205th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society

May 9-May 14, 2004


X1 - Sensors Based on Nanotechnology

Sensor/Physical Electrochemistry

Monday, May 10, 2004

Conference Rooms 1 and 2, Level 3

Co-Chairs: J.W. Grate and T.G. Thundat

10:00929 Batch Fabrication of AFM-SECM Microprobe Tip Arrays - J. Coe, P. Hesketh, C. Kranz, and B. Mizaikoff (Georgia Institute of Technology)
10:20930 Nanobelt Placement for SnO2 Nanosensors - S. Kumar, P.J. Hesketh, and Z.L. Wang (Georgia Institute of Technology)
10:40931 The Growth of Aluminum Oxide Thin Films and their Potential Application in Sensor Technology - P.G. Miney, M.V. Schiza, P.E. Colavita, R.J. Priore, F.G. Haibach, and M.L. Myrick (University of South Carolina)
11:00932 Fabrication of an Array of Nanoelectrodes by Electrodeposition of Gold into Pores of Anodic Aluminum Oxide - D. Brevnov (University of New Mexico), A. Rowen, W. Yelton (Sandia National Laboratories), G. Lopez, and P. Atanassov (University of New Mexico)
11:20933 Multisensor Array for Pathogen and Metabolic Protein Detection - P. Takhistov (Rutgers University)
11:40934 Single-wall Carbon Nanotube Forests for Amperometric Immunosensing - M. O'Connor (Dublin City University), S.N. Kim (University of Connecticut), A. Killard, M. Smyth (Dublin City University), F. Papadimitrakopoulos, and J. Rusling (University of Connecticut)

Co-Chairs: J.R. Stetter and J. Li

014:00935 Bio-interactions and Bio-modifications of Carbon Nanotubes - Y. Lin, H. Li, T. Elkin, S. Taylor, L. Gu, S. Fernando, Y.-P. Sun, and Y.-P. Sun (Clemson University)
14:20936 Nanoparticle-based Reagents for Biodetection - C. Bruckner-Lea, M. Feldhaus, J. Grate, and M. Warner (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
14:40937 Analytical Applications of Coulter Counters Based on a Multiwall Carbon Nanotube (MWNT) - T. Ito, L. Sun, M. Bevan, and R. Crooks (Texas A and M University)
15:00938 Nanoporous-Carbon: A Revolutionary New Material for Chemical Gas Microsensors - W.G. Yelton, M. Siegal, D. Overmyer, and A. Staton (Sandia National Laboratories)
15:20 Twenty-Minute Intermission
15:40939 Palladium Doped Carbon Nanotube Sensor for Methane Detection - J. Li, Y. Lu, H. Ng, J. Han, and M. Meyyappan (NASA Ames Research Center)
16:00940 Pd Nanoparticles Spontaneous Organization to Nanowires for Sensitive Hydrogen Detection - O. Taratula and H. He (Rutgers University)
16:20941 Metal-Ion Adsorption on Carboxyl-Bearing Self-Assembled Monolayers Covalently Bound To Magnetic Nanoparticles - B. Hai, J. Wu, and D. Scherson (Case Western Reserve University)
16:40942 Diffraction Gratings on Au Surfaces Created by Micro-Contact Printing and Electroplymerization and/or Self-Assembly at Sub-Micron Length Scales - S. Marikkar, C. Carter, K. Kieltyka, C. Williamson, and N. Armstrong (University of Arizona)
17:00943 Resonance Amplified Optical Detection of Biological Macromolecules Using a New Signal Transduction Approach Based on Visible-light Diffraction Gratings - J. Hupp and R. Bailey (Northwestern University)