In situ FT-IR and Raman Investigations of the Coadsorption of Cyanide and Aromatic Compounds on Ag Electrodes - B. Bozzini (Universita' di Lecce)

Co-Chairs: G. Brisard and E. Gonzalez

14:00822 A Dissipation and Feedback Approach to the Conductivity of Electrolyte Solutions - H.M. Villullas (Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos) and E.R. Gonzalez (Instituto de Quimica de Sao Carlos)
14:20823 Electroless Deposition of Higher Silver Oxides and Silver Oxy-Salts and Their Antimicrobial Properties - S. Djokic (Elchem Consulting Ltd.), R. Precht, and K. Djokic (Exciton Technologies Inc.)
14:40824 Warburg Impedance in Undoped Cerium Oxide - P. Jasinski, V. Petrovsky, T. Suzuki, and H.U. Anderson (University of Missouri - Rolla)
15:00825 Deposition of Nanoelectrocomposite Coatings Using Bath Ultrasonic Agitation - R. Menini, E. Vignola, and N. Dadvand (National Research Council Canada)
15:20826 Acoustoelectrochemistry: Charaterisation of Ultrasonic Cell Disruptors - D. Offin, P. Birkin, and T. Leighton (University of Southampton)
15:40827 Electric Field Generation by High-Temperature Metal Combustion - K. Martirosyan and D. Luss (University of Houston)
16:00828 Modeling Temperature Effect on Water Sorption in Proton Exchange Membranes - N. Jalani, P. Choi, and R. Datta (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
16:20829 Selective Transfer Of Charged Species Along Charged Walls - M. Ginatta (GTT s.r.l.)
16:40830 Free Energy of Activation for Electron Transfer Processes Across Liquid/liquid Interfaces - H. Seshadri and S. Narayanan (Indian Institute of Technology - Madras)
17:00831 Estimation of Hydration Energies of Lanthanum and Uranium Halides A Novel Simulation Methodology - S. Venkatachalam and S. Narayanan (Indian Institute of Technology - Madras)
17:20832 Temperature-Size Effects for the Eelectro-Conductivity of an Electrolyte Solution in a Porous Medium and for the Electro-Potential of a Porous Electrode in an Electrolyte Solution in Electrochemical Batteries - A. Shekhtman (KVANT, Moscow, Russia)
17:40833 Some Potential Possibilities of the Intensive Research Method - A. Shekhtman (KVANT, Moscow, Russia)