1972 Published Proceeding Volumes


All proceedings for this year are  Out of Print.

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Oxide-Electrolyte Interfaces, R. S. Alwitt, editor, PV 72-1, 304 pages, Out of Print.


Electrochemical Contributions to Environmental Protection, T. R. Beck, C. G. Enke, O. B. Cecil, J. McCallum and S. T. Wlodek, editors, PV 72-2, 173 pages, Out of Print.


Fifth International Conference on Electron and Ion Beam Science and Technolgy, R. Bakish, editor, PV 72-3, 420 pages, Out of Print.


Electrets: Charge, Storage, and Transport in Dielectrics, M. M. Perlman, editor, PV 72-4, 675 pages, Out of Print.

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