1989 Published Proceeding Volumes

All proceedings for this year are  Out of Print.

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Transient Techniques in Corrosion Science and Engineering, W. H. Smyrl, D. D. Macdonald, and W. J. Lorenz, editors, PV 89-1, 432 pages, Out of Print.


Fourth Symposium on Automated Integrated Circuits Manufacturing, J. B. Anthony, editor, PV 89-2, 320 pages, Out of Print.


Packaging of Electronic Devices, P. Bindra and R. A. Susko, editors, PV 89-3, 260 pages, Out of Print.


Materials and Processes for Lithium Batteries, K. M. Abraham and B. B. Owens, editors, PV 89-4, 416 pages, Out of Print.


Heteroepitaxial Approaches in Semiconductors: Lattice Mismatch and Its Consequences, A. T. Macrander and T. J. Drummond, editors, PV 89-5, 404 pages, Out of Print.


Reliability of Semiconductor Devices and Interconnection and Multilevel Metallization Interconnection, and Contact Technologies, H. S. Rathore, G. C. Schwartz, and R. A. Susko, editors, PV 89-6, 504 pages, Out of Print.


Silicon Nitride and Silicon Dioxide Thin Insulating Films II, S. B. Bibyk, V. J. Kapoor, and N. S. Alvi, editors, PV 89-7, 464 pages, Out of Print.


First International BI/CMOS Symposium, A. N. Saxena, editors, PV 89-8, 140 pages, $25.00, Out of Print.


Second International Symposium on ULSI Science and Technology, C. M. Osburn and J. M. Andrews, editors, PV 89-9, 788 pages, Out of Print.


Performance of Electrodes for Industrial Electrochemical Processes, F. Hine, B. V. Tilak, J. M. Fenton, and J. D. Lisius, editors, PV 89-10, 328 pages, Out of Print.


First International Symposium on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, S. C.Singhal, editor, PV 89-11, 408 pages, Out of Print.


First International Symposium on Diamond and Diamond-Like Films, J. P. Dismukes, A. J. Purdes, B. S. Meyerson, T. D. Moustakas, K. E. Spear, K. V. Ravi, and M. Yoder, editors, PV 89-12, 692 pages, Out of Print.


Advances in Corrosion Protection by Organic Coatings, D. Scantlebury and M. Kendig, editors, PV 89-13, 552 pages, Out of Print.


Fuel Cells, R. E. White and A. J. Appleby, editors, PV 89-14, 370 pages, Out of Print.


High Voltage and Smart Power ICs, M. A. Shibib, editor, PV 89-15, 530 pages, Out of Print.

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